Next Generation Product Identification (NGPI) Partnership Framework Update

Next Generation Product Identification (NGPI) Partnership Framework Update - October 9 - GSMP, Lisbon Agenda topics Project team and key contacts Project update MO integration 2 NGPI project structure NGPI Core Team Overall project leadership Industry Gerd Wolfram, Metro/Retailer - Chair Barron Witherspoon, P&G/Manufacturer - Chair Mike Yorwerth, Tesco/Retailer Greg Buckley, PepsiCo/Manufacturer Jim Flannery - Grocery Manufacturers Association Organizational connectivity Ruediger Hagedorn - TCGF Malcolm Bowdon - GS1 Lynda Costa - GS1 GS1 Expert Team Internal functional expertise

Mary Wilson - US Andrew Osborne - Europe Juan-Felipe Ochoa - Colombia Richard Jones - Australia Malcolm Bowden - Data Excellence Scott Gray - Technical liaison Michael Sarachman - GSMP 3 The NGPI project team consists of 36 CGF Board member companies Name Company Country Ylva Heivert ICA Sweden Gerd Wolfram Metro AG Germany Armand Schins Royal Ahold Netherlands Afrererico Santos Sonae Portugal

Mike Yorwerth Tesco Stores Ltd. GB (tbd) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. USA Paul David Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. USA Kathy Welch Wegmans Food Markets USA Katrin Recke AIM Belgium Charmaine Wiggins FMI - Food Marketing Institute USA Patrick J. Walsh FMI - Food Marketing Institute

USA Fintan Hastings Food Drink Europe Derek Nighbor Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) CAN Jeanne Iglesias GMA USA Jim Flannery GMA USA Lynda Costa GS1 GO USA Malcolm Bowden GS1 GO Belgium Scott Gray GS1 GO

USA Andrew Osborne GS1 UK (for Europe) Christian Przyolla GS1 Germany GB Germany Ulrich Schaefer GS1 Germany Germany Indigo Wolters GS1 Germany Germany Mary Wilson GS1 US USA Ruediger Hagedorn The Consumer Goods Forum France John M. (Mike) Wallace Abbott

USA Jeffrey A House Campbell Soup Company USA Lynette Shawd General Mills USA Akikazu Sato Kao Corporation Japan Detlef Koenigs Mars GmbH Germany Susanne Holzhausen Mars GmbH Germany Ryan C. Richard Mondelez USA A. Sven Dianett

Hermann Hagemeyer, GmbH Germany David Sheldon Nestl Switzerland Robin Kidd Nestl Switzerland Andrew Whitman Nestle Nutrition USA Greg Buckley PepsiCo USA Kathrin Kiesel Henkel Rich Wilson The J.M. Smucker Company USA Barron Witherspoon Procter and Gamble Company

USA Ettore Piccirillo Unilever Netherlands Caroline Fricke Accenture UK Jose Antonio Barco Accenture Ted Schultze Symbology, Inc. Representation across Manufacturers, Retailers, & key Stakeholders 4 On behalf of Industry, Robin Kidd is making significant contributions! Delivering change in the past Leading change for the future N I P G 5

We have a lot at stake NGPI has the potential to produce one of the most significant, truly transformational decisions our industry will undertake since 1971 6 Magnitude of impact and the need for change Brand integrity and Consumer trust is a key driver -AND- I P NG Business value: conservatively, there is a cost avoidance upward $7 Billion annually At a very high level, this is the functionality the Industry needs... More Consumer Information Accurate Data On-line & Mobile Facilitate Online Order Fulfillment from Stores

Provide consumer information relevant to each product package variation (B2C) Ensure information of package and web are aligned, easy to use, and trusted (EU Regulations/Digital) Support order picking for package variations to fulfill online orders accurately Low Disruption to POS & Supply Chain Support supply chain and POS checkout (B2B) activities with minimal disruption All without changing the GTIN for every variant to avoid unnecessary costs NGPI face-to-face meeting September 23-24, 2013 NGPI momentum continues strong Industry alignment is secured across Retailers, Manufacturers, and other key stakeholders 9 'Next Generation Product Identification Project Dusseldorf Key Takeaways September 23-24, 2013

