Digital Competence Framework (DCF) Jamie Brotherton Assistant Head

Digital Competence Framework (DCF) Jamie Brotherton Assistant Head

Digital Competence Framework (DCF) Jamie Brotherton Assistant Head (T Gwyn Special School, Cardiff) Annwen Watkins, Head (Ysgol Pennant, Powys) Background Professor Donaldson made 68

recommendations, including: Three cross curricular responsibilities literacy, numeracy and digital competence. A Digital Competence Framework should be developed, as well as Learning Pathways to Digital Competence, to be included in the Six Learning and Experience Areas. Cycles of DCF Development Steering

Group Pioneer Schools Estyn Pioneer Group

QA Group Consortia Example of Pioneer School Development Existing and new links with other schools

Consultation Consultation Tai Centre Hen Felin Crownbridge T Coch Special Special School School DC

DC Group Group Digital Digital Pioneering Pioneering Schools Schools Portfield T Gwyn

Trinity Fields Heronsbridge Greenfield September 2016 1.Digital Citizenship 3. Producing

2. Interaction and collaboration 4. Data & Computerized Thinking Web App Development of Producing

Strand Strand Name? Coverage? Start and Finish? Development of Producing Strand Evaluate

Plan Create Development of Producing Strand 3 Aspects Planning Sourcing & Searching

Creating Evaluating Creativity vs. Rigour Digital Thinking Example of statement for Year 2: Create and edit multimedia components to develop text, image, sound, animation and

video for a range of tasks. Statement Further explanation Examples of possible tasks

Text Construct simple paragraphs. Align text left, right and centre. Move text box to appropriate places on screen. Use keyboard short cuts for tools like Cut & Paste. Image Import image, resize, crop and rotate as appropriate to enhance document. Sound Record a number of sound clips to accompany

digital work. Video Record a series of videos to create a story or show role play. During next year the following will assist developments: Skills overview Training Range of digital resources

Hwb, National Digital Content Repository Office 365, all Wales learning platform J2e Encyclopaedia Britannica 360 Cymru Playlists EXEMPLIFICATION

Timetable for implementation September 2017 September 2018 Curriculum Developments The ability to fully take part in modern society and the workplace already calls for ever increasing levels of digital competence. an ambitious, intelligent learner

a creative and enterprising contributor ethical and knowledgable citizens of Wales and the world healthy and confident individuals. Professor Graham Donaldson ANY QUESTIONS?

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