Maximize the Business Value Enabled by IT Randy

Maximize the Business Value Enabled by IT Randy

Maximize the Business Value Enabled by IT Randy Ramusack IT Account Manager United Kingdom Microsoft Corporation Where We Were (1999) No scorecard Non-enforced standards No global consistency Redundant infrastructure and functions Custom patching scripts No central backups Technology focus, not service oriented Strategy To Change

Be Microsofts first and best customer Enable world-class and predictable customer, client, and partner experience Protect Microsofts physical and digital assets Make IT a strategic asset Where We Are Today (2005) IT Scorecard Enforced standards Regional IT Account Management and policies Windows & Centralized IT Client Mgmt Comm &

Storage Messaging Network Windows Client Collab Windows Exchange Windows operations SMS SharePoint Server Office Networking Windows CE Office System AD System ISA Proxy Office System LCS Virtual Server Account Managers are the Face of Ops Center (Monitoring, Tier 1 and Tier 2) MOM and MOF IT in regions Service Catalog Security and Infrastructure Architecture Service Managers Higher builder spend, lower sustainer spend

Client Satisfaction from 106 to 134 Microsoft IT Environment 300,000+ network devices 221,960 running SMS agent 6,000 servers 172 wireless subnets 90,000 mailboxes Stockholm DublinBenelux Chicago Thames Valley Park Munich Canyon Park, Les Ulis Milan Redmond Madrid Silicon Valley Charlotte Las Colinas Dubai Single Instance SAP (1.7TB Db) Chofu & Otemachi

400+ supported Microsoft sites worldwide 400 primary LOB Singapore applications 26 million voice calls per Sao Paulo month Sydney Johannesburg 7M Remote Connections / Month 3M+ e-mail messages per day 55,000 employees 99.99% Availability New Technologies Windows XP SP2 Windows Server 2003

Office 2003 SP1 Exchange Server 2003 Rights Management Services Windows SharePoint Services SMS 2003 SP1 MOM 2005 BizTalk Server 2004 Balancing Tensions Cost Constraints IT Value IT Enterprise New Technologies Security Threats

IT Adding Business Value Strategic (40%) High Potential (15%) Integrated Innovation Model Enterprise Model Enterprise II Thought Leadership IT Evangelism Client Value Line Core Operational (35%) Running the IT Utility Helpdesk Project Management IT Value Line Dogfooding Support or Other (10%) Non IT Activity Business Unit IT Model H&E

OEM MSN Services Sales IT IT Server & Tools XIT Solid to CIO Dotted to CIO MBS OPS IT Business Segments Sales and Marketing IT Admin

IT Services Operations Sales and Marketing Finance, HR, LCA Corporate groups MBS IT Server & Tools IT H&E IT OEM IT MSN IT Enterprise Apps Planning, Architecture, and Governance IT Infrastructure Information Security & Privacy

Microsoft IT Spend Breakdown Functional View Applications FY05 Breakdown 60% App Development (29%) App Support (31%) Infrastructure 40% Cost Element View People Data & Voice Hardware Facilities Software Network (14%) Data Center (7%) Employee Services (5%) Voice (5%) Helpdesk (5%)

Security (3%) Employee Services = monitoring/Tier 2 (2%), messaging (1%), software deployment (1%), collaboration (0.5%), data protection (0.5%) 70% 15% 5% 5% 5% IT Budget Process Move the Decision to the Budget Owner Push and Pull 1. 2. Non discretionary PUSH Discretionary PULL ** Regional Cost Pools 3.

