Welcome to the Year 11 Curriculum Evening Key

Welcome to the Year 11 Curriculum Evening Key Stage 4 2018-2019 Outline GCSE Assessment schedule Exams & Controlled Assessments (CA) Study Tips Monitoring & Tracking Reporting Higher Tier or Foundation Tier at GCSE Revision & Preparation GCSE Assessment Schedule GCSE is assessed by a combination of Examinations, Practical Elements and Controlled Assessment. Currently Y10 students will be sitting a Full GCSE exam in Religious Studies and an IGCSE in English language

GCSE final certification will take place in the Summer of Year 11 In English 20% of the marks available will be allocated to SPaG. Other subjects will have a varying requirement. Exams, Practical Elements & Controlled Assessments Each Exam, Practical Element and Controlled Assessment will require the necessary amount of preparation. Teaching will move on to the next topics in preparation for the next Practical Element or Controlled Assessment Due to the ongoing nature of the GCSE Schedule, there is no slack time! Y11 now have 21 full school weeks left Y10 therefore have approximately 48 full school weeks left Subject Summary for Exams, Practical Elements & Controlled Assessments Art: OCR J171 Portfolio 60% Set Task 40% (10hrs)

Biology: AQA 8461 2 Exams 1hr 45mins each 50% each + 10 Required Practicals Chemistry: AQA 8462 2 Exams 1hr 45mins each 50% each + 8 Required Practicals Computer Studies: Eduqas 601/8291/X 1 Exam 1hr 45mins 62.5% + Online Exam 2hrs 37.5% + Programming Project (20hrs) Design and Technology: AQA 8552 1 Exam 2hrs 50% + Portfolio & Prototype manufacture 50% (30-35hrs) Drama: CAMBRIDGE IGCSE 0411 1 Exam 2hr 30mins 40% + 3 Practical Pieces 60%

Economics: OCR J105 2 Exams 1hr30mins 50% each English Language: CAMBRIDGE IGCE 0500 (Y10) 2 Exams 50% each P1 1hr45mins P2 2hrs AQA 8700 (Y11) 2 Exams 1hr45mins 50% each (SPaG 20%)+ Spoken Language Task English Literature: AQA 8702 2 Exams: P1 1hr45mins 40% P2 2hrs15mins 60% French/Spanish: AQA 8658 4 components 25% each: P1 Listening Exam 35/45mins, P2 Speaking Task, P3 Reading Exam 45/60mins, P4 Writing Exam 1hr/1hr 15mins

Geography: OCR J384 3 Exams: P1 & P2 1hr 45mins 35% each, P3 1hr 30mins 30% + Field Work Study History: AQA 8145 2 Exams 1hr45mins 50% each ICT: Cambridge IGCSE 0417 3 components: P1 Exam 2hrs 40% P2 Practical Test 2hrs30mins 30% 2hrs30mins 30% P3 Practical Task Mathematics: AQA 8300 3 Exams 1hr30mins 33.33% each Further Mathematics:

AQA 8365 2 Exams 50% each 1hr45mins Music: OCR J536 3 components: P1 Portfolio 30% P2 Practical Performance 30% P3 Exam 1hr30mins 40% Physical Education: AQA 8582 3 components: Analysis 40% P1 & P2 Exams 30% each1hr15mins, P3 Practical Performance & Physics: AQA 8463 2 Exams: P1 & P2 1hr 45mins 50% each, + 10 Required Practicals Religious Studies:

Edexcel 1RB0 2 Exams 1hr45mins 50% each Science: AQA 8464 {Trilogy: Biology, Chemistry & Physics 2GCSEs} 6 Exams 1hr15mins 16.7% each + 21 Required Practicals Study Tips PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT ATTEND MATHS HELP SESSIONS: Tuesday to Friday 8:00am to 8:30am; Tuesday 3:30pm to 4:30pm and Thursday 3:30pm to 4:15pm Ask questions as often as necessary Learn the TIMES TABLES

Know the NUMBER BONDS to 20 Seek extra help on trickier topics Attention levels at maximum Concentration levels at maximum: Sleep Nutrition Hydration Exercise General considerations The Homework timetable can be used as a template for organisation In KS4 homework is set with duration of up to 45 minutes per homework. Your son may finish a particular homework within that time frame; that is excellent news as he has clearly understood the task set and has been able to complete the work independently. However, any remaining time (of the 45minutes) can then be used in any of the following ways:

Review previous work in that subject, Make some summary notes on recent topics, Learn key spellings, Learn key facts, Test himself on the facts he thinks he knows, Read through his notes, Read through any set texts,

Re-read any set texts, Do some past paper questions, Organise next weeks independent work, Teach you the recent topic to demonstrate understanding, Make a power point presentation on the topic, Make some summary notes on not so recent topics, ....... Monitoring & Tracking As your son completes Internal Assessments, GCSE Exams or CAs his progress will be monitored by

Mr McGinty Any student causing academic concern will be given the necessary attention to ensure he understands what needs to be done: Best Buddy System Depending on the nature of the concern parents may be contacted Parents are encouraged to register any concern they may have about their sons progress, email: [email protected] Reporting To keep parents appraised of their sons progress through Year 11a full report is produced at Christmas. This report will include the Minimum Expected Grade (MEG). Parents evening takes place during the Spring Term.

