Indiana Economic Development Corporation How to Sell to

Indiana Economic Development Corporation How to Sell to

Indiana Economic Development Corporation How to Sell to NSA Crane: The Basics Reproduction, distribution, or reselling of documentation or PTAC services, is strictly prohibited. 1

Todays Objectives Prepare for Government Contracting How Crane is Organized What Crane Buys How Crane Buys Who to Talk to at Crane 2 Prepare for Government

Contracting 3 Initial Registrations Obtain a D-U-N-S Number through Duns and Bradstreet Research your NAICS at Register with SAM (System for Award Management) Make sure its current if youve already registered!

Complete the SBA Supplement at the end of SAM registration if eligible REMEMBER: Registration for a DUNS number and SAM are free 4 Number 1 Rule Just like in the commercial world, you have to make a name for yourself. Contracts will not fall from the sky onto your lap. The most important key to success at Crane marketing

your business! 5 Develop a Marketing Strategy Have a marketing plan Develop a Capabilities Statement Develop an elevator pitch Define your companys differentiation Put yourself in front of the right people trade shows, renting space at the cafeteria, etc

There is free help available! 6 Marketing Plan Keeps you focused with limited resources Specific to the government Tailor for each audience Networking events (ex: Buy Indiana) Remember your target is overwhelmed with info: keep it simple!

7 Differentiation Remember: Crane has probably been buying what youre selling for years from someone elseso why change to you?! Things to consider: Local seller Responsive/each to reach management Price (may be least attractive differentiator for you!) Turnaround times

Best ______ in the industry 8 Capabilities Statement Try to keep it to 1 page Make it look nice both on paper and electronically Templates/examples available through PTAC or via search 9

Elevator Pitch Prep 2: one at 30 seconds, one at 2 minutes Practice makes perfect; PTAC is glad to help Focus on capabilities and differentiators; add in company successes and certifications Always: Include your name, ask for card/contact, request follow-up Never lead with certification: We are a vet owned biz 10

Financial Systems Capability to handle contracts must be in place before submitting proposal! Know how to account correctly and get correct outputs 11 Proposal File Be prepared with info needed for

proposals. Dont scramble! Put all info into one file for easy access 12 iRAPT Formerly Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Used to Submit Invoices and Vouchers, Receive Reports Training is available through iRAPT itself

13 13 How Crane is Organized 14 Three Major Distinct System Commands

NAVSEA NAVFAC Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) Note: NSA Crane is the installation. These are its tenants. 15 NAVSEA Primary objective: engineer, build and support the U.S. Navy's fleet of ships and

its combat systems Majority of non-facilities contracts 16 NAVFAC Primary objective: builds and maintains sustainable facilities and delivers utilities Primary contract location for construction, facilities, etc

17 Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) Objective at Crane: store, ship, produce, renovate, and demilitarize conventional ammunition, missiles, and related components Contracting handled through Army Contracting Command - Rock Island 18

What Crane Buys 19 Is Crane Buying What Im Selling? Crane buys everything you can imagine and some things you cant Check with all three major commands Study past buys and check forecasts

20 The Top Buys Top Ten NAICS at NAVSEA since FY15: Note: Engineering Services go through Seaport-e. The others do not. 21 The Top Buys Top Ten NAICS at NAVFAC Midwest: 236220: Commercial & Industrial Building Construction

561210: Facilities Support Services 236210: Industrial Building Construction 541330: Engineering Services 562910: Remediation Services 238160: Roofing Contractors 561720: Janitorial Services 238220: Plumbing and HVAC Contractors 237990: Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction 238290: Landscaping Services 22

The Top Buys Top Ten NAICS at Rock Island CC (Incl. CAAA): 332993: Ammunition Mfg (except small arms) 325930: Explosives Mfg. 561210: Facilities Support Services 236220: Commercial & Industrial Building Construction 423860: Transportation Equipment & Supplies 562910: Remediation Services 325998: Misc. Chemical Products & Prep Mfg. 541990: Other Professional, Scientific, & Technical Srvcs. 424690: Other Chemical & Allied Products merchant wholesalers

