Indian Railways Conference with Industry and Academia 8th

Indian Railways Conference with Industry and Academia 8th

Indian Railways Conference with Industry and Academia 8th and 9th April, 2005 IT SERVICES | BPO | SOLUTIONS MphasiS - Integrated IT & BPO Services MphasiS provides a combination of IT and BPO services to assist its clients in optimizing their business processes Addressing the need of large companies to reduce cost and increase control of SG&A related business processes through automation and outsourcing Key capabilities Business process automation, innovation and outsourcing Proven IT and BPO Services combined to create business solutions Global sourcing strategy to optimize the cost of doing business Facts 9400+ Professionals around the Globe Offshore Facilities in India, China & Mexico 23 Project and Customer Relationship offices in 9 countries Annualized Revenue $190M,CAGR 35+%, Debt free Confidential MphasiS MphasiS is among Forbes Global list of 100 Best Under a Billion Companies in Asia Pacific. 2 MphasiS service portfolio

IT Services Financial Services Technology Retail, Investment Banking, Insurance HW/SW Companies Emerging Verticals Transportation, Telecom, Healthcare Application Development/ Integration, Application Management, Quality Assurance Consulting Domain Expertise, Business Process Improvement, Architecture Platform-based Solutions Domain Specific Business Process CrossOutsourcing Domain Confidential MphasiS Workflow Mgt, Business Process Management Claims handling, Equity Research, CPA Taxes Technical support Airway bill manifestation Sales Support, Customer Service, Finance and Accounting, Tech help desk 3 MphasiS Application Portfolio Services (MAPS) Optimizing the maintenance, support and transformation of Legacy Applications Over 70% of average IT application budgets are for maintenance and support of legacy applications

MAPS: Establishing knowledge base & improve process and resource loading Portfolio Analysis of related applications Legacy Roadmaps in context of reference architecture Knowledge Base of existing apps Process improvements and Resource optimization Cost reduction, quality and response time improvement Confidential MphasiS 4 MframE Multi-channel Enabling of Processes Increased process effectiveness through multi-channel access and integration of business services Service Oriented Architecture to seamlessly integrate channels and business processes Reduces complexity, improves integration capabilities Lowers development and support cost Increases predictability, reduces risk MframE Development Process MframE Architecture Framework Internet Internet Intranet Intranet Wireless Wireless // Mobile Mobile Front End Services Assembly Assembly & & Delivery Delivery Security / Content Management Content

Content Management Management Application Integration Session Session Management Management Portlets Portlets Architecture Architecture Taxonomy Taxonomy Application Application Integration Integration Personalizatio Personalizatio n n Customization Customization Contact Contact Centers Centers Other Other Channels Channels Role Role Based Based Access Access Control Control Chat/ Chat/ Collaboration Collaboration Globalization Globalization Search Search Engine Engine Clickstream Clickstream // Reporting Reporting BPM

BPM // Workflow Workflow MphasiS Partner Partner Applications Applications Internal Internal Web Web Applications Applications Security Security // SSO SSO Web Web Service Service Integration Integration User User Store Store // Directory Directory Alert Alert Services Services ERP ERP Applications Applications User User Profile Profile Syndicated Syndicated Content Content CRM CRM Applications Applications MframE Portal Professional Services Confidential Core Core Backend

Backend Applications Applications 5 MphasiS Technologies Integrating devices into the enterprise processes Building the mobile world Telecom & Networkin g Mobile Technolog y Industrial Automatio n Consumer Electronic s Internetworking Voice networks O&M Automotiv e OS Applications UI & Product Integration Computin g Platforms HMI PLC Field bus

MFPs Home networking Digital Camera Confidential MphasiS Healthcar e Life Sciences Safety system Fleet Management In-vehicle multimedia OS Drivers & utilities Middleware Intelligent Infrastructure Management Compliance Medical & Diagnostic equipment Surgery assistance tools Drug Discovery Tools Lab Automation Specialized Instrument Tools 6 MphasiS TechnologiesTechnology Rental Lab Confidential MphasiS Technology TechnologyRental RentalLab Lab Being a single point of Being a single point of

aggregator aggregatorservice servicethat that provides accountability provides accountabilityacross across multiple multipleinputs inputsand andplayers players Technology Domain Knowledge Technology Domain Knowledge Flexible processes that can Flexible processes that can integrate integratewith withtheir theirown own Resource scalability Resource scalability SLAs that translate to their SLAs that translate to their delivery deliverycommitments commitments IP protection frameworks IP protection frameworks renouncement renouncementof ofall allIPIP generation generation Isolation among customer units Isolation among customer units Industry affiliations, Industry affiliations, memberships memberships Frameworks, Re-usable Frameworks, Re-usable components components A governance model that gives A governance model that gives complete completevisibility visibilityand andcontrol control 7 across all delivery streams across all delivery streamsto tothe the

client MphasiS BPO Services Applying process knowledge, domain expertise and technology know how to execute Business process at dramatically lower cost and better performance BPO Operations Business Process Expertise Sales & service Claims handling Tax & Accounting Content Management Tech help desk Quality 6,100+ Professionals Offshore BPO Centres in Bangalore, Pune, Mangalore, India and Tijuana, Mexico 70+ million calls/ transactions per year Six Sigma master black belt team Process analysis and improvement team Infrastructure Strong Security & Complete CoB Enterprise Quality Management, Workforce Management, Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence Confidential MphasiS 8 MphasiS Sunrise Offerings

