Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessor Program Michigan High School

Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessor Program Michigan High School

Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessor Program Michigan High School Athletic Association 1661 Ramblewood Drive - East Lansing, MI 48823 Primary Michigan Wrestling Weight Monitoring Personnel Michigan High School Athletic Association (517) 332-5046

[email protected] or [email protected] In-Service Content Introductions and Agenda DAN Components of the WWMP WRESTLING WEIGHT MONITORING PROGRAM

Body Composition Assessment Procedure for Alpha Weigh-In In-Service Content Changes from last year Q&A LAB: practical assessment of athletes Test and Evaluation REMINDERS

Wrestlers are allowed to compete at their APPROVED lowest minimum weight during an appeal for a lower weight. Wrestlers are allowed to begin losing 1.5% IMMEDIATELY following the Alpha Weigh-In. It does not matter if they plan to appeal or not. Established: JANUARY 15th as the LAST date for DXA appeals. hydrostatic/ Established: 48-hour wait period for all wrestlers that FAIL the

specific gravity test for both skinfold AND hydrostatic/DXA assessments and appeals. Wrestlers MUST participate in Skinfold assessment FIRST! They may NOT be assessed using Hydro or DXA to start. Healthy Training Emphasis should be placed on training NOT WEIGHT LOSS Emphasis on lifelong healthy living

Consequences of dehydration Training the Coach Basic Concepts of Weight Management and Nutritional Guidelines Seminar to educate the coaches on healthy eating habits, safe weight-loss techniques and dangers of improper weight-loss. Educating the

Athlete & Parent Video Individual program presentations Web based Nutrition/Weight Management program Why the Michigan Wrestling Weight Monitoring Program? Safe Participation Healthy Athletes

Best Practices American Medical Association - 1972 Position on weight-loss in wrestling Advising against dehydration to make weight Warning against food restriction American College

of Sports Medicine 1976 Position paper on making weight in wrestling Advised against the use of dehydration, sauna, and heat to lose weight Components of the Program

Nutrition Education Program Regulations Assessor In-Service Regulation Body Fat Limits Skinfold assessment in state Minimum of 7% - males Minimum of 12% - females

HYDRATED Skinfold Assessor In-Service Program For Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessors Skinfold Assessor

In-Service Knowledge of MHSAA WWMP Professional judgement Valid assessment of body composition for wrestlers 2017-18 Assessor Candidate Eligibility

Physicians, MD or DO Physicians Assistant Nurse Practitioner RN, LPN Certified Athletic Trainer Physical Therapist Nutritionist Health Educator, Exercise Physiologist Training the Skinfold Instructor (contd)

Produce professional skinfold assessors Experience and background check Theory and practical exposure Required registration fee

Responsibilities: Skinfold Assessor Program For Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessors Roles & Responsibilities: Skinfold Assessor Providing a service to member schools of the MHSAA

Model for young athletes Regard for right to privacy (HIPAA / FERPA) Confidentiality of information Responsibilities: Skinfold Assessor Maintain current registration Contract with school prior to Alpha Weigh-In Fee for service - no more than $5.00 per athlete

Arrive Early Enter data online (www.trackwrestling.com) www.trackwrestling.com using your assessor password Serve as the resident expert Encouraged to stay current

Responsibilities: Skinfold Assessor Lange or Harpenden skinfold calipers Assess and record each of the three (3) measurements to the nearest .5 mm, for each site GREATER than 3 mm difference will be RETURNED

Record skinfold measurements for data entry Responsibilities: Skinfold Assessor Check all worksheets for accuracy BEFORE entering data online. If more than one (1) assessor is involved, make sure each wrestler is being entered online under the specific assessors username and password that

assessed that wrestler. Responsibilities: Participating School Complete data worksheets (last page of the Skinfold Assessor Handbook) except for specific gravity and skinfold data

Ensure that wrestlers are on time and prepared for assessment Responsibilities: Participating School Program For Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessors

Responsibilities: Participating School Contact a REGISTERED skinfold assessor Provide adult volunteers (preferably 5) for: 1. Check-in of Wrestlers (paper work) 2. Specific gravity (health professional) 3. Weigh-in

4. Skinfold measurement recording Wrestling coaching staff is EXCLUDED from ANY testing responsibilities or data entry. Responsibilities: Participating School Purchase: Bayer Multistix 10SG (#2161) Supply weight monitoring Forms provided by the MHSAA

Data (sample on next slide) Certified scales used for the Alpha Weigh-In (balance scales recorded up to nearest lb; digital 1/10 lb) Responsibilities:

Participating School Prepare wrestlers for Alpha Weigh-In: Undergarments / loose shorts & t-shirt Collection cups Secure private, controlled area for specific gravity assessment Remind schools that wrestlers MUST participate in Skinfold assessment FIRST! They may NOT be assessed using Hydro or DXA to start. Responsibilities: Participating School

