Pastoral Team PRINCE OF PEACE Catholic Community Father

Pastoral Team PRINCE OF PEACE Catholic Community Father

Pastoral Team PRINCE OF PEACE Catholic Community Father Peter Nguyen, Pastor MASS SCHEDULE Saturday 1700 Nelles Chapel Sunday - 1030 Chapel Center DAILY MASS Tuesday - Friday 1130 Nelles Chapel Blessed Sacrament Room CONFESSION Saturday 1615 ; Nelles Chapel Blessed Sacrament Room and by appointment (call Chapel Center) BLESSED SACRAMENT CHAPEL At Chapel Center Open for Prayer Daily from 0730 - 1630 GLORIFYINGGOD GOD**HONORING SERVING AIRMEN GLORIFYING AIRMEN* *PURSUING PURSUINGEXCELLENCE EXCELLENCE 647ABG/HC Kuntz 180 Kuntz Avenue JBPHH, 15 AW/HC180 Avenue Hickam AFB,HIHI96853 96853 808-449-1754 808-449-1754 Pastor: Parish Coordinator: Religious Education : Father Hoang (Peter) Nguyen Cece Kasberg Nancy Lamkin Emergency Contact: Duty Airman: 864-9086 or Command Post: 448-6900 PCS Time? If you are a registered member with the Prince of Peace Community and are PCSing please contact Cece at the Chapel. Chapel Nursery is currently suspended due to lack of volunteers. Sunday during 1030 Mass (for ages 6 month through 4 years of age). Please contact Chapel Center on 449-1754 to volunteer. If you plan to use the nursery, please also volunteer at least one Sunday every month. 28 & 29 Sep Baptisms: Parents and expectant parents who wish to have their children baptized in the Catholic Faith must first attend a Baptism Preparation Class. Please call the Parish Coordinator to register for a Baptism Class and schedule a Baptism, 449-1754. Classes are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 5 pm, Classroom 1, Chapel Center. The next class Tuesday, 1 Oct. The next Baptism will be celebrated 12 Oct. Call Cece to RSVP. Also, please call Father Peter at 449-1754 to schedule a mandatory appointment to see him prior to baptism. PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL CHAPEL MASS SCHEDULE Saturday1700 Sunday0900 DAILY MASS Monday Friday 1135 CONFESSION Saturday--1615 Weve got the grace pick up the pace! [email protected] [email protected]

[email protected] Parish Coordinators Office Hours: Monday Thursday: 9am 1:30pm Sunday 10am 12pm Religious Education Coordinators Office Hours: Monday Thursday: 9am 1:30pm Sunday 8 10:30am Communication: Chapel Center: 808-449-1754 Chapel Center Fax: 808-448-1505 Email: 647 [email protected] Bulletin Deadline: Monday 4:30 pm. Contact Cece 449-1754 Considering becoming a member of the Catholic Church? Contact Father Peter Nguyen (449-1754), Nancy Lamkin(449-1754) for more info. Weddings: Couples planning to be married should contact the Parish Coordinator and schedule an appointment with Fr Peter at least six/eight months prior to your planned wedding date. Welcome New Members: Please see Cece after Mass or call her at the Chapel Center during duty hours, 449-1754. Hospitalized & Homebound Members: Please call Cece or Fr Peter at the Chapel when hospitalized or homebound. Fr Peter will want to avail the Sacrament of Anointing and/or Holy Communion in your time of need. Please inform him. Praise the Lord my soul! Psalm 146 MINISTRY SCHEDULING 28 & 29 Saturday, 28 SeptemberSep at 5:00 pm Nelles Chapel Acolytes Ushers Lectors EME Maria Casdolllar D. Kasberg Jane LeVault Adrian Bandhu Bailey Roscoe Evan Hebert Marcia Bandhu Cece Kasberg Cyndi Garcia D. Maitland T. Trimmel ACTS RETREAT (Adoration, Community, Theology and Service) Fellowship Prince of Peace will host a mens retreat 23-26 Jan and a womens retreat 13-16 Feb at St. Anthonys Retreat Center on Oahu. Find out more about ACTS at or contact Ken Dalfonso at [email protected] Cris Pieper Sunday, 29 September at 10:30 am Chapel Center Acolytes Ushers Lectors EME Danber Albarda Deutsch Jim Lamkin Bob Burciaga Brianne Baker

Ngo Pablo Galan David Mazur Jonah Radel Douglas Lisa Bednar Fields Kaci Scott Fellowship Cece Kasberg Chris Ford Ann Deutsch MINUTE MEDITATIONS When we begin things in adoration and prayer, God can and will work through our fears, uncertainties, and inefficiencies to allow the Holy Spirit to do impossible things through us. Contact Tami Cortez, 206-9113/222-3265 22 Sep Attendance: 442 Offering: $1269.11 MINISTRY SCHEDULING 5 & 6 Oct Saturday, 5 October at 5:00 pm Nelles Chapel Acolytes Maria Cashdollar Amdrew Cashdollar Alex Eastman Ushers Lectors EME T. Cashdollar Casey Hudlow Ok Cashdollar M. Cruz L. Pieper Sarah Beckett Ellen Moore Cyndi Garcia Fellowship Doris Maitland Sunday, 6 October at 10:30 am Chapel Center Acolytes Ushers Lectors EME Noah Lamkin Hartman John Heins Ken DAlfonso Kylee Mazur Shell Jayson Feilmeier Dan Mahoney Gavin Mazur Philson, Max Amy Monroe Philson, Roman Jenny Woods Kaci Scott Bob Burciaga Designated Offering Nene Bartolome

