IUC Shared Services Project Commissioned by Ohio Intra-University

IUC Shared Services Project Commissioned by Ohio Intra-University

IUC Shared Services Project Commissioned by Ohio Intra-University Council Involving all 14 four year public universities Set to fit into States FY12 budget proposal Areas being reviewed Finance * IT * HR Purchasing * Undergoing more detailed review IUC Shared Services Project Project Steering Team Bob Demory (primary liaison to IUC) Melissa Richberg (data coordinator) Godfrey Ovwigho Dave Dabney Bill Logie Connie Rubin Jen Pastorek IUC Shared Services Project Key Deliverables Detailed data on IT and Finance Higher level data for HR and Purchasing Reports from consultants with recommendations on: UT individually on our benchmarking against other Universities in key areas (i.e. Accounts Payable, Cash Collection, IT hardware costs, IT help desk, etc) Recommendations on opportunities for shared services either across the State or regionally IUCs scope will focus on two functions (Finance and IT) Adherence to process definitions within the Hackett taxonomy is key to comparability; processes are defined end to end Selling and General Administrative Scope Finance Finance Human Human Resources Resources

Sales* Sales* Executive Executive and and Corporate Corporate Services Services** Total Sales General Cash Cash Disbursements Disbursements Total Rewards Rewards Administration Administration Sales Execution Execution General Administration Administration Management Management Revenue Cycle Payroll Services Sales Operations Travel and Revenue Cycle Payroll Services Sales Operations Travel and Transportation Transportation Services Services Planning Real Accounting Accounting and and External External Reporting Reporting Data Data Mgmt., Mgmt., Reporting Reporting & & Compliance Compliance Planning and and Strategy Strategy Real Estate Estate & & Facilities Facilities Management Management Staffing Function Government Tax Tax Management Management Staffing Services Services Function Management

Management Government Affairs Affairs Labor Legal Treasury Treasury Management Management Labor Relations Relations Legal Workforce Quality Compliance Compliance Management Management Workforce Development Development Services Services Service* Quality Management Management Service* Organisational Planning Risk Order Planning & & Performance Performance Management Management Organisational Effectiveness Effectiveness Risk and and Security Security Management Management Order and and Contract Contract Management Management (OTC) (OTC) Total Corporate Fiscal Communications Service Fiscal Analysis Analysis Total Rewards Rewards Planning Planning Execution Corporate Communications Service Execution Strategic Planning Function Service Function Management Management Strategic Workforce Workforce Planning Planning Planning and and Strategy Strategy Service Operations Operations Function Executive

Office Planning Function Management Management and Strategy Executive Office Planning and Strategy Function Function Management Management Information Technology Information Technology Infrastructure Infrastructure Management Management End End User User Support Support Infrastructure Infrastructure Development Development Application Application Maintenance Maintenance Application Application Development Development & & Implement. Implement. Quality Quality Assurance Assurance Risk Risk Management Management IT IT Business Business Planning Planning Enterprise Enterprise Architecture Architecture Planning Planning Emerging

Emerging Technologies Technologies Function Function Management Management Procurement Procurement Supply Supply Data Data Management Management Requisition Requisition and and PO PO Processing Processing Supplier Scheduling Supplier Scheduling Receipt Receipt Processing Processing Compliance Compliance Management Management Customer Customer Management Management Sourcing Sourcing Execution Execution Supplier Supplier Management Management and and Development Development Sourcing Sourcing & & Supply Supply Base Base Strategy Strategy Function Function Strategy Strategy and and Performance Performance Management Management Function Function Management Management Marketing* Marketing*

Marketing Marketing Communication Communication Brand Brand and and Product Product Management Management Planning and Planning and Strategy Strategy Market Market Research Research and and Analytics Analytics Function Management Function Management Capture FTEs and Costs as defined regardless of where they are organizationally located Process Category Process Group Process Finance focuses on 19 processes Transaction Compliance Planning and Processing Cash Disbursements Accounts Payable Travel and Expense Revenue Cycle Credit Customer Billing Collections Cash Application Dispute Management General Accounting and External Reporting General Ledger Inter-University/ Departmental

Accounting Cost Accounting Fixed Assets External Reporting Management Tax Management Treasury Management Cash Management Capital and Risk Management Compliance Management Performance Planning and Performance Management Fiscal Analysis Management and Administration Function Management IUC Shared Services Project Timeline Initial engagement of consultant 11-17 Kickoff meeting at UT with steering team 1120 Initial introduction of tool used 12-08 Access given to database 12-14 **Banner 8 Upgrade** 12-28 Data Collection officially begins 01-03 Data Collection from Departments complete 0110 Final entry and submission to consultants 0114 Review and finalization by consultants 01-21 Final report due to IUC and then on to Governor IUC Shared Services Project What do we need from you: (Business Managers primary contact) Complete FTE worksheet of where each person spends their time At process level Only record if a person spends at least 10% of their time in that process If you receive a questionnaire, need to hit deadlines

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