HP Access Control Product Info HP Access Control

HP Access Control Product Info HP Access Control

HP Access Control Product Info HP Access Control Professional Overview TARGET: SMB & Enterprise customers interested in controlling printing costs and implementing advanced security and accounting controls All-in-one bundle of pull printing, job accounting and rights management Manage the Environment Take control of your print environment and increase visibility to information to manage costs Manage print costs with pull printing and rights management Keep print data secure while increasing user convenience and productivity. HP Access Control Professional A complete bundle of pull printing, job accounting and rights management Enable pull printing with encryption Optimize printing workflows Create print rules Authenticate using Mobile Release Authenticate with HP proximity card readers Authenticate

users via PIN/PIC Track and allocate quotas for print use Increase device security Manage printers With HP Access Control Professional, robust authentication and pull printing reduce the risks of unclaimed print jobs, sensitive documents left unattended, and frustrated users. Sophisticated job tracking helps you allocate printing costs and optimize device deployment. Intelligent management software and full reporting options can increase your control and insight into your printing environment. HP Access Control For customer who want to control printing costs and enhancing security. Simplified with bundles & proximity card readers SMB SMB/Enterprise Enterprise New HP Access Control Express Transform Copy All-in-one bundle of pull print, job accounting and reporting

Pull printing with mobile authentication Job accounting (without quotas) Reporting Bundled in a single package per device No options HP Access Control Professional All-in-one bundle of pull printing, job accounting and rights management Same as Express, plus: Job accounting quotas Card authentication Print rules policy Rights management Bundled in a single package per device Proximity card reader optional HP Access Control modular suite A suite of modules for secure pull print, job accounting and rights Functionality as Pro management bundle, plus: Secure pull print

(enterprise) module Sold as individual modules HP Access Control Bundle Comparison HP AC Express HP AC Professional Modular Solutions Authentication Mobile Release PIN & PIC Proximity Reader (CZ208A) Pull Printing Secure Pull Print Express Secure Pull Print

Sold as per User Job Tracking and Reporting Job Tracking Up to 30 Users Up to 30 Users No quota or allocation IPM (Print Rules Policies) IRM (Walk-up Device Rights Policies)

None Available Common card reader Job Accounting User Pack All Modules are sold independently 179 399 Price per module Job Accounting Full Reporting (300+ reports) Policy Other Encryption Add-on Modules Price Per Device HP Access Control Professional Product Features Secure Pull Printing Express Empower mobile users and increase overall print efficiencies Allow users to dynamically print to the network and pull jobs to any solution-enabled HP device. Pull printing virtually eliminates unclaimed documents and increases the efficiency of mobile workers. Secure AuthenticationQuickly authenticate users at the device Protect your network print devices with robust authentication that include PIN,

PIC, Smartcard, and Proximity card with features that integrate with your existing network credentials (i.e., LDAP, Active Directory). Increase document security by requiring user authentication prior to printing, copying, e-mailing or scanning at the device. HP Access Control Professional Product Features Job AccountingAudit and track print and copy use across the enterprise Track the use of devices and supplies across the enterprise. Apply that information to allocate print costs, motivate employees to print smarter, and provide IT with the necessary data to forecast future print fleet use. HP Access Control Professional Product Features Intelligent Print Management Manage print output Create custom printing rules that enforce your enterprises cost-cutting goals, compliance needs and green initiatives. Assign duplex (two-sided) printing as the default to save paper, restrict color printing to only those who need it, and balance device use with automatic job routing. IPM Intelligent Rights Management Manage Device functions Create custom device user controls that enforce your enterprises security needs, cost-cutting goals, and device usage. Assign specific function to individual users or groups that have the specific needs for faxing, copying or scanning. Know that you have the ability to limit unique functions based

on specific user needs at the device. IRM HP Access Control Mobile Release Steps of mobile release User selects specific Print Queue (HP AC) to print to. Can release print job at any HP AC enabled device. 02/03/2020 HP Confidential Mobile release allows a customer to use their Smart device to authenticate, see their print jobs, select and release it. 9 HP Proximity Card Readers New HP Common USB Proximity Card Reader supports all protocols below Supports 2 different types of cards at one time, can support both frequencies at the same time Comes with multiple cables & HIP covers to go in HIP or use as an External reader HP Common USB Proximity Card Reader Supported Protocol/Configurations* Awid Deister UID DESFire CSN

MiFare Ultralight CSN (Philips, NXP) EM/Marin EM 410x Alternate HID Prox HiTag 2 Alternate ISO 15693A CSN my-d CSN (In neon) Indala ASP+ UID (Motorola) Keri NXT UID Keri NXT 26 Bit Cardax UID ISO 14443A CSN I-tag CSN (IBM) DIGITAG GProx-II UID HiTag 1 and S Alternate HiTag 2 Primary (RDR-6H8x Compatible) etag CSN (Secura Key) Tag-It CSN (Texas Instruments) ioProx (Kantech) Pyramid (Farpointe Data) UID Pyramid (Farpointe Data) NXT 26 Bit Nexwatch (Honeywell) CASI-RUSCO (GE Security & UTC) Advant CSN (Legic) MiFare CSN (Philips, NXP) EM/Marin EM 410x (RDR-6E8x Compatible) HID iClass CSN HiTag 1 & S (RDR-6H8x Compatible) Indala ASP 26 Bit I-Code CSN (Philips, NXP) Indala ASP UID (Motorola) Farpointe Data (Pyramid) NXT UID Farpointe Data (Pyramid) NXT 26 Bit Keri UID (RDR-6K8x Compatible)

NexKey, Quadrakey, Radio Key (Secura Key -02) (RDRKeyMate, 2Smart Key 6Z8x Compatible) (Honeywell) ReadyKey PROsupported UID Russwin UID *iClass and Legic by separate Rosslare proximity card readers. Proximity card readers are available in USB or CF SecuraKey -01 connections. HPLASERJET HP LASERJET MFPS HPCOLOR LASERJET HP COLOR LASERJET MFPS HP LASERJET PRINTERS HP COLOR LASERJET PRINTERS P3015 CP3525 M3035 MFP CM3530 MFP P4014

CP4025 M4345 MFP CM4540 MFP P4015 CP4525 M4555 MFP CM6030 MFP P4515 CP5525 M5035 MFP CM6040 MFP HP Access Control HP device compatibility Mobile Release and Job Accounting Supports all printers/MFPs configured to work with server Pin Release from OXPd MFPs Language localization All User Interfaces translated in: Dutch English Finnish French German Hungarian Italian Korean Portuguese (Brazil)

Simplified Chinese Spanish Swedish Traditional Chinese Turkish Polish Japanese Czech Slovak 520 0 CP6015 904 0 905 0 M9040 MFP M9050 MFP Proximity Card Ordering information HP Common USB Proximity Card Reader (CZ208A) HP iClass USB Proximity Card Reader (CE931A) HP Legic USB Proximity Card Reader (CE983A) HP iClass CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD38A) HP Legic CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD39A) HP Common CF Proximity Card Reader (BOD40A)

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