AHRC Strategy and Delivery Plan Professor Shearer West

AHRC Strategy and Delivery Plan Professor Shearer West

AHRC Strategy and Delivery Plan Professor Shearer West Director of Research AHRC History: AHRB (splinter of British Academy) formed 1998 AHRC Royal Charter April 2005 Scope: 27% of research-active academic community within AHRC remit

Over 14,000 academics Approximately 50 disciplines/subdisciplines AHRC receives 2.8% of the science and research budget Arts and humanities research received highest 4* in 2008 RAE Funding Context 2011-15: SR 2010

20 Dec 2010: allocations announced for each of the 7 RCs SR period 2011-15: 11 billion total for RCs AHRC: 99.9m in Yr 1, 98.4m p.a. Yrs 2-4 = approx 3% cut p.a. BIS covers both sides of dual support (HEFCE, RCs, BA etc) Need to agree efficiency measures and complementarity, rather than duplication, with QR and British Academy Strategic Priorities, 2011-15 Advancing UKs world-leading reputation for research Strengthening value and impact of arts and humanities research

Enhancing the role of arts and humanities in cross-disciplinary support for research on societal challenges Building capacity through further strategic consolidation of postgraduate funding, including support for both endangered areas and key skills Strategic Priorities 2011-15 Providing opportunities for

researchers to work outside HE and outside the UK throughout their research careers Through more strategic targeting of partnerships and greater brokerage activities, developing the capacity of A&H research to: - influence public policy - engage with the creative economy - have an impact internationally - have greater profile with public Delivery Plan: Changes + new opportunities

http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/About/Policy/Documents/DeliveryPlan2011.pdf New strategic themes Responsive mode more highlighted calls Longer and larger awards, incl introduction of KE hubs in Creative Economy BGP phase 2greater concentration, focus Fellowship scheme develop further to focus on leadership development Embedded international collaborations, incl people flow Greater efficiency and demand management

New AHRC strategic themes Digital Transformations in A+H Translating Cultures Care for the Future Science in Culture Connected Communities (with other RCs) Fellowships and Research Networks - highlighted calls in these themes, initially from Aug 2010 to Apr 2011. Stronger Input to Continuing RCUK Strategic Programmes

CONNECTED COMMUNITIES Connecting Research for Flourishing Communities RCUK Partners AHRC (lead), EPSRC, ESRC, MRC & NERC) BGP- 2 Fewer awards from 2014 (aim 33% total budget) Focus on centres of excellence with highest quality PG training and facilities Support collaborations dont lose capacity,

dispersed excellence in A+H Focus on doctoral provision support Masters only when leading to PhD BGP2 = all HEIs (Capacity-Building Route + BGP1) CDA scheme remains separate 10 BGP-2 Increase expectation that PG training stimulates KE, interactions outside disciplines, outside HE, outside UK as appropriate to student + topic. End of Roberts funding chance for new approaches to PG training in A+H? E.g. CDA

approach to short-term work placements Develop next generation of A+H researchers able to flourish in new context of collaboration within in beyond HE Encourage whole career support (PGECR research leader) 11 BGP-2 1. Single HEI or consortium with broadly-based excellence and critical mass in one or more disciplines across all of AHRCs four core areas

2. Consortium with critical mass and excellence in specific subject areas of strategic importance (LBAS model) - An HEI could be involved in two bids, one of each type Highest quality training provision paramount both subject specialist and more general. Changes to Fellowship Scheme 2 routes: Early Career and Standard Early Career Developing individual research leaders

not solely focused on completion of a project not spent entirely in isolation emphasis on leadership development, not training (including, e.g. knowledge exchange, public engagement, international engagement, peer review), as well as research excellence and dissemination leave period can include supervision of research assistant or research student(s) longer, larger and more prestigious awards institutions will need to demonstrate how they will support mentoring and career development during the leave period 13

Changes to Fellowship Scheme Standard More use of highlighted calls to target areas of strategic importance, national capability or emerging priorities Expectation that projects will be of exceptional scale and importance, but remove the development/completion divide Leave period not spent entirely in isolationsome collaboration and/or public engagement expected Expectation that Fellows will engage, where appropriate with AHRC 14

Changes to Knowledge Transfer Ending small schemes (KT Fellowships, Catalysts) Emphasising Knowledge Exchange, rather than Knowledge Transfer Focusing this budget on the contribution of research to the creative economy (broadly defined) Focusing budget on a small number of longer and larger grants for Knowledge Exchange hubs (expression of interest call out) Encouraging other KE work through follow on fund and pathways to impact 15

International priorities United States (partnerships with National Endowment for Humanities, National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health; expanding Library of Congress scheme to include Huntington) Europe (joint programmingCultural Heritage and next phase of HERACultural Encounters) India (knowledge exchange and people flowdigital economy, film) 16 Efficiencies Demand management:

working with HEIs to stimulate good practice monitoring success rates, and introducing sanctions where necessary use of sandpits, longer and larger awards and expression of interest calls to ensure less wasted effort Reduction of administration costs at AHRC Implementation of Wakeham review of fEC (http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/news/2011news/Pages/110131. aspx) 17

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