Student Accounts The Facts about Fees! Service Point

Student Accounts The Facts about Fees! Service Point

Student Accounts The Facts about Fees! Service Point 3415 McTavish Phone: (514) 398-7878 Fax: (514) 398-2656 Email: [email protected] Web: August 2015 Guest Access Under the Student Accounts Menu

You may decide that a third party should be allowed to view your bills, pay them or view and print tax receipts. You may delete privileges when you wish. Guests will ONLY have access to the privileges you designate. Student Accounts can respond to questions from your guest ONLY about the information to which they have been granted access. How to set-up Guest Access What is required?

Name of guest Email address Selection of secret word for authentication e-Payment Options (cont) What Your Guest Should Expect Your guest will be contacted by email and provided

with a link which they must use within 35 days. They will have a McGill ID which they will use to login to Minerva, with a default PIN that they must change the first time they log in. Your guest will see a Guest Menu on Minerva with the Student Accounts options they have access to. They may also update their own personal information, such as email address, address, and phone number in the Personal Menu. For more info: ccess 5 The importance of e-Mail Any official McGill email sent to students will be

addressed to your McGill E-mail Address. As a McGill student, you are given an Exchange mailbox and a McGill Email Address. Your email address is in the form of your [email protected] Use your McGill Username and McGill Password to log in to your email. You can verify your McGill Email Address, McGill Username and create/change your McGill Password in Minerva Personal Menu.

Fees how are they assessed and what are you paying for Registration-related Tuition* Health and Dental Insurance Plans* Administrative Charges Student Services/Athletics & Recreation Student Society Fees Additional course charges field trips, course costs for manuals, etc. Fee for service Housing/Meal plans Campus printing charges (uPrint) *More details on next slides

Fee Descriptions Most fees are described on the Student Accounts website: Tuition Rates and Fee Status

Undergraduate tuition is billed per credit, based on your status as a Quebec resident, out-of-province Canadian, International student, or International Fee Exemption. Tuition rates can be found on the Tuition and Fees pages of our website, including an easy to use fee calculator. CGEP students will normally have their residency status directly updated through an electronic file transfer from their CGEP. Please confirm in Minerva that this has been updated. Legal documents website: The University will endeavor to identify students who are being charged a higher rate of tuition (International or Canadian Out-of-Province) than what they claimed in their admissions information, and defer interest on the difference between what they are being charged now, and what they will be charged once their legal documents are submitted to Enrolment Services. You will be notified by email that we have done this. NOTE: Should your status change and results in a reduction of tuition fees, any

late payment charges or interest that accumulates on the difference will be reversed. View Tuition Fee and Legal Status Found on the Student Accounts menu in Minerva International Health Insurance Mandatory health insurance for International students ($906 single coverage in 2015/16) Very few exemptions, but if you think you qualify you have until Sept 30,

2015 to prove your exemption category Apply for exemption by Aug 31, 2015 in order to avoid interest on the unpaid balance Supporting documents for exemption should be emailed to [email protected] Accept coverage on Minerva (Student menu > International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form) Exchange students who are here for one or two terms may select their

coverage and will then be reassessed: $302 (one term); $604 (two terms) Pick up health card at Service Point Student Society insurance plans Students can opt-out of the plans, although certain societies have conditions, such as proving alternative coverage. For details, go to and select the relevant society Dental insurance only for international students Charged in the Fall term for the year Students coverage depends on which student society they are

under costs vary ($115 (MCSS); $100 (SSMU); $177 (PGSS)) Supplemental health and dental insurance for non-International students Supplemental to provincial health insurance charged in the Fall for the year Students coverage depends on which student society they are under costs vary ($207 (MCSS); $220 (SSMU); $419 (PGSS)) More information: insurance Your e-Bill As long as a student was registered by August 14 th, they were billed in August (6th or 17th) with a due date of

August 31st. The next e-bill will be on September 4th and will reflect any changes that have occurred since your initial billing (i.e. course changes, changes in fee residency, housing and meal plan charges etc) Email notifications are sent to your McGill email address when your e-bill is ready to be viewed in Minerva; no paper bills are mailed out. Access your e-bill in Minerva ( or Student Menu > Student Accounts Menu > EBilling and e-Payment Menu Your e-Bill (cont) McGill produces monthly bills. They reflect your previous billed balance, plus new charges (e.g. course changes, rent, uPrint, etc.), then less payments to show your new

balance due. Bills are produced at the beginning of the month, due by the end of the same month Exception: December e-bill due first week of January Important inserts attached to your e-bill. E-bills are static, a new e-bill is issued monthly. Account Summary by Term shows the current balance. Minerva - View e-Bills How to Pay? The easiest way, Internet Banking from Canadian bank accounts!

