60 Years of Counseling Psychology at the University

60 Years of Counseling Psychology at the University

60 Years of Counseling Psychology at the University of Kansas Barb Thomas Thanks to Barbara Thomas, whose publication From Vocational Guidance to Counseling and Psychological Services was referenced

heavily. 1920: Division of Vocations 1920-21 Catalog included the recently organized Division of Vocations, comprised of the offices of the Mens Student Advisor, Womens Student Advisor Developed to help students with their choice of life work, selection of suitable courses of study, information about opportunities after the University,

and recommendation for employment. Vocational Education & Educational Guidance The KU School of Education was formally established in 1909, and the catalog for the 1910 school year included for the first time a course called Vocational Education. 1927: First courses in Educational Guidance added

Vocational Guidance Bureau 1943: The U.S. War Manpower Commission authorizes the formation of a Vocational Guidance Bureau at KU. Created in 1944, original goal: assisting returning World War II veterans Official purpose broader: providing testing and counseling to help all students know which vocations would fit best with their aptitudes and

interests. Austin H. Turney Guidance Bureau organized under the direction of Dr. Austin Turney, professor of education. Born on a homestead near Great Band, Kansas, came to KU in 1928 from the University of Minnesota

1942 Ed Psych and Guidance 1942: KU catalog lists Educational Psychology and Guidance as one of five graduate fields of study in education. Courses in the area were offered by faculty including Turney and Dr. Bert Nash, a leader in the Kansas mental health field. Graduate Degree in

Guidance Education 1944: KU rejected a proposal for an undergraduate program in guidance education. A revised proposal which included a graduate degree was approved in 1946, offered in connection with the Bureau. First Counseling Ph.D. Ruth Schillinger Schillingers doctorate was the first

granted in counseling at KU. Annex Buildings North of Strong Hall 1950s Personnel Additions In 1950, Turney retired as director of the Bureau, and Gordon Collister was hired as an assistant professor and director of the Bureau. In 1952, Dick Rundquist and Jewel Coffelt

(Ireland) were hired by the Bureau. Rundquist, Leonard, Collister, Cottle, Kron, 1956 Bailey Hall 1950: School of Education moved into the renovated and air-conditioned Bailey Hall. Testing service was set up in the basement area known as the pit, which had a penchant

for flooding. Bailey Hall, Late 1940s 1950s Counseling Programs 1955: programs in counseling psychology and rehabilitation counseling listed The counseling psychology program leading to a Ph.D. was administered by a joint committee from the Department of

Psychology and the Department of Education. APA Accreditation 1954: Unsuccessful first site visit by APA 1957: Counseling Psychology program fully accredited, one of the first 5 in the country. Accreditation Lost and Regained

1969: KU failed to comply with required annual reports and lost accreditation 1971: KU regains accreditation, the year APA uses as our original accreditation date. 1972: Department of Counseling 1972: School of Education was formally organized into departments including the Department of Counseling

University Counseling Center The Guidance Bureau was renamed the University Counseling Center with Gordon Collister as its director and Dick Rundquist as department chair. All of the UCC personnel were also faculty and the Department. 1970s Faculty Additions Diane McDermott

Sherry Borgers Jim Lichtenberg Gary Price Jim ONeill Dick Nelson TK Circa 1982 Circa 1986: Krieshok, Price, Wiggington, Nelson, Thomas, Heck, Borgers, Steward, McNeill, Pelsma,

Oehlert, McDermott, Lichtenberg, 1984 Changes 1984: Department of Counseling became the Department of Counseling Psychology, and the interdepartmental program became fully housed there. Elimination of Ed.D in Counseling, Ph.D. in Counseling, and Ed.S. in Counseling, leaving just the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and the M.S.

in Counseling, later to become the M.S. in Counseling Psychology that we have today. 1980sFaculty Comings and goings Joan Cesari 1982-1985 Marie Sheffe 1982-1983 Dennis Pelsma 1983-1989 Brian McNeil 1985-1990 Robbie Steward 1986-1991

Masters Registry and Licensure Early 1980s: Kansas developed a registry for masters level counselors Licensure of counselors became law in 1987 1991: The Birth of CAPS Counseling and Psychological Services was born when the UCC and the Student Mental Health

Center merged. Eventually moved into the Student Health Center, where it exists today. Dick Nelson and Art Thomas moved fulltime to CAPS The Move to JRP In 2000, the School of Education moved from Bailey Hall to the newly renovated Joseph R. Pearson Hall.

JRP-era Retirements Ed Heck Sherry Borgers Gary Price Diane McDermott Jim Lichtenberg JRP-era Faculty Comings and goings

Shane Lopez Kristen Koettering (KK) OBryne Patty Bartell Karen Multon JRP-era Faculty Additions & Current Lineup Tom Krieshok (1982, before the move to JRP) Tammy Mikinski 2001 Barb Kerr 2005

Kristen Hensley 2008 Changming Duan 2011 Heather Rasmussen 2014 Brian Cole 2015 Most Recent Developments 2015: PhD program fully accredited by APA until 2021 2017: MS program fully accredited by MPCAC until 2027

2017: Your first enrollment in the KU program 2017 Entering Class Victoria Philippon M.S. Cole

Joseph Hams M.S. Duan Houda

Nizam M.S. Duan Kjersti Olsen

M.S. Hensley Alix Orrick M.S.

Hensley Daria Sorokina M.S. Hensley

Desiree Hanson M.S. Kerr Piper

McCain M.S. Kerr Katie Bates

M.S. Mikinski Callie Largent M.S.

Mikinski Troy Fox Kelsey Moffitt

Bahaur Amini Sarah Hancock Ryan

Willard Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Cole

Cole Duan Kerr Kerr

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