Overview of Partnership Funding Opportunities October, 2015 Agenda

Overview of Partnership Funding Opportunities October, 2015 Agenda

Overview of Partnership Funding Opportunities October, 2015 Agenda 1. Partnership Grants (PG) & Partnership Development Grants (PDG) Key Characteristics Competition Cycle 2. Special Initiatives 3. Frequently Asked Questions 4. Questions from the audience 2

Key Characteristics 3 Key Characteristics Partnership Grants Partnership Development Grants

Institution is the applicant Duration of 4 to 7 years Valued up to $2.5M Minimum 35% cash and in-kind contribution required from other sources (i.e., institution and partners) Two-stage application process PG LOI deadline is February 15

Project Director is the applicant Duration of 1 to 3 years Valued between $75K and $200K No minimum contribution required from other sources One-stage application process PDG deadline is November 30 4 Key Characteristics

Administering organization can be a Canadian university, college or non-profit organization. Requires a formal partnership. Partnerships may be academic-only or multisectoral. At least one post-secondary institution must be involved. 5 Key Characteristics Individuals: the project director, co-applicants or collaborators. Organizations: the applicant (PG-only) and as partners or supporting organizations.

6 Key Characteristics Partnership Approaches: Disciplinary and interdisciplinary research partnerships Cross-sector co-creation of knowledge and understanding Networks for research and/or related activities Partnered knowledge mobilization PG Only: Partnered research centres; Partnered Chairs; Partnered Research Training Initiatives 7 Key Characteristics Multidisciplinary selection committees include

expertise from the academic community, and from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Evaluation criteria include Challenge, Feasibility, and Capability. Partnership toolkit designed to assist researchers and partners at various stages. 8 Key Characteristics Tools for Research and Related Activities: SSHRC defines research and related tools as vehicles that broadly facilitate research and related activities. SSH tools enable researchers to collect, organize, analyze, visualize, mobilize and store quantitative and qualitative

data and creative outputs. In PG, between $7K and $500K can be requested for tools. In PDG, a maximum of $7K can be requested for tools. 9 Key Characteristics Research-creation proposals are eligible, and involve a slightly modified application form. Salary Research Allowances are available for Canadian not-for-profit organizations with a project director or co-applicant on the proposal. 10

Competition Cycle Partnership Development Grants Partnership Grants (LOI) Partnership Grants (Formal) August: Application available

Internal eligibility review conducted; Selection Committee(s) are formed; and Proposals are evaluated November 30th: Application Deadline March: Results announced September: Application available February 15th: Application Deadline

Spring: Results announced July: Application available November 1st : Application Deadline Spring: Results announced 11

Special Initiatives Some special initiatives that are offered through PG and PDG include the Kanishka Project, the Belmont Forum, and the Mitacs -Accelerate Internship program. There are some special initiatives/approaches that are only offered through PG: Partnered Research Training Initiatives CFIs John R. Evans Leaders Fund. 12 Special Initiatives: HPW Healthy and Productive Work reflects the interplay between health and social sciences in responding to the growing interest in maintaining a

healthy, productive and inclusive Canadian workforce Collaboration between: OBJECTIVE: To develop evidence-informed and gender-responsive solutions to foster the labour force participation of men and women with health issues and disabilities, as well as older workers and workers with caregiving responsibilities outside of their paid work. 13 Special Initiatives: HPW Partnership Grants

(2017 launch) Phase 2 Partner leverage (cash and/or in-kind) required Partnership Development Grant Deadline: November 30th, 2015 Phase I Partner leverage not required 14

Special Initiatives: HPW Stage 1: PDG Stage 2: PG Individual Grant (Applicant) Institutional Grant (Project Director) 2 Years 5 years $75,000/year

$325,000/years 1-4 $125,000/year 5 for dissemination No mandatory matching funds Minimum of 35% matching funds over the 5 year grant period Developing Formal Partnership Established Formal Partnership Greater Emphasis on the Challenge: The IDEA

Greater Emphasis on the Feasibility: The GOVERNANCE 15 Special Initiatives In May 2015, SSHRC launched new initiatives to support and promote Aboriginal research and talent development. Aboriginal research statement of principles will serve to guide the implementation of SSHRCs current and future activities. A revised definition of Aboriginal research clarifies research by and with Aboriginal Peoples and emphasizes and values the existing strengths, assets and knowledge systems of Aboriginal Peoples and communities. Guidelines for the Merit Review of Aboriginal Research are intended to

assist committee members in interpreting SSHRCs specific Challenge, Feasibility and Capability evaluation criteria in the context of Aboriginal research. 16 Special Initiatives Economic Action Plan 2013 proposed additional funding of $7 million per year for partnerships between industry and academic researchers. Industry partner: A for-profit organization, or an organization that assists, supports, connects and/or represents the common interests of a group of forprofit, incorporated organizations, such as an industry association or a formal or informal consortium.

17 Special Initiatives Imagining Canadas Future: Six Future Challenge Areas 1. New ways of learning for an evolving society and labour market; 2. Effects of the quest for energy and natural resources; 3. Experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples in Canada;

4. Leveraging emerging technologies; 5. Implications of global peak population; and 6. Knowledge for an interconnected, evolving global landscape. 18

Special Initiatives Societal Implications of Disruptive Innovation in Genomics Joint agreement between SSHRC and Genome Canada (GC) to promote social sciences and humanities research and related activities aimed at expanding understanding of the potential for new and emerging genomic innovations to profoundly affect society Initiative focuses on understanding the societal implications of genomic innovations characterized as disruptive Offered within several of SSHRCs funding opportunities Applications will be assessed against all other proposals received under a given SSHRC funding opportunity; GC will do a review of relevant proposals recommended for funding 19

Frequently Asked Questions When should the host institution be invited as a partner? (PDG only) What is required from co-applicants? What is required from partner organizations? What has to be submitted as evidence of the formal partnership? Is an intra-university partnership eligible on its own? 20 Frequently Asked Questions Is the time that a participant plans to dedicate to the project an eligible in-kind contribution? Can SSHRC funds be requested for internationallybased participants, students and/or other personnel?

Are applicants required to use Times New Roman 12pt font in the charts, tables and/or diagrams that are included within their application? Can a participant receive a salary from the grant? 21 Frequently Asked Questions Can SSHRC funds be requested for the costs of a project coordinator and/or manager? If Im applying from a non-profit organization, do I have to obtain institutional eligibility from SSHRC before applying? If I applied for an Insight Grant, Insight Development Grant, or a Connection Grant, can I apply for a PG

or PDG? 22 Program Support: [email protected] Technical Support: [email protected] Any Other Questions? 23 Thank you! www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca

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