NYS CIO Council NYS Forum Corporate Roundtable May

NYS CIO Council NYS Forum Corporate Roundtable May

NYS CIO Council NYS Forum Corporate Roundtable May 28, 2010 NYS CIO Council Leadership Committee Strategic Roadmap Vision for the CIO Council Provides opportunity for CIOs to speak with a single voice Through committees, performs meaningful service to CIO Community to advance the state of the practice Provides for sharing of best practices and lessons learned, informing future work Contributes to development of a collaborative environment, facilitating joint initiatives A Coordinated Effort Goal: Coordinate initiatives with OFT/CIO and the NYS Forum to ensure optimal use of resources Strategic Roadmap Objectives Present committee structure for 2010 Articulate the goals and key work products of each committee Set expectations for what the committees hope to achieve in 2010

2010 CIO Council Committees Committee Engagement Model NYS IT Community CIO Council OFT/CIO Inputs Committee Process Outputs Expanding CIO Community Engagement All Council Members invited to Committees NYSGLITDA Members invited to CIO Council Collaboration Public Facing Website for CIO Council (under construction) www.nyciocouncil.org New Open Forum Discussion Topic on CIO Council Collaboration Space www.nyciocouncil.org Purpose Leadership Committee Facilitate the mission, objectives, organization, procedures, and functions of the New York State

Chief Information Officer Council. Membership 15 members - 3 State CIO Appointees, 2 Designated per Charter: President of NYSLGIDTA, New York City DoITT, and 10 elected by the CIO Council 2010 Activities 2010 Policy/Operational Advice 1.Organize Leadership Committee, elect Chair and Vice Chair. 2.Conduct monthly leadership calls and monthly meetings with CIO/OFT. 3.Standardize Committee structure and charters/Statement of Purpose). 4.Develop Strategic Roadmap to guide all NYS CIO Council Committees. 5.Plan and conduct quarterly CIO Council Meetings. 1.Post Committee recommendations to CIO Council GroupSite for member review. 2.Obtain CIO Council consensus on recommendations/advice. 3.Present recommendations/advice to State CIO. Elected Members David Gardam Adam Gigandet (Vice Chair)

Thomas Herzog Andrew Hoppin Kim McKinney Nancy Mulholland (Chair) Brian Scott William Travis David Walsh Hao Wang 2010 Work Products Local Government Designated - Ed Hemminger, Ellen Stein 1.Strategic Roadmap 2.Council Meetings CIO/OFT Appointed Sharon CatesWilliams, Andres Fortino, Harvey Koeppel Measures of Success 1.Strategic roadmap is adopted by CIO Council. 2.Leadership meetings are conducted monthly and achieve attendance of 50% of members. 3.Council Meetings are conducted quarterly and achieve attendance of 50 members. 4.Committees meet monthly 5.State CIO adopts policy advice/recommendations of the Council.

Stakeholders: NYS CIO/Deputy CIOs, CIO Council Committee Chairs, NYS Agency CIOs, Local governmental CIOs Purpose Workforce Development Promote policies and practices that support a high-skilled IT workforce. Membership Co-chairs David Gardam, Steven Lovelett CIOs, HR directors and executive level IT and HR personnel Marie Allen Carol Bentley Ted Borys Leslie Brennan Thomas Corrado Terri Daly David Dietrich Lenn Ditman Elaine Ehlinger James Francescone Andres Fortino Sandra Gersowitz Adam Gigandet Alan Ilagan Moses Kamya MaryBeth Lindsay Gina Lysyczyn Karen McCarroll Stephanie OConnell Pamela Paulik David Phelan

Cheryl Prochera Marjorie Raymond Joanne Riddett Phil Ruggirello Jill Shadick Frank Slade Steve Spalten Mary Starr Christine Thayer Eileen Wierzbowski Anthony Zumbolo 2010 Activities 1.Work with Civil Service in development of a new G-23 exam to be held in spring 2010. Recruit SMEs for exam and for development of related skills inventory. 2.Work with Civil Service in revamping the G14 and G-18 skill inventory and recommend changes to improve program quality. 3.Develop proposal for a coordinated program with academia to recruit student volunteers and interns into IT positions. 4.Collaborate with GOER and OFT to enhance training of State IT employees. 5.Conduct a review of IT certificates and make recommendations for use in classification standards, skills inventories, etc. 2010 Work Products 1. Successful G-23 exam with related skills inventory. 2. A revamped G-18 skill inventory and improved administrative process for

recruitment. 3. A new statewide program for IT interns. 4. Establishment of more formal educational programs for IT professionals. 5. A ranking of IT certificate significance. 2010 Policy/Operational Advice 1.Advise Civil Service in the development of a dual track career path for IT workers: one based on the traditional promotional model based on supervisory duties and a second, new path, based upon employee technical expertise. 2.Advise OFT/CIO and Civil Service in the development of a skills inventory for existing G-25 and G-27 candidates. 3.Advise OFT/CIO of any issues arising from Consultant Insourcing Initiative. Measures of Success 1. CIO agreement that new G-23 skills assessment more appropriately identifies the right candidate for the job. 2. IT and HR endorsement that the new G-18 hiring program is an improvement. 3. Agencies and colleges successfully use Internship program. 4. Increased use of IT educational opportunities. 5. Specific certifications are identified as meaningful for dual track careers and skills inventories. Framework established for measuring significance of new certificates proposed by IT industry.

