A4B Project Management Seminar January 14th 2010 Agenda

A4B Project Management Seminar January 14th 2010 Agenda

A4B Project Management Seminar January 14th 2010 Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Background to A4B Applying to A4B Collaborating with Industry A4B Project Management A4B Book Introduction DRI Ceri Jones Deputy Director of DRI Ali Parker Knowledge Transfer Officer Sarah Haynes External Contracts Officer WAG Julie Cunnington Hill Centres Manager Richard Griffiths - Regional Project Development Manager

Leanne Richards A4B Case Officer Raelene Orton - A4B Funding Officer Reasons for A4B To develop 3M activity To support academia/industrial collaboration To improve competitiveness of Welsh SMEs WAG + Convergence Funds = A4B/Eligibility Issues A4B Aims Fund audits of Intellectual Property held by academic institutions to pinpoint projects with the best potential for commercialisation; Evaluate potential projects of strategic value to Wales Fill the funding gap between basic early research and the start of the market exploitation Provide revenue funding for commercial managers & technology specialists Provide capital funding to invest in new technology / markets Encourage collaborative industrial research Story so Far 18.3m allocated Jan 09 1% 4% 4%

8% 0% Aberystwyth 10% Bangor Lampeter University 0% Cardiff Colleges 26% Glamorgan University Glyndwr SMU 28% Swansea Trinity University of Glamorgan Newport University

5% 2% 7% 5% UWIC Projects in Swansea - 6.6m allocated - Jan 10 30% CIRPS x 9 Knowledge Exchange Project x 3 Innovative Actions x 1 ESDF x 2 51% Feasibility Study x 10 4% 9% 0%3%

3% CPD x 1 KTC x 7 Applying to A4B the Competitive Calls See A4B booklet Section 2 Calls issued in November 2009 Deadline February 26th 2010 Projects to start June 1st 2010 KTC and CIRPS only Only 2 submissions allowed per institution Key priority areas only ICT, Low Carbon, health and Biosciences, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Applying to A4B the process General Advice in Writing Applications

Read guidance notes and copy key points into application form Be market driven what is the ECONOMIC IMPACT! Find out what other HEIs are doing avoid duplication Dont overestimate outputs / results these are measured! Dont front load as far as targets, costs etc Look at risk register guidelines for risk and mitigation Be succinct the right amount of detail Get support from Head of School uniqueness Involve the business in helping to write the application Seek best practice advise through DRI / WAG early on What A4B is not about EDUCATION, TRAINING, SKILLS Developing Economic Impact & Meeting Policy Ensure that your project has realistic economic impact Ask business to supply market share & size information Refer to latest Government policies Refer to WAG policies http://www.swan.ac.uk/research_innovation/ResearchandProjectSupport/Academiaforbusiness/ - WAG Science Policy

WAG One Wales Policy WAG Spatial Plan WAG Wales a Vibrant Economy WAG priorites What happens after you apply? DRI WAG Swansea WAG WAG Swansea Eligibility Check / State Aid Technical, Policy , Regional Assessment Application Scores (1-5, minimum 3) Strategic, Economic, Viability, Value 4 Money Panel DRI Signed hard copies, confirm start date

WAG Contract to DRI Developing projects with business See A4B booklet Section 3 Before you start to write the proposal Invite all partners to join the project Get a 3 way NDA signed (seek advise from DRI) Discuss the project with all partners present Invite DRI along to this meeting to provide Collaborative agreement example Examples of paperwork Guidance on Applications Get letters of support from partners confirmiing in kind investment (PDF) Manage Expectations !! Developing projects with business Before you start the project Make sure all partners are aware of the project detail and output

Get companies to sign the Collaboration agreements before the start Confirm kick off meetings Make sure they are aware of paperwork and state aid obligations Manage Expectations !! Role of The Project Manager Ensure all related paperwork is complete, and maintained in the Project File. Company Enrolment Form Collaboration Agreements Participant Forms Staff Timesheets (where applicable) SME Logbooks (where applicable) Minutes of Meetings Quarterly Reports

Tender Documents (where applicable) Participate in A4B Quarterly Monitoring As project manager you must . Know what expenditure has been approved Know the dates when claims are due in Consult with A4B before any changes to the project Know the start and end date of your project Payments Outside This Period Are Ineligible Keep all records for 8 years after the final payment The A4B Funding Agreement (contract) The A4B Contract See A4B booklet Section 4 Details the financial allocation Details the agreed targets Profiled to WAG quarters ONLY A4B CAN AUTHORISE AMENDMENTS and reprofile!