Data Centre costs Network costs Helpdesk costs Regional Allocation 4. Blended rate Headcount tax per user ** Need to ensure appropriate Model spend for overall TCO efficacy Value Realization Process Managing the Value Proposition of the IT Application Portfolio Common measures and processes We only invest in something when we know its value Common benefit factors, definitions, calculations Spans entire IT lifecycle (planning, execution, deployment and maintenance) Accountability for spend VRP verification We only invest in what the business is willing to stand up and be held accountable for Spend tied to commitments from business $ value audited by finance

Business held accountable for commitment Alignment of portfolio to business strategy VRP rationalization We only invest when we can tie the value to Microsofts business strategies Rational decision making Project ranking mechanism Process: Microsoft Operations Framework Change Management Configuration Management Service Level Management Release Management Capacity Management Availability Management Financial Management MOF Incident Management Problem Management Service Monitoring and Control

Service Desk System Administration Security Administration Network Administration IT Offered Service Levels Service Level Customer Role Microsoft IT Role One Two LAN Services HW Support Data Back-up/ Archive Asset Management Monitoring Infra. Core Tech. Ops OS, IIS, SQL Platform Content Application Support

All Monitoring Content Application Support Application Monitoring Facilities Mgmt Power & Coding WAN Services Best Effort Support Reactive Facilities Mgmt WAN Services LAN Services Best Effort Support Reactive HW Support Data Back-up/ Archive Facilities Mgmt WAN & LAN Svcs Full Svc Support HW Support Data Back-up/ Archive Asset Management Core Tech. Ops

Hosted Servers: 10,217 Managed 1,048 / 285* Managed 3,267 / 663* 3,702 / 1,253* * MSN servers Note: All data shown is representative of actual data at time of publish. Data is specific to the Microsoft environment and should not Deploying Software Use SMS for enterprise deployment highly automated Distribute testing of LOB applications Use one intranet site as upgrade clearinghouse Strong use of remote assistance at Helpdesk Help employees understand VALUE they get

Software deployment service manager Consolidation Infrastructure server consolidation 51% reduction in Exchange servers Reduced from 74 to 7 sites with Exchange servers 30% reduction in global infrastructure servers 2 print servers in Redmond (650 queues) Key enabler Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003, Office System 2003 Data center consolidation Eliminated 5 data centers Remote management Windows Terminal Services Event monitoring and dispatch

Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Consolidation Benefits Financial FY04 cost savings Wave contributes to: Server Consolidation: $5M Data Center Consolidation: $4.5M Internet Connected Offices: $2M $100M savings over 3 years, raise SLAs and client sat 200:1 server to site services person ratio in Puget Sound Service Levels

Messaging availability = 99.99% Proactive IT service requests = 87% User domain controller availability = 100% Security Critical security patches deployed to 7,300 production servers in 48 hrs Clear and enforced security standards and policies Security Strategies Mitigate risk to the infrastructure through implementation of four key security strategies 1. Secure the Network Perimeter Secure Wireless Smart Cards for RAS Secure Remote User Messaging Firewall 3. Secure Key Assets

2. Secure the Network Interior Eliminate Weak Passwords Acct Segregation Patch Management Network Segmentation Smart Cards for Admin Access Secure Source Code Assets Lab Security Audit 4. Enhance Monitoring and Auditing

Secure Environmental Remediation Automate Vulnerability Scans Forced Patching Port Shutdown Connecting Systems Value from IT Employee Places Order MSMarket Supplier Submits Invoice MSInvoice Invoice loaded into SAP as parked (blocked) document Order loaded into SAP as PO SAP/R3 Order travels to supplier BizTalk

Delivery Schedule Communicated Approval removes payment block E-mail to user for approval 6 IT People Support My Site 33,000 sites > 150,000 sites Document Workspace Team Sites Meeting Workspace Tablet PC 24,000 users

Pocket PC 11,500 users SmartPhone 9,000 users Remote Desktop RPC over HTTP 22,000 monthly users OWA 54,000 monthly users Live Communications Server 26,600 active users/month All campus calls Integrated Communications Enhance d 9,800 unique users Telepho ny Unified

Messagin 1.6M g messages/month IT As A Business Value Driver Get the basics right Take down sustainer spend Connected architecture Business leadership For More Information Additional content about Microsoft IT deployments and best practices can be

found on Microsoft TechNet Microsoft Case Study Resources E-mail IT Showcase [email protected] This document is provided for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT. 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft, Active Directory, Visio, Windows, Windows Server, and Xbox are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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