Set up McGill University as a new payee with your McGill student ID is your account number. Guests should enter the students ID, not their Guest ID. If you dont feel comfortable using online banking, you can still set up the bill with a teller at the bank, and then pay through the teller or an ATM. Payments take 1-3 business days to be received by McGill. Do not pay by credit card, as it will be taken as a cash advance. 16 How to Pay? (cont) Alternatives Pre-authorized debit for Canadian and US bank accounts

download an agreement from the e-Payment Options page You can specify the Canadian amount you wish to pay from a Canadian or US bank via the e-Payment Options menu. This amount will be deducted from your bank account within two business days. The agreement can be cancelled at any time upon notifying the Student Accounts Office. Can be set up with the student or Guests bank account. Convenient feature! post-dated payments

17 e-Payment through Minerva e-Payment Options (cont) How to Pay (cont) Alternatives (cont) Western Union GlobalPay for International Students Get quote through Western Union website Enter Canadian dollar amount to pay and the currency you want to pay it in.

Pay by wire at the bank within 72 hours of getting quote McGill receives funds 2-6 business days later Notes: May be considered a domestic money transfer, so limited bank charge. No charges by McGill or Western Union. The reference number from the quote must always be included in the wire payment. You need a new quote for each payment, never re-use a previous quote. If your currency is not listed, you can contact Student Accounts for alternative payment methods.

How to Pay (cont) Not exactly recommended but possible Print your e-bill and send it with a cheque to the Student Accounts office. Disadvantages slow and will take longer to appear on your account. Allow at least 3 working days once the payment is received by the office to process the payment. Hence 5 days in the mail + 3 days to process = 8 days before payment is credited! Not accepted: in-person payments at Service Point, cash or credit cards Your Student Fee Account is

YOUR Responsibility Check your e-Bills in order to avoid the consequences of not paying Monthly interest of 1.24% on unpaid billed balance after the due date. Late payment fine at the end of October and February. Hold that prevents registration, requesting transcripts, and receiving diploma when the outstanding balance of $100 is more than

60 days overdue. Possible registration drop if money is owed for a previous term. Other Important Points Tuition (admission) deposits released as a payment once tuition was assessed Was not showing on Aug 6 e-bill, is on the Account Summary by Term. Housing deposits released once housing is charged starting

Sept 1, 2015 Residence (rent) charged per month Meal plans charged per term in Aug/Sept & Jan Meal Plan Top-ups also for students not living in residence Other charges Course packs, uPrint, additional course fees Refunds On Minerva Direct Deposit Bank Accounts for Canadian accounts encouraged as there is a charge for cheque refunds. Students can request a refund on Minerva if they have a credit (negative) balance Explicit over payments will be held to be applied towards future

charges. Living expenses should not be sent to the University. Other Important Points (cont) Scholarships McGill internal and non-McGill external awards should be on the student accounts by early Aug for Undergrads (early Sept for Grads). (disbursements for Winter are schedule for early January and can be seen as pre-authorized credits for the Winter). US Government Loans (Direct Loans) payable to the fee account, refunds are treated with priority. Sub and Unsub loans will only be disbursed for Freshman (U0) students on September 24th, Parent Plus loans will be disbursed August 25th. Deferrals while waiting for government aid:

accounts/awards-assistance/tuition-fees-payment-deferral Sponsored students sponsors must notify the University in writing on their corporate letterhead. Minerva: Account Summary by Term on Minerva vs. the e-bill Recent Payments, e-Bills, and Unbilled Transactions

Tax receipts, direct deposit, refunds, and much more! Your starting point for further information! Student Accounts website: accounts Lots of FAQs faq More information on Guest Access Fee calculators to provide reasonable estimates of fees for the year Important Dates Questions? These slides will be available in PDF format at Thank you! Presenters: Mary Jo McCullogh, Kevin Clment, Jessica Lalonde of the Student Accounts Office

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