Educator Preparation: Transforming the Profession Educator Preparation Staff

Educator Preparation: Transforming the Profession Educator Preparation Staff

Educator Preparation: Transforming the Profession Educator Preparation Staff Friday, December 13, 2013 12:00 2:30 Presenters 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. Penney McRoy, Assistant Division Director Cyndy Stephens, Program Director, Educator Workforce Human Resources Acquisition and Development Angie Gant, Program Director, Program Approval Julie Beck, Education Specialist, Race To The Top

Anne Marie Fenton, Program Director, Educator Testing and Title IIA Phyllis Payne, Program Director, Non-Traditional Preparation Topics 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. Introduction and overview School Staffing Data Preparation Program Reforms Educator Testing Reforms Non-traditional Preparation Connecting the Dots

Introduction Penney McRoy Resources Laptop Ed Prep folder PowerPoint Presentation Commission Retreat Graphic Organizer 10 Recommended Policy Actions from Our Responsibility Our Promise (CCSSO Report)

Definitions of Learner Ready Teacher and School Ready Principal edTPA School Flyer edTPA Video Draft Outline of Educator Ethics Modules Resources Folder Contents Commission Retreat Graphic Organizer with a Bingo Card attached 10 Recommended Policy Actions from Our Responsibility Our Promise (CCSSO Report)

Definitions of Learner Ready Teacher and School Ready Principal

Certified Personnel Vacancies by RESA Certified Personnel Vacancies by Field edTPA School Flyer and Overview Draft Outline of Educator Ethics Modules Clayton County Public Schools GaTAPP Data Alignment of Danielsons Framework for Teaching, edTPA Rubrics & TAPS Standards to the InTASC Standards Bingo Materials:

Skittles Bingo Card -- terms and acronyms Process: As you hear a term place a skittle on that spot Yell Bingo! when you fill a row The first four people to yell Bingo will receive a prize Framing Questions Posted on each side wall Use your graphic organizer or other

paper to jot down your responses to these questions as they emerge Theme Improving student achievement through the transformation of educator preparation and entry into the profession Ideals

Ten recommendations of the CCSSO Learner Ready Teachers School Ready Principals These ideals provide us with a roadmap Translating Ideals into Practice Think of Educator Preparation as a continuum beginning with recruitment

continuing into a preparation program moving from a program into induction and continuing throughout a career The Work The work of the GaPSC Educator Prep Programs and other agency efforts represent points along this continuum. Educator Workforce Human Resources Acquisition

and Development Educator Testing and Title IIA Non-traditional Preparation Program Approval School Staffing Data Cyndy Stephens Instructional Capital Planner (ICP) ICP is an educator workforce information and

planning tool for school districts, preparation programs and state education agencies to view: All current core content teachers building, level and teaching assignments, certification, HiQ, attrition risk factor Teacher Supply Pool GS3 Georgia School Staffing Survey (GS3) All school districts are to:

Report complete, true and accurate vacancies by teaching position and field Transmit data to PSC on a semi-annual schedule GS3 collection and reporting is authorized in requirements of HB283, effective July 1, 2013. Vacancy Data: Impact on Students 81 of 183 districts - no vacancies State and charter schools not in Fall 13 count

1,675.79 teacher vacancies statewide Estimated 53,261 students unserved for all or part of school day in 4 content areas/consultant fields Highest Vacancies Top 4: 1. Early Childhood 21,652 students unserved Metro, Chat-Flint and Coastal Plains RESAs 2. Special Education 10,238.2 students unserved

P-12 Special Ed. Content Science, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Social Sciences -- 4,183.8 P-12 General Curriculum, LD, BD, Adaptive, Pre-K -- 6,049 Highest Vacancies 3. Math 13,136 students unserved Grades 6 - 12 -- 9,330 Grades 4 - 6 -- 3,806 4. Science 8,235 students unserved

Grades 6 -12 -- 5,074 Grades 4 8 -- 3,161 Expectations for use of the data Program Reforms Angie Gant CAEP With a partner, answer these questions:

