Pre-History: Earlier Vineyards 1974: Kenn Gulliksen, who had

Pre-History: Earlier Vineyards 1974: Kenn Gulliksen, who had

Pre-History: Earlier Vineyards 1974: Kenn Gulliksen, who had been on staff at the Maranatha School associated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, begins a Bible study in the home of Chuck Girard in Sun Valley, California. 1974: Gulliksen begins other Bible studies in the homes of Larry Norman and others in and around Beverly Hills

and Hollywood. 1974: First Vineyard retreat 1975, March: The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Beverly Hills incorporated (meeting at the Beverly Hills Womens Club) 1975: Various Vineyard Bible studies come together for corporate worship. 1975: Gulliksen starts the Vineyard

School of Discipleship. Late 1970s and early 1980s: various folks associated with the Vineyard began planting additional Vineyards, often in the LA area 1980: Kenn Gulliksen and John Wimber meet at a pastors conference. Kenn Gulliksen and the Vineyard Worshiping on the Beach for a Year

History of this Congregation October 1976: A home worship group of burntout Christians, including many members of a Friends (Quaker) church in Yorba Linda begins to meet in the home of Carl Tuttles sister; Tuttle becomes the groups musician. First Carol and then John Wimber, both formerly associated with the Yorba Linda Friends, began to attend. John Wimber (ca. 1978) describes his initial impression of this home group.

May (Mothers Day) 1977: Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda, with John Wimber as pastor, held its first service Focus on new music that spoke to God in loving, intimate, and simple ways with a pop sound An interest in spiritual gifts especially healing An informal way of being church

A pragmatic approach to evangelizing Rapid growth requires multiple moves 1982: The congregation leaves Calvary Chapel family and joins the Vineyard movement. Gulliksen hands leadership of Vineyard network over to Wimber and the Anaheim Vineyard Fellowship will come to lead the entire movement. General Description of Worship 3 Part Order of Worship Worship (extended congregational singing)

Sermon/Message Ministry time Click icon to add picture Gathering, Canyon High School, Anaheim First Hand Accounts of Worship Tom Hunter: The vast majority of us were sincerely and innocently trying to deal with God; he had initiated a relationship with us and we wanted to know him more. Thus we were open with our worship, praise, adoration, petition, etc. We were gently, but expertly, guided by our pastors into what it meant to be

honest and free in worship. Interestingly, in the early days, none of this freedom or honesty resulted in weird or self-serving behaviors. The whole atmosphere was simple, tender and Godfocused.We literally could not wait to get to church; to be in the congregation, to worship, to see what God would do today, etc. We felt anticipation, and we had legitimate hope that God would visit us in worship because he was consistent in doing so I dont ever remember anyone walking out of the gym and remarking about the band, the great guitar licks, the cool piano chops or the amazing vocal performances. It was all about feeling and knowing the presence of God and responding to him in worship. Cheryl Pittluck: The songs were simple and easy to learn... no words on a screen or anything, so they had to be. I remember that it was so

different from anything I'd seen or experienced. I remember John [Wimber] leading from the piano and his voice was so smooth and easy to follow... no showmanship, no performance... it just blended in with our voices. I remember that it was the best part of the service... the worship. Linda Pardee: It was relational, intimate and as I observed others lifting their hands, kneeling, crying and singing songs like, Oh Lord, you're beautiful, your face is all I seek, and when your eyes are on this child, your healing I receive. I found this to be way too intimate and vulnerable to enter into at first. As I started to sing the

words to the song, something seemed to break inside of me and I found myself weeping as if I was this child I was singing about. At that point I felt my hardened heart begin to soften. This God that I thought I knew, who was so distant and uncaring, was drawing me into a place where He could show me a love I had never known before. Bev Martin: There were two key elements of the Vineyard that opened up peoples hearts to experience intimacy with God. John Wimber described worship as kissing the face of Jesus. We did not just sing, but rather, we worshipped the Almighty!

