Value Proposition for Schools Enhancing your school through

Value Proposition for Schools Enhancing your school through

Value Proposition for Schools Enhancing your school through cooperation ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Agenda 1. Background 2. Who is Cence In our highly technological, globalized economy, people without education will not be able to improve their economic situation 3. Cence Skills Programmes Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve 6.

Resource Questionnaire & Resource Base 7. Your School & the Community 8. School premises upgrade 9. Strategic Questions ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Background Only 1 out of 12 learners, starting Grade 1 ends up with what we promise our learners when they start their schooling (based on 2005 data from EMIS) The educational sector has very few models available for turning around under-performing schools Most of South Africas public schools are dysfunctional and the education system is failing to produce the skills required for job creation and poverty reduction despite increases in public spending on the education system (SA Institute of Race Relations 2008)

ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Background: The Achievement Gap Usually refers to the fact that poor students, as a group, score lower on student achievement measures than do middle-class students Gap between female and male students Gap between students of different: Cultures Primary languages Ethnicities Socio-economic statuses ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary

Background: Causes of the Achievement Gap School Related Causes Inadequate funding Under qualified teachers Teachers having low expectations of students Poor leadership & governance Unclear academic standards Poor curriculum delivery Lack of planning & preparations High rate of staff & learner absenteeism High rate of staff turnover Negative school atmosphere High level of disruption & violence Socio-Cultural Causes Poverty Poor health care

Frequent changes in residence Lack of books & educational resources in the home Parents with lower levels of education Unstable family structure Cultural attitudes & racism Education premises middle class students ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Background: Narrowing the Achievement Gap High expectation for all students

Teaching strategies that promote meaningful participation Smaller class size Higher teaching quality Implementing enrichment & development programs Improving: effectiveness of curriculum planning management of the curriculum process management of all resources quality of assessment of learning management of external examination processes the management of learner & learning support

Monitoring the sustainability of projects implemented at schools Integrating technology platforms ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Who is Cence? Launched in 2007 Registered Non-Profit Organisation, Reg no. 089-763-NPO BEE Compliant: BBEEE classification as EME, level 4 contributor Cence has been awarded Provisional Accreditation, accreditation no. 3806, as a Provider of Education and Training by the Services SETA of South Africa Cence has submitted registration applications to Umaluzi for accreditation of their ABET Programme level 1 to 3 and the Higher Education Council (HEC) and is currently awaiting registration numbers & certificates Investing in communities through the provision of training & development solutions Development of Collaborative Partnerships Implementation agency that facilitates development through partnerships ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Model of Collaboration Churches Municipalities Schools

Peer Groups Collaboration & Enablement Government / Millennium Goals Economic Development Employment Enterprise Development Eradicate Poverty In 5 years, with 2 800 churches, 150 municipalities & 2 800 schools actively participating in our projects, we shall be able to : Corporates/Business Train 4680 M Students CSI Initiatives Create 11 700 new businesses Food Security Community

Human Resource Dev. Community Building Universal Primary Education Empower Women Combat Diseases Thought Leaders Universities Media International Networks Technology ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Cence Skills Programmes 1. School data base physical assets, parents, employers 2. Turnaround Strategy for Schools

3. Reading Skills & Comprehension 4. Learn Well 4 Life learning programme & yogurt feeding scheme 5. Food Gardens / Agri Entrepreneur 6. Efficient & Effective School Management (leadership programmes, recycling, etc.) 7. Assistance with Mathematics & Accounting 8. Career Guidance 9. Assistance with Physical Science & Chemistry

10. Environmental Education 11. Community Enablement Centres 12. Computer Centres 13. Assistance with arts & culture museum 14. Stress / trauma management 15. Life Skills ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Turnaround Strategy for Schools Three year project with 4 core deliverables: Eight school readiness Eight school readiness components components District cohort to ensure the District cohort &

tosustainability ensure the of maintenance maintenance & sustainability of the improvement the improvement School based staff development programme School basedfocus staff on development specific curriculum programme management specific focus on curriculum management Teacher professional training & development Teacher professional

training development programme to respond to the&skills gaps among programme to respondteachers to the skills gaps among teachers ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Turnaround Strategy for Schools (cont) Outcomes Baseline Evaluation Developing: Planning & Implementation strategies Tools to ensure that the entire programme is mapped out Capacities

The collective strategy The capacity among school principals how to manage the teaching & learning process The capacity among the deputy principals The capacity among the heads of department Capacity among teachers to facilitate learning Transferring of skills to district officials on how to collect relevant data How to analyze data Support team building on relevant issues Measure the functionality of schools ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Reading Skills & Comprehension

Almost all children with a reading disability have difficulty with what they hear, not with what they see. Such children have a problem with an aspect of spoken language know as phonological processing. Decoding / deciphering of the alphabet, which is related to their inability / difficulty in letter recognition Problems in distinguishing foreground (black/letters/words) from background white Addressing: Learning disabilities Reaching a childs potential to the fullest

