Nov / Dec 2016 - Warrington Welcome to

Nov / Dec 2016 - Warrington Welcome to

Nov / Dec 2016 - Warrington Welcome to our Nov/ Dec newsletter. This is a busy time of year with lots of creative activities on the go. We have had staff changes recently and have moved staff around to support in these rooms. A new member of staff has been taken on and Becky has returned from maternity leave to continue to lead in the kitchen. Katie has moved to the Pre School room but will support in the kitchen on days needed. Tawny has also come back off maternity leave and returned to her role in the Tots room as Unit Leader with Jane in this role too. Babies will be exploring sensory play and creative messy activities. The babies have been looking for signs of Autumn and have used conkers for mark making. We are collecting plastic bottles to make Halloween edible potions with the babies. If you would like to join in please donate as many bottles as you can to help with this fun project. Many thanks. Tots room would like any recipe books and childrens magazines to enhance the reading area. Family photos still needed for the family board. Can we have new juice cups for our Tots children as we are working on self help skills and independence. Tots are busy learning Christmas songs for their sing along in December time. Our Sensory area and Math's area is currently being updated. A little reminder from Tots staff if you are going to be absent from nursery please contact the nursery by phone or email. Thank you Toddlers have been discussing feelings and have made an area all about feelings. The children are encouraged to share how they feel and to understand how to express them effectively. Talk time is an ongoing activity and requires more

objects and special toys coming into support the childrens language skills. Family tubes if you have not brought in your collection of photos of your family on a tube you can still do this Pre School have introduced song of the week as an approach to support language skills. We have incorporated Friday 18th November - Children in Need, look out for signs nearer the time to see this years theme and fundraising events 26.11.16 Christmas Fayre at Orford Jubliee, KP will be there, come and join us Thursday 1st December Christmas Fair, this will be in the evening time at Kids Planet 7-9pm. Fri 9.12.16 Christmas Party time at nursery Tuesday 13th December - Christmas Jumper Day Each room will be hosting a special Christmas sing along at the nursery. We hope to see you there and join in the festive cheer. Babies and Tots room - Thursday 8.12.16 2pm, Toddler room sing along will be on Tuesday 13.12.16 2pm and Pre Schools sing along Friday 16.12.16 2pm. We will display a sign on the doors to remind you of these again and the times of each performance. 16.12.16 Last day of term for Christmas break. Children who attend through school sessions will return after a 2 week break. HAPPY CHRISTMAS Ho, Ho. Ho!!! Baby Moves Fran and Amanda lead the session with the Babies and Tots children weekly. This is 3.00 per session, 18.00 for a block. Than Sports session Scott from Little Superstars comes in on a Thursday afternoon for 45 minutes. This is for Pre School children and is 2.50 per week. Dance Class Laura comes in on a Monday morning for an hour to do dancing with Toddlers and Pre School This is 1 a week. Staff have attended courses and training days, which we feedback information to everyone at staff and room meetings to develop as a whole with new skills or initiatives. Staff prepare handouts and practical activities to learn from and incorporate in our outstanding practice. Tawny has returned from maternity leave and is back in her role as Tots Unit Leader with Jane also as Unit Leader in the Tots room. We are happy to have her back with us again. Best wishes. Laura will be returning to Kids Planet as a Senior in the Pre School room. She has decided to return and we welcome her back. We welcome Becky Hegarty back who has been on maternity leave. Her first day back in the kitchen will be Tuesday 1.11.16 good luck wishes in returning to her role and a massive thank you to Katie Mellow who has stepped into cover Beckys leave. The staff and children say big thanks Pre School have lots of fun learning new Sports activities weekly with Sports class Happy Birthday to all of our children who have celebrated their birthdays recently

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