Tom Cole Chief Engineer, Idaho Transportation Department October

Tom Cole Chief Engineer, Idaho Transportation Department October

Tom Cole Chief Engineer, Idaho Transportation Department October 18, 2013 AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways SHRP2 On the Move Overview of Current SHRP2 Status and Plan FHWA/AASHTO Implementation Assistance Program Summary of Safety Strategy Safety Resolution 01/30/2020

2 SHRP2 in Action 108 projects underway in 34 states with more to start following todays announcement of Round 2 incentives Photos from Projects ongoing in California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania 01/30/2020 3

Prioritizing States Needs AASHTOs role is focused on identifying which products meet the states practical needs We are relying on members and committees to define how implementation can be successful FHWA is our partner in this effort. 4 Revised SHRP2 Implementation Plan 2012 - 2015 Original plan updated to reflect new funding provided by federal legislation and state contributions

New plan includes 66 high priority products Products by year: 2012 = 7 new products 2013 = 11 new products 2014 = 14 new products 2015 = 14 new products 2014 will include the implementation of Safety Strategies Starts dates represent the year implementation planning begins. 01/30/2020 5 2013: Advancing More Solutions AASHTO and FHWA internal implementation activities FHWA focus area coordinators FHWA product technical leads AASHTO also aligning staff resources

Consultant technical specialists to assist DOTs Additional Implementation Planning Workshops - Six since January - Four more planned through December Two rounds of Implementation Assistance on 9 products AASHTO Meetings and conferences Go to Sundays Session! 2014: Full Steam Ahead Rounds 3 and 4 of FHWA/AASHTO Implementation Assistance in January and June 2014 14 new products Continued technical and financial assistance for Rounds 1 and 2 throughout the year Implementation Planning Workshops planned for several more SHRP2 Solutions Tentative Schedule for Round 3 Product webinars: December 2013 Round 3 Applications Begin: January 17, 2014

Round 3 Applications Close: February 14, 2014 Announcement of Selections: Late March 2014 01/30/2020 7 Safety Implementation Total Implementation Budget: $169M Includes 4% takedown of SP&R funding as voted by states in 2012. 2012 3-year Plan: $10M as a placeholder for safety 2013 Survey on safety data

Speed Driver distraction Aggressive driving Driver behavior Lane departure Intersection Safety Focus Area Team developed and engaged Strategy designed to complement TRBs work 8 Near-Term Strategy Begin to capitalize on the available data to pursue safety research that represents State DOT priorities. Intent is to: Create an accelerated path to implementation that helps drives down crash numbers Integrate the use of NDS research into future AASHTO committee

activities and considerations Demonstrate full spectrum of implementation process - concept to countermeasure Utilize $5.8M of implementation funds This activity will not delay the overall completion of the NDS database Recommended by the AASHTO ITF, later endorsed by the TRB Implementation Advisory Committee (FACA) 9 Industry. Researchers NHTSA AASHTO

GHSA FHWA Safety Study Projects Standards, policies, updates etc. The Safety strategy teams multiple partners to scope research that could serve multiple ends and uses Research leads to the creation of new countermeasures

The Path Forward AASHTO Safety Task Force Scope Data Safety Task Force groups together under SCOHTS to identify viable research topics pertinent to current roadway safety concerns. The teams prioritize and identify the desired research topics with the clear intent to seek implementable results. The team, with the help of NDS database experts, scope the construct of the reduced data sets to ensure they are

as useful as possible for current and future research. 11 The Path Forward, Contd. Researchers (and/or states partnered with researchers) are selected and conduct the research. Possible FHWA Implementation Assistance Research opportunity, utilizing a portion of the available funding. Share Research findings are reported to the planning teams, AASHTO committees, FHWA, the Governors Highway Safety Association, NHTSA, private sector partners and others. Apply The planning teams scope additional tasks for the appropriate engineering

firms or research organizations to convert the research findings into actionable changes. Act AASHTO committees and others can consider whether to adopt the recommended changes to standards, manuals, policies or practices. 12 Best Estimates on Costs Based on average S08 pilot costs, the costs to implement would be approximately as shown Presently $5.8 M available for Safety in SHRP2 implementation plan

Implementation Estimate Produce data set $350,000 Analyze data set $650,000 Produce new standard, strategy $400,000 Manage total process $300,000

Total estimate $1,700,000 Could potentially fund 3 to 4 research projects, depending on scale/scope 13 Next Steps Approve Formation of Safety Task Force Create a joint task force under SCOHTS Approved by SCOHTS Seeking approval by SCOH and AASHTO Board of Directors (AASHTO Annual Meeting) Members from: SHRP2 Safety Focus AreaTeam Geometric Design Roadside Safety Traffic Engineering

GHSA 14 Safety Task Force The Charge Advise AASHTO and FHWA Identify, prioritize, scope, and oversee research Lead efforts to convert research findings into safety countermeasures to further reduce highway crashes The Objectives Lead coordination among AASHTO Committees Support pilot studies that demonstrate the potential of the NDS Accelerate research findings into actionable strategies and countermeasures 15 SHRP2 on the Web goSHRP2 website Product details Information about SHRP2 implementation phase SHRP2 @TRB Information about research phase SHRP2 @AASHTO Implementation information for AASHTO members 16 Questions? Pam Hutton

AASHTO SHRP2 Implementation Manager 303-263-1212; [email protected] For more SHRP2 information: 17

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