Principals Roadshow Tuesday, 5 November 2013 Medico-Chirurgical Society

Principals Roadshow Tuesday, 5 November 2013 Medico-Chirurgical Society

Principals Roadshow Tuesday, 5 November 2013 Medico-Chirurgical Society Hall, Foresterhill PRINCIPAL & VICECHANCELLOR Professor Sir Ian Diamond UNIVERSITY SECRETARY & DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS SENIOR VICE-PRINCIPAL Stephen Logan Caroline Inglis (Acting Secretary) VICEPRINCIPALS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Academic Affairs Gillian Mackintosh College Registrars Stephen Hill Kathy Fowler Gwen Smith Head of College Arts & Social Sciences Head of College Physical Sciences Head of College Life Sciences & Medicine Estates Angus Donaldson Margaret Ross Bryan MacGregor

External Relations Vacant Finance & IT Services Irene Bews Human Resources Debbie Dyker (Acting Director) Policy, Planning & Governance Jennifer Sewel Research & Innovation Fred Stevenson-Robb Student Life Leith Forsyth University Librarian Laurence Bebbington (Acting Librarian) Development Trust Liz Bowie College Registrars Mike Greaves Director of Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health Peter Morgan Learning & Teaching Peter McGeorge Research & Knowledge Exchange Phil

Hannaford & Claire Wallace (2 x 0.5) Development and Equality & Diversity External Affairs Neva Haites (0.5) Albert Rodger International Vacancy Professional Services - Update Caroline Inglis Acting Secretary and Director of Operations PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SECRETARY & DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Caroline Caroline Inglis Inglis STUDENT STUDENT LIFE LIFE ACADEMIC ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AFFAIRS LIBRARY, LIBRARY,


SERVICES Gillian Jennifer Sewel Gillian Mackintosh Mackintosh Irene Bews Bewsengagement & Jennifer Sewel Irene Alumni events SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Key Key Key Leith Forsyth Gillian Mackintosh Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Laurence Bebbington Irene Bews Laurence Bebbington & GOVERNANCE Governance UADT Board, OSCR Key Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Leith Leith Forsyth Forsyth

Key Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Student Info Hub Student Services, Advice & Support Student Accommodation Careers & Appointments Service Catering & Commercial activities Student Recruitment International Office Chaplaincy Quality Assurance & Enhancement Teaching & Learning Policy Centre for Academic Development Student Academic Administration Teaching & Exam Timetabling Student Records Tuition Fees Financial Systems Financial Accounting Planning & Budgeting Procurement. Payroll Application provisioning & development Infrastructure provision & management Desktop and device services Media services IT Support & Training Key Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities& :: MUSEUMS Key Responsibilities: US UADTJennifer Sewel Communications Laurence Bebbington HUMAN RESOURCES Key Responsibilities: ESTATES Financial Systems RESEARCH &

Quality Student Info Hub Assurance & Financial Accounting Key Responsibilities: Debbie Strategic Planning Debbie Dyker Dyker Student Angus Donaldson Enhancement Services, Advice & COMMERCIALISATION EXTERNAL RELATIONS Planning & Budgeting Governance Key Responsibilities: Sir Duncan Rice Library Teaching & Learning Policy Support Key Responsibilities: Procurement. Payroll Fred Stevenson-Robb Committee Management Vacant Medical Library Centre for Academic StudentPolicy Accommodation Staffing Application provisioning Maintenance development Health & Key

Responsibilities: & Safety Reid Library Development Careers & Appointments Key Responsibilities: Staff Recruitment Infrastructure projects provision & management Capital Building Sir Duncan Rice Library Medical Library Reid Library Museums Taylor Library Special Collections Art Collections Strategic Planning Governance Committee Management Health & Safety Business Improvement Equality & Diversity Records Management Corporate Social Responsibility Risk Management Business Continuity Planning Business Improvement Museums Student Academic Research Financial Services Service Employee Relations

COLLEGE Desktop and device Utilities & Waste services®ISTRARS COLLEGE COLLEGE HUMAN ESTATES EXTERNAL RESEARCH & HUMAN ESTATES EXTERNAL RESEARCH & Equality Diversity Taylor Library Administration Catering & Commercial Research Business Development Marketing Leadership REGISTRARS REGISTRARS RESOURCES Angus Donaldson RELATIONS COMMERCIALISATION Staff Housing RESOURCES & Management

