Agenda Absolutism Absolutism unlimited power held by one

Agenda Absolutism Absolutism  unlimited power held by  one

Agenda Absolutism Absolutism unlimited power held by

one individual or group Divine Right belief that a ruler received absolute authority directly from God

King Ferdinand of Aragon married Queen Isabella of Castile

Together they conquered Navarre and

Granada and created Spain They had one child

survive to adulthood Juana the Mad

Juana married Philip IV, Duke of Burgundy

Juana and Philip had a son, Charles V Charles had a son,

Philip II He conquered Portugal

Research Groups In your groups, research the monarch youve been assigned. If you only had 1-2 minutes to describe this person to

the class, what would you say? We will present next class. KEEP IT SIMPLE! There will be no time for research next class.

Spain Philip II

Russia Ivan IV (the Terrible) Peter the Great Prussia

Catherine the Great Fredrick the Great England France

Henry VIII Henry IV Mary I (Bloody Mary) Louis XIV

Elizabeth I Spain: Philip II

France: Henry IV

France: Louis XIV England:

Henry VIII England: Mary I

(Bloody Mary) England: Elizabeth I

Prussia: Fredrick the Great

Russia: Ivan the Terrible

Russia: Peter the Great

Russia: Catherine the Great

France The Protestant Reformation caused a civil war in France between Catholics

and Protestants. Henry IV ended the religious wars

in France by giving Protestants the right to have armies and

fortified towns France The absolute monarchy in France was

created by: 1. Destroying the castles and armies of the nobles 2. Giving power over local matters to agents

of the king 3. Nobles were allowed to keep social status and were exempt from taxes

France 4. Protestants could not have fortified towns 5. Protestants could keep religious freedom

England Constitutionalism a system of government in which laws limit the

rulers power Magna Carta A document that limited the power of the king in England

Bill of Rights limited the power of the king in England Parliament legislative body of England

Henry VIII Reflect What are the differences

between the ways kings and queens ruled in France and in England?

Scientific Revolution Scientific Revolution A period in which Europeans began to look for natural laws.

Natural Laws theories that explain how nature works Nicholas Copernicus

Galileo Isaac Newton

William Harvey Robert Hooke

Scientific Method

Marie Lavoisier Enlightenment a period in which Europeans began to look for natural

laws that would apply to human society. Thomas Hobbes

1. Humans are animals that act in their own self-interest 2. We need an absolute monarchy to keep us under control

3. People should do what they are told, THEN government will provide law and order Social Contract an agreement between

government and the people John Locke 1. Humans are good, and will use reason to

find the best solutions to benefit society 2. Every human has the right to life, liberty, and property

3. Democracy is the best form of government 4. Government should provide for the people, THEN people will obey the

government Voltaire 1. freedom of speech

2. freedom of religion 3. separation of church and state Jean Jacques Rousseau

1.People are good, but society corrupts them 2. Property is bad 3. People have the right to overthrow their government

Baron de Montesquieu 1. People are good, but power corrupts them 2. The power of government should be

divided into three branches 3. Every person has rights, regardless of their position in society

Enlightenment ideas influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence

Activity Identify specific Enlightenment ideas in the edited version of the Declaration of Independence.

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