The Basics Getting Started Click on the Learning

The Basics Getting Started Click on the Learning A-Z icon on the Faculty/ Staff page of the WISD website.

Click on the Member Login in the top right corner. Type in your Username and Password from

your login card. Double check your name at the top of the screen. Now lets work on setting up classes. Rollover the Manage Students button and

click on Roster Notice that this will take you into the Raz-Kids portion of the site. Lets start creating your class by clicking on the Add Multiple Students

icon. Begin typing in your students names in the boxes. You can choose a Reading Level for each one if you have that information. (You can always go back and add this

later!) When all your names are entered, click on the Add New button on the right. Now you have your roster ready to go! Notice that students are automatically added to Book

Room and Raz Rocket. You can also print out Personalized Student Login Cards from this page. Your printed Personalized Student Login Cards

will look like this. Notice that each student has a certain color and a certain symbol. To give students a password or change their icon, you click on their name in your roster and

go to their profile. Just choose a different icon for the student if needed. Notice it will not let you use one that belongs to another student.

You can also give students a text/numeric password or an icon password!!

Click on the Reading A-Z tab to go back to the home page and look at your teacher resources. Lets explore the Teacher Corner section. One

great resource is your Resource Calendar which gives great suggestions for books to use for custom assignments. Search for an event/holiday in the calendar

and click on it to see the books that correlate with it. Choose one book that you will use to create a custom assignment. Go back to Raz Kids and click on your

Assignments tab. Now lets watch a video that will help us understand the options for making assignments. Now create a custom assignment for one

or more of your students. First, name the assignment then choose the students that are participating. Finally, Save and then continue to your

resources. Find the book or books you want to assign and check the boxes for the materials you want to include.

Finally, go back to Reading A-Z home page and SEARCH for the book you assigned so you can put all its resources in your File Cabinet.

Notice all the different resources available to you!! Be sure to click on the File Cabinet icon and save any you might want to use later. You can add all the books resources by clicking on

the Add the page to my file cabinet. Use your File Cabinet to organize all these great resources so you will have them at your fingertips.

Now lets play with apps and Ipads!!!

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