The Center for Pathways Advising and Student Success

The Center for Pathways Advising and Student Success

The Center for Pathways Advising and Student Success NOW OPEN! 1st Floor, University Pavilion 556-9000 But, What Exactly Do We Do? So far ~150 in person, email, phone contacts Pathways Advising is:

regarding class Transfer Advising registration, programs and student experience Transition Advising ~75 attendees for Welcome Day Major Change Advising and we arent even Non-Matriculated Advising open! Oversight of Starfish Connect and Early Alert Advisor Training, Professional Development, Online Resources, and Assessment 556-9000

Starfish Connect Connect (Appointment Scheduling) Most advising offices now online Raise your hand feature Check-In Kiosk Success Networks 556-9000

Starfish Early Alert Early Alert (faculty / students / advisors) Raised over 23,000 tracking items 16,023 flags, 7,055 kudos Current numbers Classes Involved Types of Flags/Kudos 556-9000 Advisor Training and Professional Development Advisor Training & Development Advisory Board Learning Outcomes, Advising Syllabus, Program Development, Assessment Upcoming Sessions Webinars, Q&A Sessions, One Stop, Financial Aid, Advising Special Populations Development of Online Orientation Modules Role of Pathways staff Advising Portal 556-9000 Pathways Advising Advising, not admissions

Fostering a consistent transfer/transition friendly ecosystem at UC Help for students who fall in the cracks One Stop Advising Center 556-9000 Many stated they wanted More interaction or a welcome event More information about how credits transfer, before enrolling Having a point of contact to help them make the transition Survey data provided by Dr. Lisa Holstrom; conducted 14SS while in the TLLC 556-9000 Major Changers CPASS or EXPL? All major changers start with us, unless truly openly exploring. Provide an outline of the curriculum (show a What-If report) and talk about the requirements to get in to this college. Pathways advisors will only advise on the first two years of curriculum; further curriculum advising will require consultation. 556-9000 Proposed Programing for Major Changers Monthly or weekly sessions -how to change your

major Partnership with the Center for Exploratory Studies Group advising sessions Review forms and deadlines 556-9000 Transition Students Welcome Day for UCBA and UCC

students (Full day and mini days) Assist with events offered by UCC or UCBA for prospective transitioning students Resource for UCBA/UCC students taking classes in Clifton Act as the landing pad as students make the transition; help them find resources and answer basic questions Transition Advisors housed at Regional Campuses 556-9000 Transfer Students Welcome Day for transfer students (full day and mini days)

Prospective students, referred from One Stop, Admissions, or other departments, with advising questions about credit applicability Helping students input and understand information in Transferology Explain resources at UC, Catalyst, Blackboard, etc. 556-9000 Non-Matriculated Students Primary Advisors; upper-level consults will be made, if needed Navigating campus, Catalyst, registering for classes, finding resources, etc. Proposed events and programs for non-matriculated

students; both in-person and online Blackboard organization Senior Audits 556-9000 Additional Responsibilities Triage add/drop classes, fill out forms (add/drop, grade change, change of college form, etc.) Shuffled students students who have been sent to various office, but are unsure where they need to go Walk-in and Appointments welcome! 556-9000

The welcome day was great! Before the welcome Talking day I only had taken one class at main campus but with I really didn't know the campus that well. But after the welcome day I feel like I know the campus very now and will have no troubles come the first day. Thank you for this program and I hope that it continues for future bearcat students. my college was really nice The opportunity to meet other students who transferred like me, which made making friends so simple since we all already had something in common.

STUDENT TESTIMONIALS I most enjoyed the tour of camps. It I really liked how I wasn't the only helped to see a visual student transferring. I was worried that of the campus in there wouldn't be a lot of students in person and to get a my shoes. feel for where all my classes and parking I felt like this really helped will be.I had questions about parking, tuition me out and made me feel

payment plans, blackboard and some other things and without having to ask them, they were answered by either the staff or by the resource guide. like a Bearcat before I started my Fall semester! We Are: Open House Today! 4:30pm Tomorrow 2pm-5pm (cookies!) 1st Floor, University Pavilion

Transfer Advising Transition Advising (and Major Changers) Non-Matriculated Advising Starfish Advisor Training, Professional Development, Online Resources 556-9000

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