Recherches et Innovations en Egypte A little bit

Recherches et Innovations en Egypte A little bit

Recherches et Innovations en Egypte A little bit of history Strategies for research and innovation in Egypt The situation in Alexandria University A little bit of history Strategies for research and innovation in Egypt The situation in Alexandria University Higher Education in Egypt may be considered the oldest education system in the world. The worlds highest educational ranking was granted from Oun educational institution established in the second millennium BC, NorthEast of Cairo. The following millennium witnessed the movement of the center of education to Alexandria, about 300 years BC.

Al-Azhar, an Islamic establishment for well over one thousand years (established in 975 AC), was primarily dedicated for teaching Islamic religion topics, and studying the holy Quran. It took about seventeen years to build Al-Azhar mosque (971 988 AC), which was used then as the premises of the educational establishment. Modern Egyptian education, however, started in the time of Mohamed Ali Pasha (1798 AC) when he established many schools for Engineering, Medicine, Law, etc. At that time, distinguished graduates were sent to Western Europe, in particular to France, to pursue higher education. Upon their In 1908 a national university was established in Egypt. Later in 1925, this national university was merged into a public university, and later in 1940 was named after the king of Egypt at that time, Fouad El-Awal. In 1953 after the revolution it was named Cairo University. The number of universities kept increasing ever

since. Research and Publishing The general environment in the majority of universities does not foster research productivity or innovation by staff members. The main incentive for the majority of faculty members to initiate and publish research is to fulfill the requirements for promotion rather than to produce quality and innovative research. Inadequate equipment and testing facilities, limited funds allocated for research by the university, absence of remuneration for conducting the research, and the deficiency in the relationship between industrial enterprises and universities to support research are among the factors affecting the quality and quantity of research produced by Egyptian universities. Quality research work cited internationally from Egyptian universities is relatively low and disproportionate to the large A little bit of history Strategies for research

and innovation in Egypt The situation in Alexandria University Challenges Cycle of Innovation Indirect Experience Gained through International Cooperation Knowledge Based Economy S&T Role in Knowledge Based Community Direct Impact of International Cooperation Products Prototypes Patents

Publications Scientific Research Current Status of Scientific Research S&T Research not Involving International Cooperation Complete Cycle for Innovation Basic Sciences Applied Research Technology Development Papers Patents Prototypes Products

4Ps Papers Patents Prototypes Products Challenges Chart of Papers in Biotechnology in Developing Countries Challenges India South Korea China Brazil Cuba South Africa Egypt 0 5

10 15 20 25 30 35 Chart of Patents in Biotechnology in Developing Countries Egypt: Current Status Absence of a National Strategy for S&T We in Egypt realize that we need to advance in our S&T applications New S&T Plan International Cooperation is a cornerstone of our plan: Science

Decade Human Resources in Science in Egypt The human resources in S&T in Egypt consists of 98 000 scientists working in S&T 70 000 are working in Universities and its research facilities representing 73.5% of the total scientific human resources. 15 000 working in Industry representing 14.7%, 13 000 working in Research Institutions representing 12.7%. This actually represents a sizable scientific base that we intend to strengthen. 17 Science and Technology Development Fund Funding scientific research and technology development in Egypt;

Providing an oversight on the complete cycle of innovation; Continuously assessing S&T in Egypt; Disseminating information on S&T in Egypt; and Developing and strengthening innovative capacity. STDF Action Plan Research Grants Young Researche r Reintegration Basic & Applied Any researcher/

group working in Egypt a Ph.D. from a reputable Uni. of researchers 3 Years 3 Years 2 Years L.E 500,000 L.E 750,000 L.E 1,000,000 - Landscape for R&D - Landscape for R&D community- Brain Gain - Strengthening R&D - Capacity building community community - Prevent brain drain - Capacity building Young Researchers

Young Researchers holding Organizational Structure Executive Projects Selection Committee Director Planning & Monitorin g Planning Finance Funds Projects

Programs Banks Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) Innovation Projects Impact Assessmen INCO t Partnership National Partnership S&T Observatory

Admin Information Dissemination Young Researchers Venture Capitals Reintegration Emerging Companies Innovation Support Basic & Applied Research

PartnershipINCO Projects National Technical Assistance (Information Technology) National Trends: Eligible Proposals per Field of Science Eligible proposals per Field of Science 1% 5% 19% Basic Sciences Materials 9% Engineering 16%

Agriculture Medical sciences 4% 15% Pharmaceuticals & chemistry ICT 31% Humanities R&D Investment Pattern Required Budget per Field of Science 1% 5% 10%

19% 12% Basic Sciences Mat erials Engineering Agricult ure Sciences Medical Sciences 4% 15% Pharmaceut icals/ Chemist ry ICT Humanit ies 34%

Total Required Budget: L.E 188,000,000 Funding Public Funding for Basic Science Private Sector Fund Applied Science Venture Capitalists Fund Technology Investment Banks Fund Development Role of Government Governing System Conducive for Research and Development Fund Basic Research Encourage Private Sector Investment in Science and Technology Encourage Universities to act as

Incubators Promote Centers of Excellence Misr El-Kheir What is Misr El-Kheir? What Does It Do? MEK is an Egyptian Non Governmental Organization MEK aims at developing and empowering the Egyptian Society to reach a favorable level of quality of life MEK focuses on investing in five main sectors: Health Education Scientific Research Social Solidarity Aspects of Life In this regards, MEK seeks the cooperation an collaboration with active players in the civil society through a strong and true Why Does MEK

