Digital Champions how to succeed Kathy Valdes Digital

Digital Champions how to succeed Kathy Valdes Digital

Digital Champions how to succeed Kathy Valdes Digital Unite Tuesday 16 July 2013 Our credentials One of the UKs main providers of digital skills Has helped over million older people engage with digital technologies through award-winning campaigns and community learning initiatives Over 11 years, worked with hundreds of housing providers Delivered Get Digital for DWP/ DCLG - largest simultaneous delivery of community digital skills learning in

sheltered housing (2010/11) Chair of DWP Age Action Alliance Digital Inclusion Group We believe that helping people to help others and themselves is the only viable, sustainable way to achieve scale and longevity in digital inclusion that digital inclusion is predicated on digital skills Digital by default assisted digital Exemplar services The government has over 600 transactions with the citizen there is an aspiration to deliver these digitally

Assisted Digital What support is needed for people to use digital services Dedicated Government department to guide others Not about getting people online Welfare Reform 80% of benefits applications to be completed online by 2017 Online process can take as long as 45 minutes 76% of claimants would struggle to apply for benefits online Citizens Advice Scotland Now everyones mad for digital skills!

Go ON Booz and Co Report This is for everyone has a commitment to digital skills at its heart. Go ON UK has eight chief executives Age UK, BBC, Big Lottery Fund, E.ON, EE, Lloyds Banking Group, Post Office and TalkTalk. Together, their vision is to make the UK the worlds most digitally skilled nation. Big Lottery (BIG), as part of its commitment to help charity Go ON UK eliminate the digital divide, announced an investment of up to 15 million to build the skills that people and organisations across the UK will need in order to take full advantage of support and services available online. Labour Party, Helen Goodman, Labours culture spokeswoman, criticised the dedication to continue to invest in infrastructure for better broadband in the Queens speech. A Labour government would switch half the money 75m from the super-connected cities programme to a digital inclusion programme. That could help some two million people get online. Parliament, EDM 1193 A call for a debate in the House about the digital

exclusion of the most vulnerable in the pursuit of digital by default 54 signatories to date. The current state of play 7.1 million adults have never used the internet Of those 6.1 million people are aged over 55 years 16 million people lack Basic Online Skills 96% of all jobs now require some kind of computer interface Digital by default (in all

its glory) could be both a carrot and a stick Its a terrific opportunity to show recipients the huge, lifechanging benefits digital technology offers. You just need a plan! The digital skills benefits 20% of residents 91% say being able to use the internet makes us feel more connected

81% of over 55s said being online makes them 9 out of 10 feel part of modern housing staff said society

social interaction between residents improved 82% of over 55s said they save money by buying products and services online

From DU research and evaluation 2011-2012 now look after themselves better and know more about their health 1 in 2 over 55s are now better in touch with friends and

family Why skills matter - empowering people to empower themselves and others Quick Start course: Helping Beginners Get (and Stay) Online After the course I can say, do you realise you can change your computer to suit you?! Its so simple to do and I never gave it any thought until doing this course.

It really made me think about how other people used, or might use, technology. Hot off the Press! Quick Start Collection: Quick Start foundation course with new Quick Start Extras: Helping Beginners with Money, Jobs and Services Online The course format was excellent and gave me lots of confidence and a wealth of ideas to share with people. Digital Champion ITQ What this course did was make me use some features I

had previously avoided (Twitter and Facebook) and gave me the confidence to pass this on to others. Its certainly given me a better understanding of what the internet can be used for, and increased my confidence to help people. 2/12/20 Our Digital Champion Alumni says 100% now feel they are a Digital Champion compared to only 4 out of 10 (40%) who considered themselves

to be prior to their course 8 out of 10 say their course has given them new ideas and techniques 2/12/20 Our Digital Champion Alumni says Over half (55%)

have seen an increase on the number of people they helped prior to the course because they: Can plan and deliver training better (83%) 2/12/20 Have more confidence as

a Digital Champion (83%) Developing Around 300 free online learning guides about digital technology and lively community

Developed based on the way people learn digital skills, how they learn them and what theyre looking for to support that learning. Most popular guides: Beginners help/computer basics 130,000 visitors and growing each month 15 Making our guides widely available 2/12/20 New Model Working

Affinity Sutton and Digital Unite Building digital skills capacity through Digital Champions At the centre Community management moderation and analysis Front end components: Forum Guides Courses Downloads

Grants Courses Learners tracked, tested and supported Certificates on completion Linked to grant applications Champions impact data collected The six key benefits 1. Engages, empowers and involves residents in delivering and

improving digital and financial inclusion 2. Provides a structured online platform from which to manage, track and measure progress centrally 3. Offers personal and professional development opportunities and a sustainable community environment 4. Helps to directly drive usage of the organisations own e-services 5. Marketing and recruitment strategies are provided supported by an incentivised grants framework 6. The core theme of digital inclusion can be used as a tangible way to strengthen internal business relationships company-wide Sample summary report Digital Champion Training 45

40 39 35 30 29 25 Axis Title 27

21 20 15 10 5 0 14 7 11 8 1

1 19-Mar-13. 7 3 09-Apr-13 Number of Quick Start courses started Number of Quick Start courses finished Subtotal of DC courses started Subtotal of DC courses finished Grant applications received

Grant applications disbursed 01-May-13 Digital Champions by location 1.2 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0

Female (blank) Male Impact End learner Capabilities 91% thought it would now be easier to develop more computer skills Impact Subjects Covered

New Digital Champions Network for Housing Builds on the success and investment of the Affinity Sutton Get Connected project Founder Members already signed up representing over a quarter of a million households Collaborative approach by housing on a national project Opportunities for joint working at a local level Affordable training and support for staff residents and volunteers Digital Champion model the ultimate virtuous

circle Residents empowered to help others get online Residents not online and disengaged Residents inspired & supported to

get online Building digital skills and capacity for you, with you Digital literacy campaigns ready made engagement, and fun Learner content and learning community embed them in your site

Digital Champion expertise identify, train, support, nurture. We can give you a customised online platform too. Thank you [email protected] 07866 136310

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