What does this acronym stand for? What two entities united to form CAEP? What is its role in Georgia? How did you do? Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation NCATE and TEAC consolidated CAEPs Role

CAEP advances excellence in educator preparation through evidence-based accreditation that assures quality and supports continuous improvement to strengthen P-12 student learning. Standards 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. NCATE Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

Assessment System Field Experience and Clinical Practice Diversity Faculty Qualifications Unit Governance 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. CAEP Content/Pedagogical Knowledge Clinical Partnerships and Practice Candidate Quality,

Recruitment, and Selectivity Program Impact Continuous Improvement Partnerships Blue Ribbon Panel Report (2010): All teacher preparation programs and districts have to start thinking about

teacher preparation as a responsibility they share, working together. Student Teaching Then and now What is co-teaching? At its best, student teachers and cooperating teachers plan, instruct, and assess students together.

Some of the models Research shows a d n a t S

s d r St an da r

s EM PP s M E PP

ds Testing Reforms Julie Beck and Anne Marie Fenton The Next Step in Transforming Educator Preparation Georgia Wants Beginning teachers

who are ready to teach To accelerate the time it takes for new teachers to become effective To lower the frustration level of our beginning teachers Consequential Fall 2015 Induction Certificate

Teacher Induction Program Accountability Educator Preparation Program Improvement Who am I teaching ?

How will I know if the students understand? What am I teaching ?

How will I teach it? edTPA With retirements growing, Georgia will need new teachers. Teachers ready on

Day 1 to help students in Georgia prepare for the future. Educator Ethics Assessment State Policy Changes 505-3.01 Tiered Certification

Opportunity and Need Eliminating Silos Approaches The Professional Educator Like other professions, with special values, rules, duties, and public responsibilities All of which have to be balanced All of which have to be learned and

practiced Approaches Tone: Peer-to-peer, professional-to-professional NOT lecture, superior-to-underling High attention to engagement Use video scenarios, storytelling Favor shorter modules Asynchronous, well planned sequence of experiences that establish knowledge, elevate

behavior, and encourage ethical actions and decisions Collaborative Development Educator Ethics Advisory Committee Focus Groups Teacher and Leader Module Courseware Development Piloting

Non-traditional Educator Preparation Phyllis Payne Candidate Support Team Model Characteristics: School-based administrator and mentor, Provider Supervisor, Content Specialist Trained in coaching skills and the work Meet three times a year and as needed based on

candidate performance data Strengths On-going individualized support during jobembedded practice Identify critical needs quickly and provide support Enrollment/Retention Data Enrollment: Academic Year 2013-2014

2012-2013 2011-2012 Newly Enrolled Total Enrolled 556* 664 585

1432* 1513 1386 *1/2 year Retention Rates: 84% to 86% 3 years after completion Several EPPs report 96% - 98% retention rates

Frequently GaTAPP candidates are employed in their home communities. Provider Performance Data Clayton County: Completion/Retention Data Standardized Tests: Middle School, ECE CRCT EOCT: Literature and Math Comparison of GaTAPP to veteran and new teachers

CSRA: Incomplete Scoring above state and school level EOCT Biology Teacher: 68 Exceeds, 24 Met, 4 NM Conclusion Penney McRoy Framing Questions Join with one or two other Commissioners Compare your responses

Share Connecting the Dots Our intersecting and overlapping responsibilities Partner agencies and organizations All focused on providing the best teachers for Georgias classrooms GA is well positioned to achieve the ideals set forth in Our Responsibility Our Promise

Any Remaining Questions Contact Us Julie Beck -- [email protected] 404-232-2642 Anne Marie Fenton -- [email protected] 404-232-2654 Angie Gant -- [email protected] 404-232-2655 Penney McRoy -- [email protected] 404-232-2629 Phyllis Payne -- [email protected] 404-232-2554 Cyndy Stephens -- [email protected] 404-232-2645

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