Supports Scientific Research? Facts: o R&D, hence innovation, is the way to improve any societys well-being o Egypt would need to spend 10 times its current R&D expenditure (as % of GDP) and 3 times its current engineers and scientists to join innovative and developed countries. THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL ENTITIES TO CONTRIBUTE! MEK Strategic Objectives Inspiring young scientists and researchers Fostering a culture of rewarding R&D (conveying the message that the public appreciates what researchers do) Promoting and supporting cutting-edge research in vital disciplines through strategic partnerships and, in selective cases, providing direct funding to leading researchers

A little bit of history Strategies for research and innovation in Egypt The situation in Alexandria University Faculties and Institutes Faculty of Arts Faculty of Law Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Science High Institute of Public Health Medical Research Institute Institute of Graduate Studies & Research Faculty of Medicine

Faculty Faculty Faculty of Engineering

of Agriculture of Dentistry Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Girls Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of Faculty of 26 Faculties and 3 High Institutes Pharmacy Education

Veterinary Medicine Tourism and Hotels Fine Arts Sport Education for Men Physical Education for Agriculture Saba Basha Specific Education Nursing Kindergarten Faculty of Education - Matrouh 5196 5196 2595 2595 Faculty Facultymembers members

Junior Juniorfaculty facultymembers members 18450 18450 Employees Employees 175591 175591 Undergraduate Undergraduateenrolled enrolledstudents studentsin in 2009/2010 2009/2010 29507 29507 Graduate Graduateenrolled

enrolledstudents students(23459 (23459Diploma, Diploma,4264 4264 M.Sc, M.Sc,1784 1784PhD) PhD)in in 2009/2010 2009/2010 1077 Undergraduate 1077 Undergraduateinternational internationalstudents studentsin in 2009/2010 2009/2010

849 Graduate 849 Graduateinternational internationalstudents studentsin in 2009/2010 2009/2010 93 International 93 Internationalstudents studentsstudying studyingArabic Arabic Language Language Languagein inArabic

Arabic LanguageTeaching Teaching Centre Centre Priority Thematic Areas AU Plan for S & T Identification of Research Groups Identify research groups within institutions and provide them with focused guidance and support aiming at a successful participation. Energy Energy

Liver diseases Liver diseases xandria University Distinguished Research exandria exandria University Distinguished ResearchGroup Group Oncology Oncology Endemic

&& Endemic Clinical Clinicaltrials trials Citizenship Citizenship Parasitic Parasitic diseases diseases Alternative Alternative and and Medicine

Medicine human human Dialogue Dialoguebetween betweencultures cultures Homeless Homeless Discovery Discoveryof ofchildren childrentalents talents Discovery Discovery of

of sport sport talents talents rights rights children children to to reach reach - Clinical Trial center Stem Cell Research Center Science and Technology for building Center Genomic and Proteomic Center

Mediterranean Region Studies Center. enters of Centers ofExcellence Excellenceto tobe beestablished: established: Nanotechnology NanotechnologyCenter. Center. Sustainable SustainableStudies Studiesfor forCoastal Coastal&&Marine MarineRegions Regions Center.

Center. Bioequivalent BioequivalentStudies StudiesCenter. Center. January 28, 2020 600 Total Totalnumber numberof ofpublications publicationsfrom fromAlexandria Alexandria University

Universityin incited cited indexed indexedjournals journalsisis9945 9945 articles articles 500 400 300 200 100

1949 1955 1952 1961 1958 1967 1964 1976 1973 1970 1982 1979 1988 1985

1994 1991 2000 1997 2006 2003 2009 0 Research Funding Agents 1. 2. STDF (science & technology development fund) Alexandria University Fund: - Establishment of Research Enhancement Fund Grants

(ALEX-REP) - Establishment of Grants & Outreach Unit: * Grants & Outreach Office Alexandria University Patent Office * Alexandria University Industry Collaborative Center * 3. International fund programs: RDI, FP7, GERF, INNOVA, TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, AUF, DAAD, STDF, SIDA 1.Three projects, Development and Innovation Program (RDI) with a total budget of 482,500 EURO 2.Two projects, Seventh Framework Program (FP7) with a total budget of 335,200 EURO 3.Ten projects, TEMPUS with a total budget of 3,925,380 EURO 4.ERASMUS MUNDUS external cooperation

window with a total budget of 2,900,000 EURO, Alexandria University has 217,000 EURO 5.Structural and complementary projects, STDF STDF University won Alexandria Eight STDFfunded projects in 2008/2009 with a total fund of 9.74 Million L.E Faculty 55projects Facultyof ofScience Science projects (total (total4.6 4.6 M

ML.E L. Faculty 22projects M Facultyof ofAgriculture Agriculture projects (total (total1.0 1.0 M Faculty 22project Facultyof ofDentistry Dentistry project (total (total22.0 .0 M M

Faculty 11project Facultyof ofEngineering Engineering project (total (total0.6 0.6 M M High HighInstitute Instituteof ofHealth Health11project project (total (total0.97 0.97 M ML. L Medical MedicalResearch

ResearchInstitute Institute11projects projects (total (total0.57 0.57 M MLL Alexandria Alexandria University University No of submitted projects No of funded projects Budget L.E

First Cycle 2007/2008 62 9 1,500,00 0 Second Cycle 2008/2009 71 12 1,920,00 0

Third Cycle 2009/2010 57 10 2.000.00 0 Total 190 31 5,420,00 0 Thank you for your


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