Angus Donaldson RELATIONS COMMERCIALISATION Media services Records Management Collections Teaching Communications CLSM: Exam Timetabling activities Research Policy (afterSpecial REF) CLSM: Gwen Gwen Smith Smith Key Fred Debbie Vacant Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Fred&Stevenson-Robb Stevenson-Robb Debbie Dyker Dyker Vacant Development Security IT Support & Training Kathy Corporate SocialCOPS: Responsibility COPS: Kathy Fowler

Fowler Key Responsibilities: Collections Key Responsibilities: Key Student Key Responsibilities: Organisational Maintenance Key Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Records Student Recruitment Consultancy & CPD Art Public Engagement CLSM: Gwen Smith CASS: Stephen Capital Building projects CASS: Stephen Hill Hill Cleaning Staffing Policy Research Financial Services Marketing Risk Management Utilities & Waste FeesBusiness InternationalTuition Office Knowledge

Transfer & Exchange Staff Recruitment Events Communications Research Development Development Portering Staff Housing Kathy Fowler Employee Relations COPS: Research Policy (after REF) Public Engagement Business Continuity Planning Security Chaplaincy Intellectual Property Services Leadership Public Consultancy & & Management Affairs Redeployment CPD Events Cleaning Knowledge Transfer & Exchange Furnishing Development Public Affairs CASS: Stephen Hill Organisational Development Redeployment Intellectual Property Services Portering

Furnishing IT Services - Update Irene Bews Director of Finance and IT Staff Experience Equipment: Technology Replacement Programme (TRP) 1200 replaced in 2012/13; Multi-Functional Devices (43.5 million pages printed); PC/Laptop for all PGRs. Software & Apps: Office 365 50GB; Site Licences e.g. Matlab & Adobe; OneSource; PGAP; Web. Mobile Workforce: Seamless always-on connection to campus resources for all corporate Windows laptops; Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to drives at home; Research: Collaborative research HPC and beyond Data Management Support 2TB of storage for each PI. Student Experience Mobile Services o o o o WiFi: including Accelerate Aberdeen Mobile classroom Mobile Delivery (Social Media, Web, Online) Mobile App Launched September 2013 On Campus facilities o o o

Teaching spaces strategy Classroom facilities design standards Service Centre(s) OneSource - MyCurriculum & Personal Timetable Student Portal & VLE Training and Induction Free MS Office for students (at home and at University). Back Office Strategic Plan, Operational Plans, Resource Planning People and Money. Data Centres and Shared Services. Programme Office Project Management. Technology Roadmaps. Peer Review of IT Provision. Security and Identity Management. Digital Strategic Group. Relationship Managers Dean Phillips (Administration) 01224 273666 [email protected] Gail Smille (CASS) 01224 273778 [email protected] Alison Povall (CLSM) 01224 277080 [email protected] Russell Moffatt (CoPS) 01224 272685 [email protected] Professor Bryan MacGregor 1. Objectives Support University Strategic Plan & Modernisation Business Transformation People & Process supported by Technology (integrated software) Enhanced and Personalised Student Experience

Improved Services for Research Efficient Infrastructure Services OneSource of the Data 2. Projects Active Projects 2013-14 Student MyCurriculum (on-line course selection) and Personal Timetable Finance and Post Award Research Management OneSource System hosting services Alumni and Events Management Future Projects 2014/15/16 Human Resources and Recruitment Full Student Lifecycle from recruitment to alumni Pre-Award Research Management Accommodation Management Estates Management 3. Progress Finance & Post Award Management

Solution Design sign-off completed Build of the system about to start Go-Live planned for August 2014 Student MyCurriculum & Personal Timetable Solution Design sign-off later in November Development in progress, expected to be complete Jan 2014 Testing and Go-Live in phases between May and Sept 2014 Alumni & Events Initial phased scoping completed 4. Challenges Student Project (MyCurriculum) Build of curriculum rules within the Unit 4 application Development and comprehensive testing of a new application Delivery of a tutorial/lab booking system & student personal timetable Support for students when using MyCurriculum system Finance Project Build and comprehensive testing of the new finance application Integration with a new Marketplace application Design and build of interfaces Training & support for staff Dont forget to check out Professor Bryan MacGregor Come Here. Go Anywhere. Thats the difference

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