FEE guidelines LIMIT: $5.00 per student Fewer than six (6) wrestlers assessed on single date, one (1) site, assessor permitted to charge mileage at current IRS rate OR $30.00 service fee Responsibilities: MHSAA

Program For Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessors Responsibilities of the MHSAA Prepare and register skinfold assessors Work with TrackWrestling in monitoring the website and entry of data Administrate all aspects of the hydro/DXA

appeal process Responsibilities of the MHSAA Maintain a file of hydrostatic/DXA assessments Maintain a file of Physicians Clearance Due MON following Dec. 25 May not wrestle until clearance has been received

and marked by the MHSAA. Field calls from assessors and wrestling coaches pertaining to WWMP HYDRATION Program For Wrestling Weight Monitoring Assessors

Hydration Requirement Athletes must be in a proper state of hydration to determine their correct alpha weight Students should not exercise before the Alpha Weigh-In Specific gravity assessment of the urine will determine whether the wrestler may participate in the skinfold measurement process

Hydration Requirement This is simply a PASS / FAIL assessment Specific gravity >1.025g/ml is a FAILED test Alpha Weigh-In must be conducted before the athletes participate in that days practice or conditioning No sweaty (and possibly dehydrated) athletes! Specific Gravity

Assessment Procedure Product used: Bayer Multistix 10S (#2161) Make sure they include Specific Gravity Band #4 Check expiration date! Store in cool, dry place Other Supplies needed: Latex Free Gloves

Collection Cups Biohazard Bags Check expiration date at the top of label DO NOT USE expired product Specific Gravity

Assessment Procedure It is helpful to cut off squares up to Specific Gravity section (olive section) to make dipping and reading easier Available from various sources, including Miotech Sport Medical Supply, Holt, MI (517) 272-1940 www.miotechstore.com (Sundry Supplies Tab)

Other sources available via Google CUT HERE HydrationSpecific Gravity Band This is the only band we will

focus on Simplify the process! Cut the strip between band four (4) and five (5) Dip Multistix

and immediately remove from urine a. Wipe excess urine on rim of container b. Air dry for 45 seconds Wipe excess urine on rim of container c. Match band

Air dry for 45 secondscolor with gravity band Match band color with gravity band on bottle on bottle Compare the Multistix with the specific gravity

band on the bottle Simply looking for PASS / FAIL Must Read <1.025 Specific Gravity Assessment Procedure (contd) Instruct athletes to drink 6-10 glasses of water daily for 2-3 days PRIOR to this test Dont go over board with water the day of as it may throw off actual weight Instruct athletes to urinate at least 1-2 times during the day PRIOR to this test to prevent urine from becoming too concentrated Specific Gravity Assessment School volunteers control the environment

Provide collection cup for one athlete at a time Athletes enter a secured area, one at a time Athlete collects a midstream sample & holds OWN specimen during test Specific Gravity Assessment Test: Dip Multistix and remove immediately holding horizontally Hold horizontal, wait 45 seconds and then

compare to color strip Continue with skinfold assessment if SG <1.025 (passing) NO weight or skinfolds if SG >1.025 Athlete: empty cup in toilet, cup in waste receptacle TECHNICAL INFORMATION & ASSESSMENT Program For Wrestling

Weight Monitoring Assessors Body Composition Prediction Methods

Bioelectric Impedance - Analysis (BIA) Skeletal Anthropometric - Widths (SAW) Near Infa-Red (NIR) Computed Tomographs (CT scan) Bod Pod Hydrostatic Weighing (HW) Skinfold Assessment (SF)

Body Composition Prediction Methods Comparison of Methods Considerations Cost Availability Time Validity Reliability

Why Skinfold Assessment? Body Composition Prediction Skinfold Assessment Terminology Total Body Weight (TBW) Body Density (BD) Lean Body Mass (LBM)

Percent Body Fat (%BF) Body Composition Prediction Lean Body Mass (LBM) Muscle mass Bone mass Provides for activity

Support structure Use and production of blood Body Composition Prediction Body Fat = (BF) Essential fat Non-essential fat

Insulates Padding for organs Body Composition Prediction Skinfold Assessment Terminology (contd) Fat Weight (FW) Minimum Wrestling Weight (MWW) Optimal Body Weight (OBW) Body Composition

Prediction Skinfold Assessment Terminology (contd) Minimum Weight Regression Equation(s) Population Specificity Biological Variability Technical Variability Reliability Validity

Skinfold Assessment Standards Standard Instruments Caliper standard Lange or Harpenden Site Location Scale Certification Standard Hydration Conducting the

Alpha Weigh-In (the Stations) 1. Data completion form Assistant may fill in name, school, gender and grade portions 2. Hydration status specific gravity of urine 3. Weight 4. Skinfold measurement verification