Finishing test & exam papers in time ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Food Gardens / Agri Entrepreneur The Government School Feeding Scheme Nutrition & better learners Increasing access & affordability to fruit & veg. Educational opportunities Size of land, type of produce, where are seeds & tools to be sourced, watering of garden? Volunteers must be committed to a long term project Financial viability ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Efficient & Effective School Management A training programme through which participants gain skills assisting them in running their schools efficiently & effectively Contents The successful entrepreneurial school Viability and Profitability Strategic planning & management

Marketing Operations & Maintenance management Human resources management & general administration Motivational leadership & teamwork Strategic Implementation Recycling Programmes ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Assistance with Mathematics & Accounting Training of Educators & Learning Material for Grade R - 7 Subtraction (Rules/graphics/vertical/Advanced vertical/Negative numbers Multiplication (Time Tables/without graphics/spider/large numbers/vertical Division (Without graphics/spider/Long Division/Enrichment work

Story sums Copies patterns using drawings/ patterns using shapes Number sequence Recognise/identifies two and three dimensional shapes Shapes and forms Read/write analogues and digital clocks Measures ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary

Assistance with Mathematics & Accounting (cont) Grade 12 Mathematics Basic Algebra Non-Linear Inequalities Simultaneous Equations Exponents, Surds and Logarithms Financial Mathematics Graphs & Functions Linear Programming Number Patterns, etc. Grade 12 Accounting Bank reconciliations

Debtors and creditors reconciliation Companies and Close Corporations concepts Value Added Tax, etc. ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Career Guidance Determining strengths, attributes & aptitudes DVD's demonstrating 260 career choices & guidelines World of Possibilities Focusing children on their strengths & possible career choices from Grade 3 onwards Scientific continuous guidance to making informed subject choices ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary

Assistance with Science & Chemistry Training of Educators & Learning Material for Grade 10 - 12 Physical Science: Modules Grade 12 Mechanics Waves Sound & Light Electricity & Magnetism Matters & Materials Chemistry: Modules Grade 11 Matters & Materials Chemical Change Chemical Systems Student Lab Science Kits Small scale portable laboratories used in classroom no laboratory, commercial electricity or running water needed

Science kits cover Natural Science, Chemistry, Biology & Physics experiments (Gr 4-12) Unprecedented teacher support through the use of the iBox & clicker technology ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Environmental Education Educational Aims Guide youth to utilize their free time gainfully & live to the advantage of their fellow man Nurture respect & love for environment Green flag programme Product Offering Skills Development: Exhibitions, outdoor training, adventure projects, handcraft tuition Educational Motivation: Outdoor educational programmes, leadership courses, lifestyle guidance Conservation: Nature reserve/zoo visits, area rehabilitation, tours to institutions of natural history, science & culture Culture: Tours to theaters & cultural festivals, leadership & skills development Community Service: Cleaning rivers/parks, planting trees, look out for alien plants & how to eradicate them ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Community Enablement Centres Schools = custodians of all learning Have existing infrastructure & capacity High accessibility & driving costs down i.r.o training/transport

Mini community Centres/Business Hubs Computer /scanning/internet facilities, e-learning, postal service, stationary distribution, skills development Vocational training ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Computer Centres Stimulation Enquiry Knowledge Application Computers essential part of modern day life Open up world of knowledge & opportunity Using technology to aid teachers / learning Internet access hole in the wall project ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Linking School & The Community Co-operation between the school & community Mentorship programmes for Principals

School at the Centre of Community ([email protected]) Project Goals: To support principals & develop their leadership skills To create a context & opportunity for business & community leaders to develop their leadership skills whilst at the same time making a significant contribution to Education To ignite active citizenship around the school (to engage parents & other members of the community so that the burden of responsibility for raising & educating our children is shared by more people than a small group of teaching staff) ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary School premises - upgrade Redevelopment and maintenance of buildings Use environmentally friendly building techniques & job creation Vacant land food gardens & sport / recreation facilities Maximize use of existing centres to the benefit of the local community & local businesses Upgrading of school resources School Audit

ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Resource Questionnaire & Resource Base Questionnaire designed to find out all about your school & its opportunities Parent Resource Base a practical aid in knowing what skills you have available Lead to helpful contacts within the community ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Our Projects Cence addressing Food Security For the past 3 years Cence has piloted various Agri-Entrepreneur projects: School Vegetable Gardens Vegetable gardens & food security project at schools. AgriSETA Learnerships Mitchells Plain Student bursary learnerships monitored & managed by Cence. Earthworm Composting Project Earthworm farm for training purposes. Community Development Projects Camdeboo Comprehensive Rural Development Project Comprehensive training in tourism, education, health & agriculture. MTN Young Entrepreneurs Kgwebo ya Batsha Project Entrepreneurship & business proficiency training in schools. Agriculture Research Council (ARC) Entrepreneurship & business management training for small scale

female farmers. ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary Strategic Questions 1. What would your ideal school look like? 2. How do you see private sector involvement? 3. What is your vision for your society? 4. How to communicate your successes & failures ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary

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