EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Start of work in 1929

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Start of work in 1929

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Start of work in 1929 (and completed in 1931) The Empire State building was built in 1930.

Safety wont be invented until much later. Check size of those impact wrenches with no ear protection?

Fall protection? What are you, some kind of sissy? Move it, move it, this building wont build itself!

Move back a little and that should teeter this beam up in place. Just a jump to the left and Ill be safely on those loose scaffold boards.

Lunch Time What a great time to just unwind and relieve stress,

with no worries??? Why didnt I walk on the inside? Note: Check out the top of the Chrysler

building way down there to the right. If this spanner wrench slips and hits me on the noseI wonder if I will

bleed before I hit the sidewalk? Note: A great view of

New York City in 1930, with Central Park at the very top center.

Please note the scaffold board the guy on the right is supported on. I have no idea what this guy is doing but sure would be glad

that was not my job. Safety work seats and project elevators of the 1930s.

Check the tricked out low profile tires on the dragster truck, 1930 model. This was back in an era when workers built real big things,

from the Empire State Building to the Hoover Dam, using the power of their back, muscles and sweat.

Arent you glad those times have changed? These photos were taken by

Lewis Wickes Hine

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