A current grade is also included in the full report so that a reality check is made. Mocks will be sat before Easter and an interim report will be produced before Easter to appraise parent of their sons current performance in relation to the imminent GCSEs. Minimum Expected Grades CAT Score to GCSE Grade Distribution in Geography U 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Median (middle person) achieves a 5 in Y11 in Geography: Hence our minimum expectation will be a 5. Higher Tier or Foundation Tier at GCSE Higher Tier allows access to Grades 9 to 4 Foundation Tier allows access to Head of Departments will make a judgement as to which tier your son will be entered for. Evidence from previous performance coupled with current progress is used when making the judgement. We want the best grade possible. Grades 5 to 1 New Grading System in English & Maths

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/grade-descriptors-for-gcses-graded-9-to-1 Revision Purpose: To be prepared in sufficient time to enable students to achieve their full potential Organisation is the key element of an effective Revision Timetable Students need to realise that they are the ones who will benefit from their efforts Revision lists for internal assessments will be distributed a month in advance of the assessment If you fail to plan you plan to fail! De La Salle College

Y11 Assembly #1 GCSE SOME KEY POINTS 17th September 2018 Objectives: Calendar countdown Achieving of your best: Practice makes permanent Retention Energy / Attention / Behaviour EVIDENCE of YOUR BRILLIANCE: IGCSE English in Y1077% passed RS GCSE in Y1081% Passed!! For a comprehensive school that is an outstanding result in Y10!! Calendar Countdown: Y11 Before Half Term: 5 Full School Weeks After Half Term: 6 Full School Weeks

Spring Term: 10 Full School Weeks Summer Term: 1 Full School Weeks Total: 22Full School Weeks Study Leave for Y11: At the discretion of Mr McGinty & Mr Turner Retention Graph: Higher Foundati If youre lucky you may not have a rate of Tier onforgetfulness Tier Thereafter your In this instance youll have a photographic memory. Look what rate of 9 5happens when 100% Your rate of forgetfulness is bespoke toforgetfulness youover

review the 8 takes again you: Look what Thereafter again Look what happens when Your rate of forgetfulness may be very 4stuff Back torate forgetting your rate of forgetfulness takes Thereafter your ofyou Look what

happens when 7 Back to knowing you happens review the stuff slowLook Look what when you review the happens when you review difference it what can itthe again, but not over

forgetfulness takes over review the stuff again Look what happens when you review it all again stuff stuff much Back to forgetting itquite Here, you are learning some stuff, youThe have again

paid to time knowing it all 6Back 3again the stuff frequently isfullas make to your Back to to knowing ititall Back knowing all Hence Back toengaged knowing it the all attention and youve been Back

in tolearning. forgetting it again, you Thereafter of just before your Exams when you your are rate 5forgetfulness grades!! know it all: 16 yearsThereafter but not quiteof as much takes over your rate of most forgetfulness

takes old, you now know 2 Your rateLets of forgetfulness may berate quite consider a normal ofagain forgetfulness: over it, when compared to what youd know Just slow when it 4 Back to forgetting to forgetting it againit again, with Back

no reviews. 1 as much butrapid not quite matters Your most!! rate ofJust forgetfulness may when it matters most!! (3)be Retentio n 0% U U Time Energy / Attention / Behaviour Energy: Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Hydration Attention: Focus, Listening, Contribution Behaviour: Juvenile, Irksome,

Trite, It is not Acceptable for the Theft minority to have a negative impact on the majority and their chances of doing well! Revision Power Point Summary Download from school website: {Click on School Info link, then click on Exams link} Section 1: Retention Section 2: Developing a method Organising yourself Time-table Time-table examples Section 3: Session outline/structure Section 4: Other considerations Some numbers to consider

45 22 Thank you for your attention. Y11 Walkthrough to GCSE success with Heidi McGinty: free access to a private facebook page, if you are interested please email Heidi to find out more : [email protected] Any Questions? If you have any concerns that occur to you later this evening please do not hesitate to contact Mr McGinty. [email protected]

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