How to develop a Competency Based Education Program

How to develop a Competency Based Education Program

How to develop a Competency Based Education Program America cannot lead in the 21st century unless we have the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world. President Obama Presented by: Karina Kogan & Lisa LaVigna League of Innovations, 2016 Excelsior College

Founded in 1971 Oldest Distance Learning College in USA Private, Not-for-Profit Regionally Accredited by Middle States Programs in Business, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Public Service and Technology What you know is more important than how or where you learned it

Agenda Why CBE Defining CBE World Peace (Colleges & Industry working together) Examples Lessons Learned Questions?? Why CBE? Why now? Quiz Time: What % of business leaders think that college grads have the skills and competencies needed for success on the job?

What percentage of college chief academic officers think that their institutions prepare students for the workforce? THE PERFECT STORM TUITION DEMAND FOR HIGHLY SKILLED WORKERS COLLEGE COMPLETION

VALUE OF A DEGREE??? What is Competency-Based Education? Competency-based education is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials that help them in their lives and careers. Students in these programs show what they know and how well they know it through multiple ways of evaluating learning. This is another choice for learning offered at many institutions, through a variety of programs, with full support to

help students when needed. CBE Value Proposition Area of Concern Student Learning Opportunity with CBE Transparent about and focused on learning outcomes Measure learning not seat time External stakeholders ensure competencies are meaningful to job market An intense focus on application and demonstration

Changing Demographics Flexible and personalized pathways catered to needs of student Build on their knowledge and skills Learn at their own pace Designed with employment in mind Cost and Access Recognition that learning can and does occur outside of the classroom Get credit for what they know Different options in terms of price and access

Cant we just all work together? Discounted Tuition Recognize Certs and Training Tuition Reimbursement Define and Align Competencies Co-Brand

courses and certificate programs The CBE Landscape Source: APPROACHES Accept PLA: Industry Training And Certification Exams Evaluated For College Credit Partner With Industry To Integrate Their Training Into Parts Of The Curriculum

Create Stackable Courses And Certs For Students To Hop In And Out As Needed Create Programs With Aligned Competencies Ask Key Employers What Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities Their Employees Need OFFER MEMBERS DISCOUNTS ON TUITION, CREDIT FOR CERTS AND TRAINING AND ACCESS TO ADDITIONAL PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Excelsior Model Video The Excelsior Academic Model

40+ YEARS Integrated Learning Experience Apply what they know Develop Lifelong Learning Evaluate where they are Practice what they know Translate into individual pathways for success Model Development Joined in early 2014, as part of initial cohort of participating colleges and

universities: 17 institutions and two public systems serving 42 campuses. Funded by Lumina Foundation Research-and-development phase to provide an evidence-based approach to advancing high-quality competency-based education Grant to develop model as part of Breakthrough Model Incubator (BMI): Focus on expand use of proven and emerging technologies to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in U.S. College-wide Effort that leveraged our 40 years of expertise in CBE and PLA Industry Buy in

Faculty Roles with CBE Personalized Student Experience Lessons Learned Area Internal Communications Program Operationalizatio

n Course Design Questions we received What is CBE and how is this model different than our current business model? How do we implement a cutting-edge innovative model?

How do we design a course with new technologies and multiple instructional design entities? Mitigation and Pivots A lot of walking and talking to stakeholders and college leadership Involve right stakeholders Ensure alignment with mission Highlight key differentiators Externally-validated competencies

Enhanced capstone experiences Mix-and-matched pathways Be adaptable and flexible (things can change) Understand effect on all business processes Hire someone with PM experience Leverage expertise of those before you Establish rigorous program review Innovate with a vision of future iterations of the model Involve all stakeholders from the beginning Create a shared vision for deliverables and completion

Pay attention to how the parts integrate Understand the limitations of the LMS and technology integration Be adaptable and flexible Innovate with a vision of future iterations Questions? Karina Kogan - [email protected] Lisa LaVigna - [email protected] Thank you for joining us!

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