Virtual Tax Room Brokerage Service Cost effective & accurate tax return filings for CPA firms Hi-value brokerage services to clients of investment banks Transaction processing (document scanning, analysis and preparation of tax returns Series 7, 63 and 24 certifications and sales assistants with series 11 certifications Spanish Language Service Attractive near-shore and Spanish option for North American companies Providing inbound customer services. Total capacity 300 seats Business Transformation Service Consulting services for process analysis and improvement Driven by senior team of Six Sigma professionals significant global experience Confidential MphasiS Outsourcing Program

Management Service Consulting and execution services for setting up captive centers in India. Driven by senior professionals with experience in setting up large captive centers for global MNCs. Research Service Remote outsourcing services in financial and market research which offers quality research & analytical services at a much lower cost to global clients. 9 Work done by MphasiS- Transportation Industry Leading International Airline Projects delivered Transactional Portal Institutionalizing Content Management Departure Control System Front-End Reservation & Ticketing Front-End Interactive Seat Selection on the Web Re-engineering L-Mos Systems Baggage Reconciliation System International and Indian airlines Confidential MphasiS 10 Airline Industry Experience We have a worked with leading airlines on the development of a technical architecture, the introduction of new object-oriented and web-based technologies and the development of major implementation projects We focus our expertise on channel integration and customer relationship management Touch Points

Customer Interaction Internet Web Visitor, Registered User, Customer Enrollment Email Fax Customer id and intent Mobile Reservation & Booking Voice SMS Wireless Trip itinerary and Destination Information Call Center Greeter Check in Check in Agent Notification Email Voice SMS Fax Customer recognition and Allocation to check in agent Check in Customer Profile In-flight Routing Cabin Crew CRM & Middleware Services Customer id and Authorisation, Entitlements Flight Information Customer Profile Frequent Flyer Program Personalization Manager Campaign Manager Workflow Manager

Customer Analysis Reservation Transaction/Trip Manager Content Management Internal & Syndicated Customer Relationship Tier Personalized Connection Information Transaction Manager Enrollment In-flight Entertain. Personalized View Greeter Arrival Flight Information Greeter Luggage Lost Baggage Travel Agent Service Lapse Back end Services Business Components Unified User Profile Booking Flight Planning Flight Operations Schedules & Availability Fares & Pricing Loyalty Programs Business Component Tier Confidential MphasiS

11 Future of Railways a global perspective Some future client expectations What does it mean to live in a multi modal world? Integrated services worldwide Through ticketing Through logistics for freight Exist in a multi modal world Integration will be through IT systems Connectivity to each others information systems is critical Internet becomes most favored channel Partnering E-commerce (e-ticketing, integrating business processes with partners) Networks and VPN Hermes Network ( Europe) Transform railways as close to commercial businesses operating in a real market Confidential MphasiS 12 Global change drivers for Railways Change drivers Competition Privatization and amalgamations Co-operation Decline in market share

State Institutions to business oriented companies Starting point Political will Introduction of market forces Improvement of public services Integrated services Separation of infrastructure management and transport operations Better integration of national transportation systems IR is better positioned than many Indian services Confidential MphasiS 13 Some areas to be addressed Improve safety GIS location systems for trains with interlock based signaling GIS location based systems to permit track interconnections for track change Inform drivers about track status ahead based on inputs from tracking systems Internet based communications from trains with stations close by for handling on board emergencies Rapid deployment force contactable from trains in backward/dangerous areas Technology for monitoring tracks for discontinuity/ blocks operated by stations. Communication with oncoming trains. Improve freight capacity Optimize scheduling algorithms Provide niche freight carrying capabilities with specialized service Target niche markets Collaborate with agencies like CONCOR, etc for other markets, Innovations like RO RO etc RFID for Parcel tracking Catering to the masses Be the cheapest transport mode compete with road transport and Air

Deccan Increase number of services, capacity of trains Increase scheduling efficiency and train operations management Investment to increase number of tracks involve private sector Confidential MphasiS 14 Summary Better quality services Unified traffic management systems Superior safety systems Integrated reliable ticketing systems E-commerce for freight transport React quickly to market requests IT and telecom are indispensable tools Strategic and Operational targets which are: Customer centric Revenue/margin maximization Productivity maximization Single agency to coordinate across IR Divisions for IT systems Provide access to data from all IR Divisions for strategic decision making Develop in-house competencies for core IT needs Outsource non core IT needs Customer care centers Supply chain integration Confidential MphasiS 15 MphasiS areas of interest Areas of interest

Platform based Process Solutions Transactional Portal Technology Solutions (SCADA based systems, Industrial Electronics) Institutionalizing Content Management Reservation & Ticketing LRDSS design/development Collision avoidance systems Building Contact Centers and operating Advisory services for setting up Call Centers on BOT, BOO and other models Strong expertise across Platform based Solutions Business Integration services Technology Solutions Customer care centers Technology Rental Laboratory Supply chain integration Confidential MphasiS 16 Thank you Questions please Confidential MphasiS 17

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