www.jnhw.co.uk National NHW JNHW Regional Representatives Home Office

 www.jnhw.co.uk National NHW JNHW Regional Representatives Home Office


The Home Office engage Capacity Builders to look for groups to showcase best practise Stockton JNHW are chosen to demonstrate best practise at National Conference National NHW-ACPO contact us to develop tool kit for other areas-forces to use www.doit.org.uk Home Office offer 2,000 to any area wanting to set up a JNHW scheme H.O. press office contact us for details for Newsround Other areas now follow our model SCHOOLS ON THE PROGRAMME

Hardwick Green primary Harrow Gate primary St Johns primary Frederick Nattrass primary Rosebrook primary St Josephs primary Bewley primary

High Clarence primary Mill Lane primary St Cuthberts primary Bowesfield primary Thornaby C of E primary The Village Primary Harewood primary Fairfield primary Ingleby Mill primary William Cassidi WE WORK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Cleveland Police Cleveland Fire Brigade Safer Stockton Partnership Stockton Borough Council Tristar Homes YCAP Victim Support NEAS RNLI Magistrates in the Community Teesside University HOW WE WORK WITH THE FIRE BRIGADE Assist the Brigade in the delivery of its Strategic objectives Partnership working with a common aim i.e. community safety

Delivering fire related community safety messages through different media i.e. court room drama, projects etc More effective means of delivering the same message therefore avoiding duplication More effective use of funding and resources due to partnership working Building a strong relationship between the young people and firefighters Continued partnership with attendance at Hub meetings to enable the projects to deliver against the risks within the area. OUR PARTNERS COVER

Heart Start CPR Beach -Water Safety Road Safety Fire Safety Railway Safety Internet Safety Electricity sub stations Role of the Police Role of the PCSO Victims of Crime Anti Social Behaviour Drink Driving

WE COVER Personal Safety Mr Nobody Identity Game FACES- CSI Photo-fit History of the Courts Wally Wig Anti-Social-Sam Poster Party Neighbour Buddy WE TAKE THE CHILDREN TO

Teesside Magistrates Court Safety Works RNLI Life Boat Station RSPB Saltholme Police Horses Fire Station Middlesbrough Police Station OUR SUCCESSES

All the children in our 16 schools have received fire escape plans for their family 86 extra homes are fitted with smoke alarms We have taken 320 children to Safety Works this Spring 320 children will have visited Teesside Magistrates court this year We now teach during school time as well as an after school activity We have trained 520 yr6 children in Heart Start CPR We have brought the Tristar puppet show to all of the schools to teach the children all about safety and good behaviour. We have launched our very first website. www.jnhw.co.uk OTHER FORCES RUNNING JNHW

www.essex.police.uk www.westmercia.police.uk www.met.police.co.uk www.durham.police.uk www.leics.police.uk www.west-midlands.police.uk www.hampshire.police.uk www.gloucestershire.police.uk FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT

www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies www.do-it.org.uk www.parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk www.ipswich-neighbourhoodwatch.co.uk www.ourwatch.org.uk www.stocktoncpp.com www.communitysafe.gov.uk www.crimebeatnorthwales.co.uk

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