Meeting Summary Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 11 Introduction On the 23th and 24th of September, 2013, the NGPI Project Team met in Dusseldorf to discuss and agree preliminary recommendations to the Consumer Goods Forum Board in December, 2013 Our key objective was to develop a recommendation to the CGF board, by answering the following questions: What What information information do do we we need need to to carry? carry? How How do do we we test test itit to to see see ifif itit works? works? How How do do we we

carry carry it? it? Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. How How do do we we implement implement it? it? 12 The Future Consumer & Trading Partner Information Strategy is the Driving Force of the NGPI Project The overarching NGPI goal is to enable better communication of product information for consumers and trading partners. The Consumer and Trading Partner Information Strategy is therefore designed to: Define new Data Items that will improve package-level product identification and product information communication to support emerging Digital Commerce and Regulatory requirements. AND Avoid the need to change the GTIN in order to communicate accurate label-level product information during a "soft transition" due to a minor product formulation or packaging change. Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 13 Our analysis suggests industry could realize greater benefits by providing more product information to stakeholders across the value chain Potential value from new data items Proposed

Proposed information information strategy strategy data data items items Data Items Product Variant Number Potential Benefits Manufacturers Increased speed to market; streamlined Retailers Increased accuracy of online order fulfilment Accurate product information ordered online Increased capability for tracking / tracing Increased confidence in product quality and traceability Reduced waste of spoiled products Mobile app-based reminders of when to use products Communication URL

Expiry date Lot Number Serial Number Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Consumers Increased control over information provided Increased reliability of additional information Increased capability for tracking / tracing Increased confidence in product quality and traceability 14 In addition to the GTIN, the NGPI Project Team has Identified Five Data Items as the Most Desirable to Include in a Future Information Strategy It is proposed that GS1 standards be made available for these Data Items, at the product level Additional Additional Data Data Items Items From static 1 2 Package Package Variant

Variant Number Number URL URL A code that contains any additional information that is package specific, known as a PVN 3 Expiry Expiry date date The period of time items are given before they can be considered unsuitable for sale, use or consumption 4 Lot Lot Number Number ID number assigned to a lot of material from a single manufacturer A unique web address for a product where the consumer can find more information about

the product 5 Serial Serial Number Number Unique code that contains manufacturers information to dynamic data Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 15 Of the Five, the PVN is the only Data Item for Which GS1 Standards have not been Previously Defined The group agreed some key parameters for the development of a PVN standard: The PVN shall be used to identify the package-version of a product package during a soft transition due to a minor change to product formulation or packaging. Changing of the PVN shall not be used to trigger the re-introduction or listing of an item. The PVN will require its own use and allocation rules, which will complement existing GS1 GTIN Allocation rules. Use of the PVN could be made more straightforward with further clarification of the current minor change GTIN Allocation rules. The existing URL standard also requires further investigation: Confirm the syntax and scope of the URL, e.g. is it a full URL to an individual product or a company level URL which can have GTIN+PVN+serial, etc., to get to an individual product Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 16 GS1 2D Carriers Have Been Identified as the Most Capable of Delivering The Desired Future State GS1 2D Carriers can hold the GTIN, as well as the additional Data Items

Ability Ability of of carrier carrier to to deliver deliver Additional Data Items 1D EAN/ UPC 1D GS1 DataBar Either 2D GS1 QR Code or DataMatrix Package Variant Number No Yes Yes URL No Short URLs Yes Expiry date No Some items

More items Lot Number No Some items More items Serial Number No Few items More items It was also noted that, while consumers are already using native QR codes, these are not capable of carrying the GTIN. Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 17 Industry is polarized in implementing 2D scanning pervasive use of a 2D GS1 Carrier at retailer POS is as much as ten years away Almost half of all respondents plan to install 2D scanners within five years, while half will wait more than 10 years, or not install 2D scanners at all The The intention intention to to install install image-based image-based scanning scanning in in the the future future Survey 1 Survey 2