Stakeholders: NYS CIO/Deputy CIOs, CIO Council Committee Chairs, NYS Agency CIOs, Local governmental CIOs Purpose Procurement Optimize procurements to ensure the most effective implementation of technology enterprisewide for New York State. Membership Co-chairs Joanne Riddett, David Walsh Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with expertise in procurement statutes, rules and regulations; procurement processes, including RFPs, RFIs; state ATP and ITP processes; and knowledgeable about IT contracting. Kathryn Bohacek Leslie Brennan Carla Chiaro Michael Drake Jerry Gerard Ed Hemminger Moses Kamya Mary McGinty Nancy Mulholland Steve Spalten Robert Vasko 2010 Activities Measures of Success 1.Review ATPs to identify opportunities for aggregate purchasing. 2.Continue to advise OGS on aggregate

purchases. 3.Initiate educational forums conducted as information sharing between agencies on specific topics or presentations. 4.Maintain relationship between FORUM Procurement Committee and CIO Council and coordinate 2010 Prioritiesactivities as appropriate. 1.Priority 1 2.Priority 2 3.Priority 3 2010 Work Products 1.Microsoft education session 2010 Policy/Operational Advice Key Stakeholders 1.Make recommendation to CIO/OFT on the role of this committee with regards to the joint activities initiated as a result of the MOU between CIO/OFT and OGS. 2.Provide operational advice on any procurement related policies. Working with the Enterprise Architecture committee, develop a process, framework and standards for ELAs. Measures of Success 1.CIO Council has the opportunity to collaborate in ELA process. 2.CIO Council has the opportunity to collaborate in development of procurementrelated policies/processes.

Stakeholders: NYS CIO/Deputy CIOs, CIO Council Committee Chairs, NYS Agency CIOs, Local governmental CIOs Purpose Enterprise Architecture Develop and maintain an EA vision, principles, and standards for the NYS Government Enterprise Membership Co-chairs Hao Wang, Adam Gigandet Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Expertise for SMEs: Expertise for SMEs: seasoned technical specialists with expertise in infrastructure architecture, data architecture, application, business processes, security, and other technical disciplines Jack Armitage Robert Vitello Ted Borys Jim Campbell Donna Canestraro Carlos Cardona Daniel Chan Bill Cross Dennis Eccleston Marty Goldblatt Ralph Lake John Norton David Runyon Peg Schumacher Brian Scott

Yun Shieh Victor Stucchi Eric Vogel Scott Stagnitta Art Schloth Joanne Riddett Gerald McGill Debbie Langevin Dave Powalyk 2010 Activities 1.Convene panels of subject matter experts (SMEs) to review solutions and architecture and make timely recommendations to CIO council, OCIO, and affected agencies. 2.Develop/Review proposed technical standards for the enterprise, resulting beneficial standardization, associated cost savings, and increased enterprise agility and efficiency. 3.Formulate a workgroup on Master Data Management (MDM). 4.Identify, foster, and report on a collaborative pilot project that reflects the best practices of enterprise architecture. 2010 Work Products 1.New York State Enterprise Architecture Reference Model 2.EA domain document that reflects the vision and cluster models expressed in the New York State CIO Strategic Plan. 3.EA Expert Registry

4.Best practice whitepaper for MDM and Data and Information Government (DIG) 2010 Policy/Operational Advice 1.Recommendation to OCIO and CIO Council a model for state agencies to adopt Master Data Management Solution. 2.Recommendation to OCIO and CIO Council an approach for data standardization and interoperability. Measures of Success 1.Convene panels of SMEs at least once to review one of the most important architectural issues selected by CIO Council. 2.A white paper on MDM and DIG is developed, circulated, and published. Stakeholders: NYS CIO/Deputy CIOs, CIO Council Committee Chairs, NYS Agency CIOs, Local governmental CIOs Purpose Open Government, Collaboration, and Communication Committee Encourage the NYS government community to collaborate through the exploration of shared initiatives/services, resources and information using inter and intra-governmental networks. Promote the same for the public through open government initiatives and communities. Membership Co-chairs Bill Travis, Kim McKinney and Andrew Hoppin Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Expertise for SMEs: Public information officer specialists with expertise in developing communication plans and identifying opportunities to collaborate. Recognized leaders from government, the private sector, non-profit organizations and academia with expertise in the implementation of social media, data publishing, and open standards for public benefit. Jack Armitage Ken Beam Marguerite Beirne Greg Benson Meghan Cook Steve Cumoletti Al Dannes Stan France Andres Fortino Adam Gigandet Ed Hemminger Nancy Mulholland Dale Nieswiadomy Anne Roest Kevin Schaefer Tom Slater George Stanton Ellen Stein Tony Williams Sylvia Wohlfahrt 2010 Activities

1. Develop and maintain Communication and Collaboration vision, principles, and standards for NYS Government Enterprise. 2. Identify opportunities to collaborate with the Forum; and Promote communication between cluster groups. 2010 2010 Work Work Products Products 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project Dashboard CIO Council GroupSite Inter-cluster Communication Plans Framework for Shared Initiatives Information Repository that includes the framework, current practice research, and other documents that are using in shared initiatives. 6. Internal communications support for Empire 2.0 initiatives within the CIO Council. 2010 Policy/Operational Advice 1. Shared Services Strategy. 2. Support of Empire 2.0 Implementation

Strategy. Measures of Success 1. Establish a baseline for utilization of social media measuring the adoption and expanded use. In one year, initiate the first measurement. 2. Initiate a collaborative project between the NYS Local Government IT Directors Association and the NYS CIO Council to jointly implement the CIO GroupSite as a shared service by the end of 2010. 3. In 2010 and 2011, promote the adoption of Shared Initiatives Strategy and Framework by sponsoring collaborative opportunities. Stakeholders: NYS CIO/Deputy CIOs, CIO Council Committee Chairs, NYS Agency CIOs, Local governmental CIOs Next Steps/Ongoing Efforts Launch Council Website Discussing potential Best Practices/Lessons Learned with Forum PM Committee Conducting monthly meetings with State CIOs office Discussing how Council can best participate in OTA future efforts/projects

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