We sang love songs to Jesus on our knees, with our hands held high. We were praying praises as we sang. It was as though we were singing with the angels in heaven in the throne room! Penny Fulton: At first, I was just embarrassed over the intimacy that was expressed out loud directly to God. Such intimacy made me close my eyes and not look at the others. The words were all about adoring God and laying my life down before Him. I had never sung songs to God before, just about Him.

Mary Guleserian: Cheryl and I had a friend, Linda, whod had a spinal fusion. Shed been a dancer and majored in college in dance. Dance was her life, her passion. Months after her surgery, she tried to dance again, but unfortunately she got a new fracture in her spine. Linda was in terrible pain and was facing surgery again. Cheryl and Lance took her to the Vineyard. They were totally into what was going on there. We were cluelessAfter Lance and Cheryl took my friend Linda that Sunday for prayer, Linda and Cheryl called me a few days later. They told me that Linda had been healed! Theyd had an x-ray that showed Lindas fracture. And now the new x-ray showed no fracture. Cheryl also told me of other things that were happening at the Vineyard. I said to

myself, Hey! I want some of that! Theology of Worship John Wimber: Becoming true worshipers is the chief assignment God has given us in this lifetime. I believe that God is bringing the church to her knees to teach her how to express her love to Him in intimate, loving and adoring language Worship is not about personality, temperament, personal limitations, church background, or comfort. It is about God. We are called to do it for his benefit, not ours. Yet the irony is that we do indeed benefit greatly when we give ourselves to worshipping God. Weve been designed to

worship. (Wimber, The Life-Changing Power of Worship, All About Worship: Insights & Perspectives on Worship. Edited by Julie Bogart. Anaheim: Vineyard Music Group, Carol Wimber: Every act of obedience is worship. Every time we choose another over ourselves, it is an act of worship. Every time we decide to lay our own way down in favor of Jesus way, is an act of worship Every time you make the decision to walk in truth and humility, every time you put someone else ahead of you, every time you decide to pray for someone who has hurt or offended you instead of hating them, it is an act of worship. Do you get it? Its all worship!... Worship is how you live. Its where and how you spend your time and

your money. Worship manifests in obedience. (Wimber, John. The Way In is the Way On, Atlanta: Ampelon Publishing, 2006, 113-6.) A Growing Sense of How to Sequence a Worship Set Eddie Espinosa, 2nd Anaheim Vineyard worship leader, in 1987 details 4 possible models:

Psalm 95: rejoicing songs to thanking, praising, and then reverencing songs Psalm 100: Journey into the Holy of Holies of the Temple or Tabernacle (encampment outside through fun songs, then songs of gratitude, then worship songs as worshipers entered the Holy Place, and finally songs of intimacy with God) About/to transition: from singing about God to singing to each other (in encouragement or exhortation) to singing to God Relational (eventually known as the Vineyard model): invitation/call to worship, initial engagement with God, exaltation in glorifying God, love songs directed to God, to songs of intimacy with God Eddie Espinosa, Worship Leading in Worship Leaders Training (Anaheim: Worship Resource Center/Vineyard Ministries International, 1987

Subsequent History & Impact In 1982 Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda becomes a Vineyard and re-affiliates. Congregation eventually begins using buildings refurbished and dedicated to congregational worship. Subsequent History & Impact

In 1982 Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda becomes a Vineyard and re-affiliates. Congregation eventually begins using buildings refurbished and dedicated to congregational worship. Mission trips to South Africa and the United Kingdom disseminate a Vineyard way of worship. Subsequent History & Impact

In 1982 Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda becomes a Vineyard and re-affiliates. Congregation eventually begins using buildings refurbished and dedicated to congregational worship. Mission trips to South Africa and the United Kingdom disseminate a Vineyard way of worship. Growth of a denomination and dissemination of music and a way of worship

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