5. Data verification & entry Skinfold Assessment Standards Site Selection and Identification

Anatomical Position RIGHT Side Assessment Site Identification Triceps Subscapular Abdominal Site Rotation across sites TRI

1 4 7 SUB 2

5 8 ABD 3 6

9 TRI 1 3 5

SUB 2 4 6 ABD

X X X Skinfold Assessment Standards - Transgender The Weight Monitoring Program or skinfold process which determines a

wrestlers lowest minimum weight has the students health & safety at the forefront. This process is based on gender biology as opposed to gender identification. Females who identify as males will be assessed as females in order to keep the student healthy and safe with a body fat level not to be below 12%. A student who identifies as a gender other than the one on their birth certificate, and has begun hormone therapy and has additional supporting documentation (drivers license, school records, physical form, etc.), may make a request to the MHSAA to be assessed using their identified genders requirements in regards to the skinfold assessment.

Skinfold Assessment Standards Sites

Identify & mark sites (RIGHT) Palpate site gently Elevate skinfold & fat under it Use thumb and index finger of LEFT hand Skinfold Assessment Standards Skinfold Sites (RIGHT side rotate across)

Triceps = VERTICAL, posterior mid-way between the AC joint and elbow olecranon process and mid-way between the medial and lateral tissue of the triceps (|) Subscapular = DIAGONAL axis 1 cm below inferior angle of scapula (\)

Abdominal = VERTICAL, anterior 3 cm lateral & 1 cm below the umbilicus (|) Skinfold Assessment Standards TRICEPS Vertical Posterior mid-way between AC

joint and elbow olecranon process Mid-way between medial and lateral tissue of triceps Skinfold Assessment Standards TRICEPS Vertical

Posterior mid-way between AC joint and elbow olecranon process Mid-way between medial and lateral tissue of triceps Skinfold Assessment Standards SUBSCAPULAR

Diagonal fold taken 1 cm below the inferior angle of the scapula Skinfold Assessment Standards Measure & Mark

ABDOMINAL 3 cm lateral to naval 1 cm inferior Vertical fold

Skinfold Assessment Standards Site Determined ABDOMINAL

3 cm lateral to naval 1 cm inferior Vertical fold Pinch Pinch with with LEFT LEFT hand

hand VERTICALLY. VERTICALLY. Caliper Caliper in in RIGHT RIGHT hand hand BELOW BELOW Left

Left hand. hand. Skinfold Assessment Standards Measurement

ABDOMINAL 3 cm lateral to naval 1 cm inferior Vertical fold Skinfold Assessment

Standards TRICEPS Perpendicular Caliper Orientation to site (+) Parallel skinfolds Calipers in right hand

Skinfold Assessment Standards SUBSCAPULAR Same mechanics (will not be vertical) Skinfold Assessment

Standards Avoid parallax error by looking straight on at the skinfold calipers measurement scale

Follow natural cleavage of skinfold FYI: Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines. The term is derived from the Greek word (parallaxis), meaning "alteration".parallaxis), meaning "alteration". Skinfold Assessment

Standards Caliper jaws placed midway between body and crest of skinfold Caliper perpendicular to skinfold Read caliper between 2-4 seconds after releasing thumb pressure from caliper while maintaining skinfold grasp

Get a good pinch! Skinfold Assessment Standards Read measurement from caliper to the nearest 0.5 mm

Have assistant record your measurements Rotate to next site Return to SAME site to obtain subsequent measures NOT greater than a 3 mm variance

Skinfold Assessment Standards Improper Method! Angle of calipers (should be perpendicular) Skinfold Assessment Standards

Improper Method! Holding too long to (2-4 seconds) read Skinfold Assessment Standards Improper Method!

Vertical measurement Wrong Side of navel Horizontal fold Skinfold Assessment Standards Improper Method! Insufficient tissue Wrong hand

Skinfold Assessment Standards Improper Method! Left hand BELOW calipers Skinfold Assessment Standards

Improper Method! Vertical measurement NOT used for subscapular measurement. Skinfold Assessment Standards Differences GREATER than 3 mm will NOT be accepted by the

www.trackwrestling.com website Assessors will maintain all original data sheets in a secure location for one (1) calendar year Skinfold Assessment Calculations

LOHMAN Equation for Body Density BD= [1.0973 - (sumSFx.000815)]+[(sumSF)2x.00000084] sumSF=TricepsSF+SubscapularSF+AbdominalSF (each skinfold value is an average of the three recorded) carry out calculations to five places past the decimal e.g. 1.08787

Skinfold Assessment Calculations Brozek Equation for Body Fat from Body Density % BF = (457 / BD) - (414.2)

carry out calculations to two places past the decimal e.g. 12.34% Skinfold Assessment Calculations - Male

