Welcome Chelsea Families to Curriculum Night! Mrs. Holthouse

Welcome Chelsea Families to Curriculum Night! Mrs. Holthouse

Welcome Chelsea Families to Curriculum Night! Mrs. Holthouse I have 2 daughters, Ellie (6) and Lily (3) Graduated from Illinois State University (Go Redbirds!)

Masters in Reading at St. Xavier University This is my 13th year here at Chelsea! Where can I see what my kids will be learning?

www.fsd157c.org District office tab Curriculum tab ALL curricular expectations are listed for parents Universal Screening Assessment FastBridge is the district screener for math and ELA.

FastBridge is administered 3 times per year. Our first assessment window is in August. Please contact Janet McClarence or Doug Wernet Variety of readings Basal Reader StoryTown Guided Reading/Leveled Readers Novels

Fiction/Non-Fiction passages Writers Workshop All students at Chelsea will participate in Writers Workshop that focuses on explicit instruction in writing. Our units include narrative, opinion, informational, fairy tales, and extended responses.

Words Their Way We are using Words Their Way to teach spelling, phonics and vocabulary this year. Throughout the week, the children sort word or picture cards that are similar. The program is developmental. The children are working on sorts appropriate for them. Structured Word Inquiry

Used in collaboration with Words Their Way as a part of our word study Instruction that builds an understanding of word structure as a tool for investigating the interrelation of spelling and meaning. Students investigate the meaning, structure and history of words through word webs, word matrices and guided inquiry Word Matrix

Word Sums Eureka Greater focus on fewer topics ? Coherence linking topics and thinking across grades Ie. Number bonds, tape diagrams

Rigor Pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application with equal intensity ie. 4 components fluency practice, application problem, concept development and student debrief How to help your kids at home: Eureka Module 1 Properties of Multiplication and Division and

solving problems with units of 2-5 and 10. Module 2 Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure Module 3 Multiplication and Division with units of 0, 1, 6-9 and multiples of 10. Module 4 Multiplication and Area Module 5 Fractions as numbers on a number line Module 6 Collecting and Displaying Data Module 7 Geometry and Measurement Word Problems

Multiplication Mastery In addition to the Eureka math program, we will be working towards mastering multiplication facts 0-12. Students will make flash cards and practice their facts in class and at home. Students will complete a multiplication fact family by passing a 1 minute timed test given on Fridays. They will then move onto a new set of facts.

Students will work at their own pace and monitor their progress. The ultimate goal is mastering the Multiplication Challenge, where all of the facts will be mixed together! We will begin after Module 1, information sheets will go home before we start. Social Studies Communities Government Maps and Globes Native Americans

NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Mystery Science Program Weather Forces and Motions Heredity Inheritance of Traits/Fossils Life Cycles of plants and animals Grades:

Summative & Formative Summative Activities are evidence we collect about our students skills and knowledge after learning has taken place. Formative Activities are evidence we collect about our students progress while learning is taking place. These activities are used to inform instruction throughout the learning process.

Powerschool Please check this site on a regular basis. There will be no paper copies of your childs Progress Notices. Please make sure you are a registered user, if not please contact our Technology Department.

Homework Math approximately 4 times per week. * Not all problems may be assigned. * Homework is EXPECTED to be returned the next day. *Students will receive points for completion as a part of math grade. (exp. 4 days of HW during the week =4 points/week) Reading 20 minutes 4 times per week.

Occasional novel reading, projects, etc. might be assigned. Please check and sign student planners WE HAVE A GROWTH MINDSET Embrace learning and growth

The power of yet Maintain confidence Learn to accept challenges and setbacks Chelsea Encore Classes Quarter 1 Music Quarter 2 Art Quarter 3 Spanish Quarter 4 STEM

Daily PE Quarters Report Cards Online PowerSchool to check for grades Chelsea Intermediate School Behavior

Expectations 2019-2020 Expected Behaviors Expected Behaviors are a behavior that we look for in our building that we want to see on a daily basis. Expected Behaviors are when people demonstrate expected behaviors, it helps our school to succeed in a positive way.

Expected Behaviors are those that help a child learn and be seen in a positive way. Students all signed the Chelsea Contract with their classroom agreeing to Expected Behaviors. Chelsea Intermediate Behavior Incentives Teachers may reward students with Tiger Tickets by giving any student

demonstrating expected behavior in any school zone a Tiger Ticket. Each student will have a chart where they will glue their tickets. When their chart is full, they will receive a Tiger Stripe from their classroom teacher. Unexpected Behaviors Unexpected Behaviors are behaviors we would be surprised to see at Chelsea Intermediate.

Unexpected behaviors are things that may disrupt our learning environment. Unexpected Behaviors are things kids do or say that others think are hurtful, disrespectful, or not friendly to others. Possible Consequences Warnings Loss of Recess Time

Sit at the Better Choice Table during Lunch Lunch & Recess Detentions Loss of Privileges (assemblies, etc.) Social Emotional Learning Second Step SEL Researched based program Home link activities are available on class

webpage 30 minute lessons Topics include: Problem Solving Conflict Resolution with Peers Self Awareness

Managing Emotions Grading Scale 100 - 98 97 - 93 92 90 89 87 A+ A AB+

72 70 69 67 66 63 62 60 86 82 79 76

B BC+ C 59 below F 83 80 -77 73

CD+ D D- Sign ups for our November conferences will be done online. Information will come in October. You can sign up for two 10 consecutive minute slots.

If you would like to volunteer for parties or field trips, please sign up at the back table. Parent volunteers will be chosen by a lottery system and you will be notified if you are picked. Only non-food items may be brought in. ALL students or all boys/girls must receive

invitations if handing out in school. Classroom Webpage Please be sure to look at my web page weekly for homework, curriculum updates, downloads, websites, important dates, etc. WWW.FSD157C.ORG

The FSP is the Parent Teacher Organization for District 157-C. Our mission is designed to strengthen the partnership between home and school through parent volunteer opportunities, student enrichment activities and fun family events. Some of the ways that we have enriched and supported the curriculum include: Funding for field trips Sponsoring special assembly programs Providing scholarships Providing curriculum enrichment funding to each school Coordinating volunteers for all our events and programs Each year we also hold FREE fun family events such as: Fall Family Fun Night and Creative Arts Showcase at Grand Prairie

Exploration Night and Family Fitness Night at Chelsea Come visit our table at Curriculum Night and visit us at www.fsp157c.org to learn more about our organization, our events, registering and volunteering. give. grant. grow. MISSION: Raising funds throughout the year to fulfill teacher written grants for the classroom. Over $2 million granted to date. GRANTED TO: Grand Prairie, Chelsea, and Hickory Creek FUNDRAISERS: Annual Dinner Auction & Hot Lunches

RECENT GRANTS: For 23 years, the mission of our parent led Education Foundation has been to fulfill teacher written grants for our K-8th grade classrooms in the areas of art, literacy, technology, math, physical education, science, social studies and character building programs. Last year, the Foundation donated over $165,000 in educational materials to 157-C classrooms. We are especially proud of two recent grants in particular: $69,000 retrofit of the Chelsea Intermediate School library and the $18,000 creation of the Hickory Creek Middle School STEM classroom. We are always in search of volunteers and donors. Please consider supporting our

teachers and your students by purchasing our EF Hot Lunches throughout the school year, attending or sponsoring our annual Casino Night fundraiser, or volunteering to serve on our Foundation. For more information and volunteering opportunities visit our website at www.ef157c.org Thank you for coming!

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