25 # of respondents (34%) 18 13 18 14 5 1/25/20 Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 1/25/20 1/25/20 1/25/20 10+ or no plans 18 Preliminary Board Recommendation Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 19 The Next Generation Product Identifier Project is about providing consumers with the information they want, as effectively as possible The NGPI Team proposes that the CGF Board: Supports the use of PVN at the consumer package level as a means to improve the label-level product information disclosure to consumers without increasing the

frequency of GTIN changes and the resulting supply chain disruption costs Suggests that industry maintain support for current GS1 GTIN allocation rules and commit to define and support related allocation rules for use of PVN Supports accelerating the adoption of the 2D GS1 Data Matrix / QR code at the consumer package level with a goal to achieve global adoption within 10 years Enables industry to build the capability to utilize the GS1 DataBar at the POS and throughout the supply chain, in the meantime, as an additional choice to todays EAN/UPC, thus enabling new capability while we work toward adoption of the 2D GS1 Data Matrix / QR code DISCLAIMER: All work of The Consumer Goods Forum (TCGF) is carried out in accordance with TCGF Antitrust Guidelines, and in compliance with all competition laws, thus ensuring independence of activity, collaboration only on non-competitively sensitive issues, and confidentiality of information. Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 20 Next Steps Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 21 Industry Proposes to Undertake Targeted Pilot Projects as proof-of-concept for our Recommendations to the CGF Board Key features Timeline Pilot projects will be conducted by pilot pairs retailer / manufacturer combinations across representative markets Planning (Sep-Dec 2013) Each pair will have the opportunity to select the use cases of interest to test At a minimum, the portfolio will include both brick & mortar and e-commerce use

cases, and PVN We will seek to achieve use case, data item, sub-segment and geographic diversity in the pilot project portfolio Participants commit to collecting data and providing feedback to the standards development process Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Develop pilot project charter Establish governance structure Establish pilot pairs Outline pilot terms of reference by mid-end November Testing (Jan-Mar 2014) Begin projects in January End project (or at least have generated useful results) in March Reporting (Apr-Jun 2014) Facilitate extended team meeting to review findings in April GS1 board meeting in May, present preliminary findings; key inputs to future standards development and draft implementation plan CGF board meeting in June, present findings 22 Together with Regional Liaison Groups & Industry Associations, the NGPI Project will develop a guideline for local Rollout and Implementation Key features Deployment will be led by geography, whether national, multi-national or regional Deployment roadmap development will be shared between the markets by the NGPI Core Team The process will live within the decision matrices of the markets in question

Market / regional champions will be required in each market User guides will be developed by market, or group of markets Sunrise dates will be set by industry / region for 1D GS1 DataBar (it is recommended that there be no sunset date on use of the EAN/UPC barcode) Incorporation of the PVN and other relevant data items into GS1 Services Standards, e.g. GDSN, GS1 Source GS1 will recommend a global sunrise date to industry for mobile phones use of GS1 standards once OMA and GS1 standards alignment is achieved Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 23 We are on target to deliver pre-reading materials for the December CGF Board meeting by November 1st Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec H1 2014 H2 2014 Mobilisation Mobilisation EE Plan Plan for for Implementation Implementation

Pilot Project Finalize Deliverables Deliverables Finalize Review Period Period (inc. (inc. legal) legal) Review D D Pilot Pilot Project Project Design Design Draft and and Circulate Circulate Deliverables Deliverables Draft C C Future Future Carrier Carrier Strategy Strategy Workshop 23-24 23-24 September September Workshop B B Future Future Information

Information Strategy Strategy Extended team engagement Stakeholder Stakeholder Engagement Engagement Oct .17 OpExCom Meeting Milestones Milestones OpExCom Meeting Nov. 1 Circulate Board Pre-read Deployment Phase Phase III III Case Case for for Action Action Options Options analysis analysis A A

Targeted CEO engagement Dec. 3 CGF Board Meeting Project Management and Communication Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 24 Immediate next steps high level overview Immediate next steps Milestone / Activity Timeframe Enter GSMP (Business needs, Call to action, etc.) Oct. 2013 Begin integration of GS1 standards and services Oct, 2013 Pilot project design retailers/manufacturers paired, outlines complete Nov. 30, 2013 CGF Board Meeting GO/NO GO Dec. 2013 Begin to develop migration plan (local sunrise dates) Jan. 2014 Conduct pilot projects

Jan. Mar. 2014 Pilot project results reporting May 2014; Jun. 2014 GS1 BOD meeting CGF BOD meeting Copyright 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. 25 Many ways to keep connected to NGPI Retail Network Regional MO representatives GS1 Expert Team Liaison with respective MOs Internal alignment One voice tt Sco i an, R da Lyn m lcol Ma , Ju

Mary ew And r Technology groups d char 26 What we need from you Remain grounded on the vision to accelerate change Maximize Industry input get involved Drive local adoption to enable Industry capability 27

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