Preparing for Medical School Thomas Kimble, MD Associate

Preparing for Medical School Thomas Kimble, MD Associate

Preparing for Medical School Thomas Kimble, MD Associate Dean, EVMS Admissions Assistant Professor, EVMS Obstetrics & Gynecology S Prerequisites for Medical School Must be U.S. Citizen or Permanent Admissions Resident 100 Semester Hours from

U.S. or Canadian Accredited Institution Foreign Credit Cannot Be Accepted Required Coursework With Labs 1 year of Biology 1 year of General Chemistry 1 year of Organic Chemistry

1 year of Physics Advice to Applicants Apply Early in the Process AMCAS Applications Accepted June 1st through November 15th Apply Online at

Advice to Applicants Appraise Your Academic Preparation Realistically Stay Credit-Worthy Professionalism Avoid irresponsible behavior

Avoid inappropriate use of Social Media Avoid Institutional Action (suspension, dismissal) Avoid Civil Action (misdemeanor, felony) (criminal background checks are performed) Admissions Ranking Factors Science GPA (BCPM) -Cumulative (undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, graduate) -Trends in performance Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) -Prepare diligently and take MCAT as Early as possible -Must be taken no later than two years prior to


HRS FR 3.54 15.0 3.65 15.0 3.60 30.0 SOPH 3.31

21.0 3.58 18.0 3.44 39.0 JR 3.65 13.0 3.10 9.0

3.42 22.0 3.47 49.0 3.50 42.0 3.49 91.0 SR PB GR CU

MEDICAL COLLEGE ADMISSION TEST 04/2013 VR 10 PS 11 WS P BS 10 TOTAL 31P Admissions Ranking Factors

Medical Exposure, Volunteer Work, and Life Experience -Shadowing Physicians (very important) Summer Programs, Research -EMT/Paramedic, Medical Scribe, Nursing, Pharmacy or other Health Care Related Fields -Community Service -Unique Life Experiences, Leadership -Part/Full-Time employment during academic year Admissions Ranking Factors Letters of Evaluation Pre-Medical Advisory Committee Letter - If not, have a GOOD explanation i.e. no committee, non-traditional student, etc. OR

Individual Letters -Two Science and One Non-Science Faculty (People who know you and can comment on your scholastic ability and personal attributes) Admissions Ranking Factors Admissions Ranking Factors Miscellaneous -Worked During College -Research, Publications -Military, Other Unique Experiences -Socio-Economic Background -Travel Abroad, Multi-Lingual

Interview Tips Arrive on Time Wear Conservative Professional Attire Keep Jewelry Simple No Loud Cologne or Perfume

Avoid visible tattoos Professional Social Media Accounts Be Neatly Groomed Communicate Professionally Joint BS/MD Programs In Medicine College of William and

Mary Christopher Newport University Hampden-Sydney College Hampton University Norfolk State University Old Dominion University

Randolph Macon College Virginia Military Institute Virginia State University Virginia Union University Virginia Wesleyan University Helpful Websites production/media/filer_public/c7/13/c713c2c692b7-4489-a59f-115e474b742b/highschool.pdf

Curriculum Overview Traditional Curriculum: Curriculum Overview Curriculum Overview Curriculum Overview

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