Vocabulary Words World Literature Night Week 3 Beadle

Vocabulary Words World Literature Night Week 3 Beadle The beadle will perform the

opening prayer since the rabbi is running late. Beadle Definition: n.caretaker of a synagogue; a minor parish official Synonyms:

functionary, official Penury Billy foolishly went from a lifestyle of wealth and privilege to one of penury and starvation.

Penury Definition: n.extreme poverty Synonyms: destitution, dearth

Antonyms: wealth, affluence Esteem With hard work and dedication, Sharon hoped to earn the esteem of his peers.

Esteem Definition: v.respect and admiration; the condition of being honored Synonyms: honor, revere Antonyms: despise, dishonor

Rescind When the college became aware Henry had been using steroids, they chose to rescind his football scholarship. Rescind Definition: vto take back or cancel; to

take away Synonyms: repeal, revoke, void Antonyms: continue, keep, validate Surreal

Salvadore Dali continues to be known for his surreal artwork that displays out of the ordinary images. Surreal Definition: adj.having a disorienting or dreamlike quality, unreal

Synonym: bizarre, weird, freakish Antonym: real Despair Bankrupt, out of work, and no relief in

sight, the man felt himself overcome with despair. Despair Definition: n.the state in which all

hope is absent or lost Synonyms: anguish, despondency, gloom

Antonyms: hope, joy Dispersed After the Braves game, it took quite a while before the huge crowd had finally dispersed.

Dispersed Definition: v.distributed or spread out over a wide area Synonyms: scattered, diffused Antonyms: collect, unite

Edict Because of increased accidents, most states have an edict that forbids texting while driving. Edict

Definition: n.an order made by a person or body of authority Synonyms: decree, order, proclamation Antonyms: request

Prominent Many of Hollywoods prominent actors will be at the charity fundraiser tomorrow. Prominent Definition: n.famous or in a position of

importance Synonyms: distinguished, respected, popular Antonyms: ordinary, unknown,

unimportant Bleak At the funeral, the widow looked bleak and lost. .

Bleak Definition: adj.not hopeful or encouraging; offering little or no hope Synonyms:

grim, dreary, dismal Antonyms: cheerful, friendly

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