Failure to adhere to this basic rule will result in lost funding! DRI to liaise with A4B on the PMs behalf Partnership Arrangements All partners should sign and return a sub-contract Partners must claim within the prescribed time periods failure to do so will result in non-payment Must claim to profile (within 15%) SU will only pay partners once WAG pays us! Maintain delivery of outputs and spend Back-up information is needed to verify all claims Most HEIs understand the brief! DRI Monitoring and Evaluation DRI Role DRI Monitoring & Evaluation See A4B booklet Section 5 Provide Advice & Guidance (Ali and Sarah) Arrange Kick Off Project Meeting (Sarah) Attend Steering group meetings (Ali) Co-ordinate Quarterly Claims (Sarah) Update IPM System (Sarah) The DRI Claims Process

All Claims processed by DRI Attend a short meeting to verify financial and non-financial progress prior to claims submission. Project manager to prepare progress report and forward to DRI for inclusion with claims. Claims submitted quarterly via an internet Project Monitor - iPM Three part claims (Expenditure, Activity & Quarterly Progress Report) Claims due in one month after the quarterly claim period. Project Costs must be defrayed before they can be included in the claim Claims must be accompanied by a a Quarterly Progress Report Claims not fully completed will be rejected. Please check all claim entries before you produce the claim as errors can only be rectified by your A4B Case Officer once the claim has been submitted. IPM Web based data collection & monitoring tool, remote access, A4B control Multi passwords available & Read Only or Read/Write access DRI process financial data, projects teams can update non financial data Progress report includes fields for notifying A4B of any good practice / potential PR opportunities, for the A4B Case Officer to make comments and for WAG Claims Executive to note the date the claim has been passed for payment giving an indication of when you can expect payment. Budget Reports - detailing original contract profile, amended profiles and actual data. Useful for budget management. Resource Area - includes iPM User Guidance, A4B Procedural Guidance, example documents such as Company Enrolment Forms , Staff

Timesheets, Cost Category lists etc Contacts area - includes A4B Team contact details & an area for you to add your contact details if you wish to for networking / sharing purposes. A4B Compliance Monitoring One visit per project, could be ad hoc Purpose - to ensure claims paid are fully evidenced, activity and expenditure is eligible and complies with contract and guidelines. Key personnel to be available (not necessarily present) i.e.: project manager, administrator, claims/finance input. Original documents to be retained and produced for audit, signed & authorised. Good methodical record keeping; signposting where necessary. Publicity and Case Studies- correct logos, [email protected] Retention dates currently 2025. Post Completion Monitoring and Evaluation - to measure project impact, additional outputs, evolution of the original project, value for money and assessment of the delivery of the project in line with the cross cutting themes included in original application (e.g. Sustainability) Ensure you have a robust audit trail - everyday an audit day! Consult with DRI if in doubt Good Practice Guide for A4B projects Maintain Accurate Project File Ensure robust project management system and audit trail Dont move funding without A4B permission Revisit Milestones and Cashflow in contract

Verify Eligibility of Expenditure with DRI Focus on Targets convergence v non convergence Keep on Top of Paperwork company evidence, data collection, timesheets No Nasty Surprises - Keep DRI Informed Summary of Knowledge Transfer Centre Outputs Collaborative R&D Enterprises Assisted Products registered Products Launched Jobs Investment Induced Extra Funding

Welsh Composites Centre 20 60 10 10 7 250k 900k Simulated Based Product Design SBPD 12 78 4 22

15 1.4m Print FM 24 58 2 18 10 1.18m Mimo test Bed 3 10 3

3 3 257k Cyro SEM 8 25 Welsh Ultra Efficient Lighting 5 15 2 3 Membrane and Surface Technologies 20

38 3 5 8 320k 800k 13 Algal Technology CSAR 15 30 3 2 5

685k 60k 9 TOTAL 107 314 27 63 48 4.15m 3.46m 43 66k Environ

mental Transfer 2 1.7m 4 15 Summary of CIRP Outputs Collaborative R&D Enterprises Assisted Products registered Products Launched Jobs Investment Induced

Environment al Transfer Sienz Rapid Injection Moulding 6 3 3 11 5 360K 4 Sienz Contour 5(2) 5(2) 1

2 3 377K 2 Claypole Printing Antibodies 4 6 2 4 1M Guy PV Solar 4 5

4 6 4 390K 6 Brown - EMOC 2 3 1 1 4 337K 2

Hassan Insufficieny Fracture 3 3 Kingsley Responsive Lung Control 3 3 1 1 2 234k MinChen Sports Visualisation 2

7 3 2 10 62 TOTAL 29 35 13 27 2 290k 32 3m

14 Summary of KEP Outputs Seminars held Scoping Discussions Projects Identified Network meetings Enterprise s Assisted Jones Global Connect 7 53 7

8 39 Claypole - GAIM 3 30 33 7 15 Min Chen - Visualisation 6 50 5 6 20

133 45 21 74 TOTAL 16 Environment al Transfer 4 4 Summary of Outputs Over 150 Collaborative R&D Over 420 Enterprises Assisted Over 130 New Products / Services registered or launched!!! Over 80 Jobs created or safeguarded

A4B File Please use as a guidance File will be updated as necessary Section 1 Presentation and summary of projects Section 2 Guidance and Application Forms Section 3 Information for Business partners Section 4 - WAG funding agreement & procedural guidance Section 5 Reporting and Monitoring Documentation Conclusion and Contact Details Record Keeping is very IMPORTANT Auditing should be straightforward if records are kept Keep DRI in the loop Ali Parker 01792 602630, [email protected] Sarah Haynes 01792 295435 [email protected] Involve A4B team Richard Griffiths 01792 485718 [email protected] Leanne Richards 01792 222435 [email protected] Raelene Orton 01792 222469 [email protected] Julie Cunnington Hill 029 2036 8492 [email protected]

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