Minimum Wrestling Weight @ 7% MWW = ([1-(%BF/100)] x TBW) / (.93) Alternate method Fat Weight (FW) = TBW x (%BF/100) Lean Body Mass (LBM) = TBW - FW MWW = LBM / .93 Skinfold Assessment Calculations - Female

Boileau Equation for %Body Fat %BF=[1.35x(sumSF)] -[0.012x(sumSF)2] - 3.4 sumSF= Triceps SF + Subscapular SF (each skinfold value is an average of the three recorded) MWW (females) = LBM / .88

Skinfold Assessment Calculations Sample Calculation For Male Triceps= 4, Subscap= 5.2, Abdominal= 6.8 sum SF = 16

BD=[1.0973-(16 x.000815)]+[(16)2 x.00000084] BD=1.08446 %BF=(457/BD)- 414.2 = 7.2% The Appeal Process Step 1 Reassessment by Original Assessor Step 1 may be bypassed and only

Step 2 performed Reassessment by SAME assessor Completed within 14 days of Alpha Weigh-In Reassessment data entered online by SAME assessor! Includes reassessment of Hydration The Appeal Process Step 2 Hydrostatic/DXA Weighing Hydrostatic/DXA Results are

FINAL and BINDING MUST have at least ONE skinfold assessment PRIOR to this step. School files Hydrostatic/DXA Weighing Proposal prior to testing Hydro/DXA appeal ends JAN 15th.

Facilities approved by MHSAA (www.mhsaa.com) www.mhsaa.com Currently six (6) facilities listed The Appeal Process Step 2 Hydrostatic/DXA Weighing Hydrostatic/DXA Results are FINAL and BINDING 14 day appeal period starts on the day following the original Alpha Weigh-In attempt

1.5% weight reduction allowed days 1-14 Hydrostatic/DXA weighing option ends on JAN 15th! TRACKWRESTLING ONLINE PROGRAM Upon successful completion of this course, MHSAA/TrackWrestling will email each assessor their user ID and password. ONLY the registered assessor shall input data and use their ID and password. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD

WITH ANYONE! Keep a hard copy (worksheets) for your records (for one calendar year) and as a means of back-up. Worksheets are available at MHSAA.com. www.trackwrestling.com Logging In Assessor Login ID Assessor Password

Click On Optimal Performance Calculator Login Page Click Login beside 2017-18 High School Boys 2017-18 College Men 2017-18 College Women 2017-18 High School Boys

2017-18 High School Girls 2017-18 Middle School 2017-18 Youth Login Page Enter Username and Password **These may be changed once you are logged in** Assessor Dashboard List of schools that you are able to assess will appear

Select Select here here or or search search here here Select / Search School

Select and Click on School Entering Data Name, Grade & Gender Date of Assessment Urine specific gravity Alpha body weight Skinfold measurements Percent Body Fat (BIA)

Female Wrestlers Click on the Add Female wrestler link of the initial assessment Step 1. ONLY the triceps and subscapular skinfolds will be entered (for a total of six (6) measurements). Minimal wrestling weight will be calculated at 12%. 12% Entering Assessments Select Weight Management

Management Then select Add Transaction Transaction Entering Assessments Confirm if PRACTICE PRACTICE or LIVE LIVE Transaction

Assessment Form Step 1 Click on Add Assessment Assessment Assessment Form Step 2 Select wrestler from the drop down menu Assessment Form Step 2 Coach or AD may import roster from previous year Add new wrestler if not in the drop-down menu

Assessment Form Step 3 Enter assessment date and if passed hydration test Pops Pops up up ifif wrestler wrestler has has not

not passed passed hydration hydration Assessment Form Step 4 Enter body fat measurements ?? Is

Is this this aa Male Male or or aa Female? Female? How How do do you you know? know?

Assessment Form Step 5 Calculations: Final Calculations Click Next Wrestler Wrestler or Finish Finish Assessment Form Step 6A Click on Finish when completing all assessments suggested to hit close to review assessments BEFORE committing

Assessment Form Step 6B Review assessments and then click on confirm RED clock means pending If there is an error, click on the wrestlers name to edit the assessment PRIOR to confirming. Assessment Form - Error Edit the assessment form Click save

and then recalculate Assessment Form Step 6C Confirm commit transaction This is the FINAL step to submit data Assessment Form Step 6D Assessments are confirmed Status turns to GREEN when confirmed

Individual Weight Loss Plan - Access from roster or alpha master report - Click on SCALE Icon - Coach or AD supplies information to the athlete. Individual Weight Loss Plan Alpha Master Report

Lets Review Remember: Plan ahead & Call ahead School provides help Accuracy of Skinfolds Skinfold Assessment MAX - $5.00 per athlete You will be the EXPERT! Michigan High School Athletic Association

1661 Ramblewood Drive East Lansing, MI 48823 (517) 332-5046 www.mhsaa.com

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