Store Growth Year # Stores # Countries 1965

Store Growth Year # Stores # Countries 1965

Store Growth Year # Stores # Countries 1965

1 1 1975 17

1 1985 600 3

1995 2010 11,000 33,000 + 25

91 TEAM SUBWAY . . . Awards and Accolades Team SUBWAY Awards and Accolades # 1 Global Franchise Opportunity Entrepreneur # 1 Provider of Healthful Foods Sandleman & Assoc.

# 1 Sandwich Chain, Top 400 Restaurants Rankings R&I # 1 Top Service - Zagat Survey Franchising is a Powerful Economic Force 760,000 U.S. franchised establishments generating in excess of $1.5 trillion Producing one-out-of-every-seven jobs

Source: Franchising World SUBWAYs Concept Sandwiches made to order on fresh baked bread Simple operations No cooking Low overhead

Alternative to what others are offering Low investment Investment Requirements Franchise Fees $10,000 - $15,000 initial franchise fee* $ 5,000 - 7,500 additional franchise purchase*

Terms of Franchise Agreement 20 yrs. Renewable Franchise can be sold at any*Depending time on country Financing Equipment Leasing Five Approved Financing Companies

Option to select your own financing source Before you open Training Two weeks in Connecticut or applicable country Site Selection Assistance Lease and sublease same terms as Master Lease

Advantages of Subleasing Store placement The franchisee Is responsible for finding a location The company Is responsible for approving the site

Provides training to identify potential locations Store Design 3D Renderings of Store Design TUSCANY II Dcor

Drive through SUBWAY restaurants Support before you open Training You will participate in an intensive two-week program at one of our regional training centers Site Selection We assist you in finding a

location for your business Lease Negotiation We provide guidance and negotiation assistance Support before you open Equipment Ordering We help you order your equipment package for timely delivery. Our manufacturers may also be able to consolidate

equipment from various suppliers Operations Manual Our in-depth manual covers a full range of topics important to running your own business including information on human resources guidelines and training for your store employees After You Open

Support After You Open Field Support: You will be assigned a field representative who will help you get started and provide ongoing operational and marketing support Franchisee Services: You will be assigned a coordinator who

will serve as your main contact person, and is only a phone call or e-mail message away Support After You Open Research and Development Our executive chef, baking specialists, staff nutritionist and product development team continually strive to make our excellent food even

better Continuing Education Youll receive periodic newsletters, e-mails and voicemails. Videos, DVDs, and 24/7 training classes Royalties Royalties - 8% Advertising - 4.5%

Gross sales minus sales taxes collected = net sales. Royalties are paid on net sales. Why Franchisees Embrace the SUBWAY System Quality of our product Lower investment Location flexibility

Professional advertising materials Buying power (IPC) Operational support Who are you?

Self confident/persistent problem solver Owner/operator Follow our direction Moderate risk taker Willing to commit long-term Leadership skills Ambition & goal setter A code of ethics

Investing in yourself Investing in yourself makes sense investing in others can be risky Investing in yourself Steadily building your customer base will yield your financial very best returns

Building additional stores can be a great investment Earnings Claims Company policy prohibits providing earnings claims Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant We encourage calling SUBWAY Restaurant owners

The Franchisee Program The franchisee is responsible for: Initial franchise fee Finding locations Leasehold improvements Leasing or purchasing equipment Hiring employees and operating the store in full compliance

8% royalties weekly 4.5% advertising weekly The Company provides: Access to product formulas & operational systems Location assistance Store design guidance

Equipment ordering guidance Training program Operations manual Field Rep on site during opening Periodic evaluations, ongoing support, and publications Opportunities Available

Invest in a new franchise Purchase an existing store Multi-unit operation (Reduced fee for qualified owners) Build or buy and resell International Development International Development Agent

Washington DC Subway is the largest franchised concept in Metropolitan Washington DC with over 70 locations. The next largest franchised concept in the area is McDonalds with a little over 30 locations. Within our Territory the Washington DC market on average produces higher sales volume then our surrounding

areas. The flexibility of our concept allows Subway to open more restaurants because we can open in spaces as small as 600 square feet in non traditional locations. Development opportunities in this market has stayed strong during this tough economic time.

As competition has contracted or stopped development Subway has continued to develop and gained a stronger market presence. Our menu is healthy, affordable and is enjoyed by everyone.

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