Emergence of Wireless Pole Attachments in Chelan County

Emergence of Wireless Pole Attachments in Chelan County

Emergence of Wireless Pole Attachments in Chelan County Tri-Commission Presentation March 28, 2017 Overview Wireless industry growth What are wireless attachments Implications for local governments in Chelan County Strategic considerations/Next steps Questions

2 Wireless Industry Growth The Internet of Things (IoT) connects cars, homes, wearables, and everyday objects to each other The IoT is growing exponentially Number of connected devices worldwide: 2 Billion in 2006 15 Billion in 2015 50 - 200 Billion projected by 2020

3 Accelerating Demand Expecting in excess of 50% continued year-over-year increase in wireless data consumption Requires increased data capacity Requires improved coverage and density Installing macro cells (large towers) is not always feasible to address increased coverage needs Alternatives to large cellular towers: Small Cells DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

4 Small Cell An umbrella term for operatorcontrolled, low-power radio access nodes, small cells typically have a range of approximately 600 feet Antenna Homes KEY Fiber Optic Cable in

Communications Space 5 Equipment Box Placed on existing utilit y poles, streetlights, and traffi c signals Distributed Antenna System (DAS) A network of antenna nodes connected to a common source

via a transport medium, which provides wireless service within a geographic area 6 Utility Pole Example Streetlight Example 7 What is Happening at the

Local Level State/ Local governments receiving requests from carriers and other companies (like Verizon Wireless) for new tower sites, expansion of existing sites, or pole attachments to support small cell facilities and DAS Localities (or their utilities acting on their behalf) are often unfamiliar with

their rights or duties under evolving federal and state laws In particular, when/how shot clocks apply and when/how applications can be conditioned or denied Local zoning, telecom, franchising, and other rules and procedures where they exist at all were typically written for macro tower siting and need updating to address small cell and DAS facilities Local government moratoriums have become common in order for

localities to better understand these issues 8 We tend to know what we dont want Bulky and noisy antennas and equipment on poles that disrupt community aesthetics and system operability 9 Wireless Siting Goals & Values 1. Ensure cost recovery for use of the public right of way (PROW) 2. Ensure cost recovery for attachments to facilities

3. Facilitate (and encourage) efficient deployment of valuable broadband services for County residents and businesses 4. Maintain local governments obligation to provide reliable services, ensure public & employee safety, and protect public resources 10 Key Technical Issues to Address Small wireless facilities and networks (SWFNs) pose new operational, safety, aesthetic, and other issues Employee Safety Hazards and obstacles on the poles

RF considerations Interference With Utility/City operations and wireless systems Particular concern as Wi-Fi access points are deployed Need for technical standards and code updates Input from carriers, employees 11 Strategic Considerations/Next Steps Ensure local governments are

working in sync Staff collaboration of both pole owners and PROW administrators Prioritize and protect core interests and values Listen carefully to industry and consider workable tradeoffs Continue awareness of developments across the Country and act proactively 12

Questions? 13

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