Aha Moku Advisory Committee Status Report on Aha

Aha Moku Advisory Committee Status Report on Aha

Aha Moku Advisory Committee Status Report on Aha Moku To DLNR Staff Meeting Tuesday, October 6, 2015 8:30 a.m. Kalanimoku Building 1 Why an Aha Moku System? Manini Endemic plant, Kapala Vine Kalaeloa, Kakuhihewa Last 25 years, the general public concerns on ecosystem degradation included NH fears of resource depletion 1st time since overthrow, kupuna and native Hawaiian resource experts from 43

traditional moku gathered to address natural & cultural resource protection 2 PAEAINA 8 Mokupuni 43 Traditional Moku 564 Ahupuaa General Public supports the Aha Moku System Since 2006, 7 statewide puwalu, several island puwalu and caucuses , many public community meetings, gatherings held to get consensus on process 3 Aha Moku System Act 288 Signed into law by Governor Abercrombie July 9, 2012 Officially recognizes the Aha Moku System Establishes Aha Moku Advisory Committee within the DLNR

4 Purpose of Act 288 To formally recognize the Aha Moku System and to establish the Aha Moku Advisory Committee within the DLNR To serve in an advisory capacity to the chairperson of the BLNR May advise on issues related to land and natural resources management through the Aha Moku System To integrate the Native Hawaiian cultural and traditional values into the fabric of state policy * 5 Mandates of Aha Moku Bill 1. 2. 3. 4. Integrate NH practices ID practices that are site-specific Teach others about ahupuaa resources Sustain marine, land, cultural, agricultural & natural resources

5. Provide community education 6. Protect & conserve natural resources 7. Develop process to oversee aha moku system 6 Areas where NH can work with DLNR Halawa, Molokai Lipoa Point, Honolua Bay, Kaanapali, Maui Leahi (Diamond Head), Waikiki, Oahu Mahaulepu Stream, Kauai Niihau 7 7. Developing an administrative structure that oversees the aha moku system. Submit annual report in English and Hawaiian to legislature & BLNR Chair 20 days prior to session Shall include recommendations made by the AMAC committee and resulting action taken by BLNR/DLNR within the past year

Note: Many issues brought forward can be and are mitigated within the DLNR divisions 8 Some Issues brought forward by Aha Moku & Ahupuaa On-going Issues DLNR Divisions Kawaihae Harbor Illegal mooring on fishing koa (Hawaii) DOBOR, DOCARE Community-based Marine Management, MiloliI (Hawaii) DOCARE, DAR Naalehu Wastewater Disposal System, (Hawaii) Land Lipoa Point, Kaanapali Moku, (Maui) DLNR Stream Diversion, Honokohau Stream, (Maui) CWRM

Watershed and Forestry Program, Kahikinui (Maui) DOFAW Kalaupapa Memorial, Koolau Moku (Molokai) State Parks East Molokai Watershed, Manae Moku (Molokai) DOFAW I Ola Kanaloa Master plan (Kahoolawe) KIRC Heeia Pond, Koolaupoko Moku (Oahu) DAR Restoration of lo'i, Iole Ka'a Ili, Koolaupoko Moku (Oahu) Land Iao Stream/Wailuku River Name Change (Maui) CWRM Haena CBSFA, Haena State Parks Masterplan

State Parks Lehua Island Rat Eradication (Niihau) DOFAW (Inv.Spc) 9 Examples of AMAC Submittals to BLNR Submittal AMAC BLNR Decision Recommendation Amendment of Lease Term for Manele Small Boat Harbor LanaI Support Approved Sublease under General Lease to UH- Oppose Manoa, to TMT Intl (Mauna Kea) Hawaii Approved Request for mutual termination,

Grove Farm Fish & Poi Lessee Ewa, Oahu Oppose Approved Emergency Rulemaking Procedures to protect against the overharvest of Lole from state waters Support Approved Approval of CDUA for a Statewide Programmatic Agreement for traditional fishpond systems in Hawaii Support Approved 10 SCR 55 Passed in the 2015 Legislature

Provide opportunity for Hawaiians to work together to exhibit that traditional Hawaiian values and customs could apply to, and work in modern governmental affairs ; That the legislature, in passing Act 288 give the AMAC some independence from state government to reflect its role of working alongside and advising state government with regard to Hawaiian traditions, values, and practices. Engage stakeholders, with the assistance of DLNR, OHA, and AHCC for purpose of developing and adopting rules for its operation and administration. 11 Draft Template for Rules Aha Moku Advisory Committee Chapter 1 Part 1 General Provisions Part 2 Aha Moku System

Rules of Practice & Procedure Purpose Act 288 Definitions Office Hours Meetings Quorum Authentication Chairperson Vice-chairperson History & Purpose Aha Moku Structure Part 3 Mokupuni; Moku; Ahupuaa

Moku O Keawe (Hawaii) Moku O Piilani (Maui) Moku O Kanaloa (Kahoolawe) NanaI Kaula (LanaiMolokai Pule Oo (Molokai) Moku O Kakuhihewa (Oahu) Manokalanipo (Kauai) Ka Aina O Kawelonakala (Niihau) 12 Island PaeAina Summary Moku Ahupuaa Moku O Keawe (Hawaii) 6 197 Moku O Piilani (Maui)

13 142 Moku O Kanaloa (Kahoolawe) 4 28 NanaI Kaula (Lanai) 2 11 Molokai Pule Oo (Molokai) 4 51 Moku O Kakuhihewa (Oahu) 6 88 Manokalanipo (Kauai)

9 69 Ka Aina O Kawelonakala (Niihau) 3 20 Islands 8 47 606 Moku Ahupuaa Moku O Kanaloa (Kahoolawe) Kona Koolau Molokini 5 11 0

Manokalanipo (Kauai) Napali 14 4 30 Note: No one living on the following moku Island Islands 2 13 On-going Steps Release AMAC draft rules for comment (AMAC, DLNR, OHA, AHCC, General Public) Makua Shoreline, Makua Ahupuaa, Waianae Moku, Kakuhihewa Continue accountability to the people of an ahupuaa, the general public, DLNR/BLNR , and the legislature. Draft Report to Legislature, 2016 Session

Kaena Point, Keawaula Ahupuaa 14 Mahalo Nui Loa! For Further Information, please contact: Aha Moku Advisory Committee Leimana DaMate Executive Director Phone: 808- 587-1498 [email protected] Department of Land and Natural Resources 1151 Punchbowl Street, Ste. 130 Honolulu, HI 96813 15

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