238290: Other Building Equipment Contractors 23 How Crane Buys 24 Market Research How Crane Finds You Often done by end user and not contracting officer

SAM and Dynamic Small Business Search ( Crane Yellow Pages Word of mouth among buyers PTAC 25 Small Business Set Asides Contracts can be set aside for small

businesses and other socio-economic groups Respond to those RFIs and sources sought! 26 The Commands All three commands have different buyers and different rules

Todays focus is on NAVSEA but most applies to the others 27 Where to Find the Opportunities Under $25k: Not Usually Advertised! Market, market, market! Over $25k: FedBizOpps with some exceptions Seaport-e and other Multiple Award Contracts (MAC)

GSA Schedules 28 FedBizOpps ( Portal for listing most competitive contracts (Over $25k) Not listed: GSA, Seaport-e, special security, under $25k awards 29

Bid Matching Service Sign up for Indiana PTACs FREE BidMatch Service. Search procurement data bases.

Tailor the output with keyword word searches. Delivered directly to your email. 30 Seaport-e: What Is It? Navy's electronic platform for acquiring

services in 22 functional service areas Awards umbrella contracts against which task orders are issued 5 year base plus up to two 5 year options 31 How To Get On Seaport-e Rolling admissions generally once per year Admissions window is one month be prepared!

Solicitation posted by NSWC Dahlgren Can be added as sub under existing prime 32 Seaport-e: How Its Used by Crane Used for almost all services. If you want to sell technical services to Crane, you need to be on Seaport-e Task orders for services issued through portal Service tasks competed among Seaport-e holders.

These arent advertised and wont show up on Bid Match. 33 Multiple Award Contracts (MAC) Usually IDIQ for five years (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity)

Seaport-e Used is a IDIQ, MAC contract by all commands, heavily by NAVFAC Allows tasks to be competed only among MAC holders

Reviewed annually to determine if holders are bidding on tasks 34 GSA Schedules At Crane Crane has been increasing their usage of GSA schedules. If you have buyers asking you if you have one start

looking into it. PTAC can help! 35 Who To Talk to At Crane 36 Starting Point First - talk to the small business specialist at each command

Email first may be able to help you without requiring a meeting Have marketing info ready on demand 37 Small Business Contacts NAVSEA: Matt Burkett Phone: (812) 854-1542 Email: [email protected] NAVFAC: Debbie Dills

Phone: (812) 854-3234 Email: [email protected] CAAA: Small Business Office (non-specific) Phone: 309-782-7302 Email: [email protected] 38 Persistence Buyers will probably not meet with you directly

Communication is key; respond quickly, and how person wants to talk to you (ie. Email) Buyers may not respond right away; Follow Up! 39 When You Get Stuck Sometimes your referral will not contact you back at all Contact the commands Small Business Specialist and/or PTAC counselor for help

40 Prime Contractors Most major primes have locations nearby Many primes also have small business specialists Conduct market research to find best targets PTAC can provide lists of contacts PTAC has access to most MAC holder lists (PTAC can help!)

41 Prime Contractors MAC Holders Many services are performed through MAC tasks Know what services are through MACs and what companies hold them Most MAC holders have subcontracting opportunities 42

Conclusion 43 Steps to Success in Selling to NSA Crane Do your homework! Understand Seaport-e if you are service contractor Know your market: MAC holders and other primes, buyers at target commands (PTAC can help research!) Dont give up!

Never stop marketing or making contacts; Communication is key! 44 Acting PTAC State Director Vicki Hollanders One North Capital Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-695-7261

Northeast PTAC Gil Perry 4312 Hobson Road Fort Wayne, IN 46815 260-481-0491 Northwest PTAC Diane Hunter 9800 Connecticut

Dr. Crown Point, IN 46307 219-644-3516 South Central PTAC Kevin Easton 101 W. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN

47404 812-340-4342 Central PTAC Nate Lofton 111 Monument Circle Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-464-2265 Southwest PTAC Jim Haddan

318 Main Street Evansville, IN 47708 812-340-5174 812-492-4320 SBIR/STTR Program Specialist Dr. Lisa Hoverman 1201 West State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057 765-427-8980 45

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