Scott AFRC Employment Assistance Program From Job Search

Scott AFRC Employment Assistance Program From Job Search

Scott AFRC Employment Assistance Program From Job Search to Job Offer Class Administration A&FRC Marketing Breaks Smoking Areas

Cell phones SIP Stats Start 1. Clean up your Social Network 2. Rekindle & Grow Network 3. Make a list of your work history, volunteerism, projects, accomplishments, education, training, skills 4. Set obtainable goals

5. Continue Learning 6. Step out of your comfort zone The Resume What Do Resumes Do? Identify your value to the employer Highlight work accomplishments, experience, and education Emphasize skills that match job requirements

u o y e k a m o t : e s Resume purpo l a

e id e h t e b o t r appea it b jo m a

e r d r u o y r candidate fo l! is a marketing too The Resume 1. Contact Information Rose M. Hill

618-256-8668 * [email protected] (Ms.) Quinn Hill Ndege Nick Vernon [email protected] The Resume 2. Career Summary PURPOSE: Catch the readers attention. Entice them to continue reading. The Resume

3. Professional Experience Chronological format Skill set format Volunteerism Special projects Recommend bullet format Putting in Months / Year Highlight achievements, accomplishments, recognition, and numbers Analyzed and streamlined existing production process

resulting in 20% savings in production costs Ranked top sales person of the year increasing product revenue 30% over last year. The Resume 4. Education & Training List School, Degree, Date Completed Add Minor if relevant Add Coursework if you lack job experience Internships and Special Projects May go on top or bottom depending on experience. GPA if above 3.5 School Recognitions

Specialized Training (length and date) The Resume 5. Extras Technology Skills Equipment Skills Honors and Awards Public Speaking Publications Committees and Task Forces Professional Affiliations Volunteerism Languages The Resume

Arrangement - Styles Chronological Begins with your most recent position and other jobs in reverse chronological order Most Common, widely received and trusted Works well for job seekers with a strong, solid work history Functional Focuses on your skills and experience rather than your chronological work history Used most often by people changing careers or those with employment gaps By highlighting skills rather than history one can emphasize that he or she is qualified Combination Mix between functional and chronological The top of the resume is a list of ones skills and qualifications.

The bottom or second page is ones chronologic work history The Resume Scannable Type 85% of resumes are never seen by a HUMAN! Most employers use software to help them to conduct an initial screening of resumes. These Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) screen out or reject an estimated 70%or more of the resumes submitted either because the documents don't reflect the desired qualifications or are formatted in a way that the system can't read. Knockout Keywords or Answers Legal and Logistical able to work in US, geographical area Basic Qualifications Do you have X degree or license Hot Match

Analyzes and rates applicants against job descriptions Rates match at 50%, 75%, and 90% The Resume Word it out Beat the Bots Job Scan LinkedIn LinkedIn

Premium Services: 1. Profile Views - Shows 2. 3. everyone that has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. InMail 5 InMails per month. Can be carried over. Advanced Search Fine tune your search for people and companies. Moving due to a permanent

change of station or transitioning from the military? You now have access to the most powerful jobhunting tool. SECO and LinkedIn offer military spouses moving due to a PCS and within 6 months of separating from the military access to a one-year LI premium. 4. 5. 6. Open Network Allow anyone to connect with you.

Competition Level See where you stand before applying LI Learning Access to 12K courses LinkedIn Users with complete profiles are 40x more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn than someone with an incomplete profile. How to become an AllStar 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Your industry and location An up-to-date current position (with a description) Two past positions Your education Your skills (minimum of 3) A profile photo At least 50 connections LinkedIn The Best Profiles

Include: 1. Professional Picture 2. A LinkedIn Banner 3. Customized URL 4. Header with Keywords 5. Summary that is catchy 6. Experience with numbers and accomplishments 7. Volunteerism 8. Skills and Endorsements 9. Recommendations 10. 200+ Connections 11. Engagement Your Job Search Do recruiters want

quantity or quality? Do you want to apply for job where everyone else is? Indeed is the best place to find the most jobs. However, it is the worst place to apply for jobs. Use itbut separate yourself from the competition Your Job Search Why does LI dominate

in this category? Is this where you should be performing your search? This is where you should put your time and energy. It is where the recruiters lurk and where they are spending their money. Lets say you are looking for a position with a company Your Job Search Your Job Search

Premium Account Standard Account Your Job Search Ask for the Referral Edit the message to show your qualifications. This could

increase your chances 11x Scrapped Jobs on LinkedIn Takes you to company website to apply. They pay LI to take from their site. Your Job Search Dedicated Jobs on LinkedIn Application process is different. Easier Your Job Search

What the Employer See When You Easy Apply 1. The Candidates Name 2. The Headline beneath the name 3. Current Job Title 4. Past Employment Job Title 5. Education 6. Recommendations 7. Contact Information Important information to consider when applying 1. 90% of have ZERO RECOMMENDATIONS

2. Craft Headline to Meet Criteria 3. Read Announcement; update profile 4. Employers dont get the whole picture 5. Make Contact and Reach Out The Interview Before the interview: 1. Research the company Culture, Mission, Industry Glassdoor, LI, YouTube, Facebook During the interview: 1. Arrive 20 minutes early Starts when leave your car Be friendly with everyone After the interview:

1. Be thankful good or bad Be confident Remain Relaxed 2. 3. 4. 5. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dress Code Study potential questions Determine location

Prepare questions to ask 1st Impression is lasting Make it a conversation You are interviewing them Take your time 2. Follow Up email &card 3. Follow up phone call 4. Be Patient The Interview Thank You Letter/Card Often overlooked!

Shows your genuine interest Reminds the hiring manager to contact you Send after every interview Be brief Send within 24 hours Use e-mail as last resort Networking WHAT IS A NETWORKIN

CAREER FAIR? 1. Provides an opportunity for participants and employers to interact. 2. An event where the basic purpose is to share information and network. 3. An opportunity to offer resume and gather business cards. Networking Before the Event: 1. Research the companies attending Pick top 5 you want to visit During the Event: 1. Scope the layout of the land Make your game plan/avoid the assembly line approach

2. Create insightful questions 3. Search their job openings 2. 3. 4. 5. Dress appropriately Ask questions / impress Network with everyone Avoid the goodies After the Event:

1. Take Notes What went well or wrong 2. Follow up on LI 3. Request an Informational Interview Salary Know your worth 1.Talk in ranges $40 50K 2.Remember Benefits 3.Remote Work 4.Potential for Raises 5.Medical Insurance TriCare

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