Igneous Rocks Inside Earth Chapter 5.2 Pages 150-153

Igneous Rocks Inside Earth Chapter 5.2 Pages 150-153

Igneous Rocks Inside Earth Chapter 5.2 Pages 150-153 Igneous Rocks Form from Lava or Magma Made of mineral crystals Classified according to: Origin Texture Mineral Composition Origin of Igneous Rocks

Classified according to where they formed. Intrusive Extrusive Origin of Igneous Rocks Intrusive Forms when magma hardens beneath Earths surface Granite makes up most of the

continental crust. Origin of Igneous Rocks Extrusive Forms from lava that erupted onto Earths surface Basalt forms much of the ocean crust. Which is a way to identify if a rock is Igneous? A

Streak B Origin C Solid D Hardness

Porphyritic Both textures large AND small crystals. Cools slowly, then rapidly. No Crystals Rock cools too quickly for crystals to form. Lava cools quickly Forms smaller crystals.

Slowly cooling, large crystals Example: Granite Fine Grained Coarse Grained Igneous Rock Textures What is a Crystal? A solid in which the atoms are arranged in a pattern that repeats again and again. Igneous Rock Textures

Depends on the size and shape of its mineral crystals. Coarse Grained Porphyritic No Crystals Fine Grained No Crystals A

Coarse-grained B Fine-grained C Porphyritic D No visible crystals

A rock that has two kinds of texture is called Mineral Composition Most of Earths rocks contain silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2) High Silica (Felsic) Forms light colored rocks. Granite is dark to light gray, red and pink. Low Silica (Mafic)

Forms dark colored rocks. Basalt contains dark colored minerals. No quartz. Silica Content Felsic Mafic Granite Rhyolite

Basalt Gabbro Intermediate Diorite Andesite Igneous Rock Chart No Crystals Fine- Grained Porphyritic Coarse Grained Origin Extrusive (Lava)

Both Intrusive (Magma) Low Felsic (High) Density Silica Granite Continental

Crust High Mafic (low) Gabbro Large crystals with small crystals Scattered on top. Rhyolite Basalt

Ocean Crust Pumice Obsidian Which rock likely has the most silica? A B

C Uses of Igneous Rocks Granite - building materials Obsidian - sharp tools because Igneous rocks are useful they are hard, durable and dense Basalt - gravel, construction Pumice - used for cleaning and polishing

What to Work On Read the textbook, pages 150-153 Answer questions 1-4 on page 153 DUE: Friday, November 4th Project Topics

Plasma Dark Matter Hot air balloons Light (double-slit experiment) Elements (Uut, Uuq, Uuh) History of Enlgish / metric units TauTona

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