Archdiocese for Military Services, USA 9 & 10 Nov Kathy Holland David Mazur Fellowship Announcements PANCAKE BREAKFAST: The Catholic Men of the Chapel and the Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a pancake breakfast this Sunday, 29 Sept immediately following the 10:30 Mass. Please plan to stay after Mass to join in food and fellowship. CYO: The Catholic Youth Organization meets Sunday nights at 5:30 pm at the Chapel Center for fellowship and fun. You must be a Confirmed high school student to attend. They have a Facebook page, check it out at PoP CYO. Bible Trivia So you think you know the Bible. Test your knowledge here. Answers are on the next page. CATHOLIC WOMEN OF THE CHAPEL would like the ladies to join in food, fellowship and fun on Monday mornings, 9 am. Childcare is not provided, but please feel free to bring your little ones along. Contact Marla Ferguson at [email protected] for more information. NEW FACEBOOK AND WEBSITE: We are starting up a new FB page and website. Check us out at and like us on FB at Prince of Peace Catholic Community. Dont forget to also check out Hickam CWOC and Hickam CMOC on FB. ARE YOU SERVING IN AT LEAST ONE MINISTRY? Please volunteer for at least one ministry. We need help with lectors, EMEs, ushers, and altar servers. Contact Cece, 449-1754. JUST ARRIVING ON ISLAND AND AT PRINCE OF PEACE? Welcome to our Ohana (family). We are so pleased the Lord has brought you here and we indeed have room for you! Please hand in your registration to Cece and sign up for at least one ministry. Mahalo RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is offered here at Prince of Peace Catholic Community. The program started 8 September and runs through May. If you are 18 years old or older and have questions about our Faith or havent received all of your sacraments, this is what you have been looking for. Please see Nancy or Father Peter if you have any questions. ACTS RETREAT : What is ACTS? A Catholic spiritual renewal program focused on Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. Prince of Peace Catholic Community will host a mens retreat 23-26 Jan, and womens retreat 13-16 Feb 2014 at the St. Anthony Retreat Center on Oahu. Find out more about ACTS at or for local information contact our ACTS Core Director, Ken Dalfonso, at [email protected] Been on an ACTS retreat already at another location? Contact Ken and be added to the Prince of Peace ACTS community. LOOKING AHEAD BAPTISM CLASS Tuesday, 1 October , 5 pm BAPTISM Saturday, 12 October, 5 pm Please call Cece at 449-1754 to register for class or for a Baptism or to schedule a mandatory appointment with Father Peter prior to baptizing. 1. What did Jesus say one must do to see the Kingdom of God? 2. Who was Hamans wife? 3. What part of Absaloms body got caught in the tree? 4. Who was the youngest king in the Bible? 5. Do not swear at all: either by heaven, for it is Gods ____ CHOIR PRACTICE The Spirit of the Lord is upon us Wont you give your voice to assist our prayer? Remember, those who sing, pray 2X See/contact Laurel (485-0744) for BRING CANNED GOODS AND NON-PERISHABLES TO THE CHAPELS FOR OUR OUTREACH TO THE POOR! Children can place these into the basket by the alter during the offering at the Chapel Center. (Or bring to the office during the week) These will be taken to St. Ritas Church on the Waianae coast. Contact Candace Mazur at [email protected] Thank you for your generosity! Bible Trivia Answers 1. Be born again (John 3:3) 2. Zaresh (Est. 5:10) 3. Head (II Sam. 18:9) 4. Joash (II Chron. A good time was had by all last Sunday at the Hickam Bowling Center as the Religious

Education families gathered for fun and fellowship. Ministry/Service Leaders Altar Linens Brenda Nonnweiler [email protected] Gathering Place Tracy Sullivan 744-0232 [email protected] Altar Servers (Acolytes) Ok Cashdollar [email protected] Hospitality Ministry (Ushers) Jeff LeVault [email protected] Brian Deutsch [email protected] Baptism Chris Cortez 206-9113/222-3265 Knights of Columbus Bob Burciaga 484-9099/398-6837 Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Matt and Deb Skirmont [email protected] Lectors Elise Baker [email protected] Choir Laurel Solomon 485-0744 CMOC Blake Ferguson [email protected] Catholic Women Of the Chapel (CWOC) Marla Ferguson [email protected] RCIA Allen Monroe [email protected] Eucharistic Ministers Kathy Holland [email protected] Soup Kitchen Tami Cortez 206-9113/222-3265 Fellowship (Social) Cris Pieper (Saturdays) [email protected] ACTS Retreat Ken Dalfonso [email protected] Allison Coonce (Sundays) 422-1761 Food for the Poor/ St. Ritas Candace Mazur [email protected]

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