Elizabeth Bishop Filling Station Date Objectives: 1. Introduce

Elizabeth Bishop  Filling Station Date Objectives: 1. Introduce

Elizabeth Bishop Filling Station Date Objectives: 1. Introduce and annotate the poem Elizabeth Bishop Filling Station Date Warm-up: 1. Describe a garage/ gas station/ Maxol in as much detail as possible Who is the poet?

Bishop father died before she was one. Mother hospitalised due to mental illness when she was five, and later died. Lived with grandparents. Family is an important theme. She was rather wealthy or rich, went to the best schools and could have become a doctor. She loved travelling though, Context for this poem. 1965

California petrol stations everywhere. Bishop decides to describe one and have it represent the world. Imagine a posh lady being amused seeing a gas station for the first time

thats the tone. Lets read Filling Station Oh, but it is dirty! this little filling station, oil-soaked, oil-permeated to a disturbing, over-all black translucency. Be careful with that match! Father wears a dirty, oil-soaked monkey suit that cuts him under the arms, and several quick and saucy

and greasy sons assist him (its a family filling station), all quite thoroughly dirty. Do they live in the station? It has a cement porch behind the pumps, and on it a set of crushed and greaseimpregnated wickerwork; on the wicker sofa a dirty dog, quite comfy. Some comic books provide the only note of color of certain color. They lie upon a big dim doily

draping a taboret (part of the set), beside a big hirsute begonia. Why the extraneous plant? Why the taboret? Why, oh why, the doily? (Embroidered in daisy stitch with marguerites, I think, and heavy with gray crochet.) Somebody embroidered the doily. Somebody waters the plant, or oils it, maybe. Somebody arranges the rows of cans so that they softly say: ESSOSOSOSO

to high-strung automobiles. Somebody loves us all. Note this down: Stanza 1 The speakers trying to make sense of the strange sight before her. The tone seems shocked at first but she also seems to enjoy the place. It is little or cozy and the speaker jokes about a match. Have you ever found something strange and

Note this down: Stanza 2 The poet describes the people who work there in the same playful manner. Sons help their father with great energy while being very dirty. Imagine this from the point of view of someone without parents. Can you see how envy might appear?

Note this down: Stanza 3 The poet cant believe that they live in the station but describes evidence that they do. It is quite homely and comfy. What are your impressions of the poet here? Try not to see her as mocking a poor family, but as by Note this down: Stanza 4 The poet sees things that seem out of

place. A comic first, but then decorative objects. Doily a lace-like napkin. Begonia a large flower. These are not things associated with men or boys. Note this down: Stanza 5 Why would someone go to the bother to add these feminine and decorative touches

to this busy and dirty place. Someone even sewed a flower on the napkin. Is this about a gas station any more or Note this down: Stanza 6 The poet answers her questions. She notices a mothers touches everywhere. This is an unseen but very important figure.

We should all be nice to our mothers. Consider talking to her tonight about this Questions on back of page Complete questions for homework. Cooldown - finish the following sentences. I think...... I know........ I want to know........

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