1 Grade Open House 2017-2018 Welcome parents! st

1 Grade Open House 2017-2018 Welcome parents! st

1 Grade Open House 2017-2018 Welcome parents! st Miss Owens 1st grade class Our Team

Jeanne Broadhurst Abby Cheaves Mandy Dixon Marilyn Brown Sarah Heller Kristen Kraemer Alana Owens Rene Perry Early Intervention Program (EIP) & English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Stacey Chambers Target & Talent Development: Donna Peppers

1 Grade Overview st Curriculum Data Standards-Based Report Card

Homework Expectations Reminders Questions/Comments Parking Lot New Schoolwide Behavior Plan: KSE House System Video Link: http://bit.ly/2aNiaPb Blog link: http://kingspringshouses.weebly.com/ Workshop Format Integrating Science & Social Studies Reading & Writing Reading Workshop

Shared Reading using Literary & Informational Texts Work Time Guided Reading Small-Group Differentiation Literacy Centers Partner/Independent Work Writing Workshop Model, Write, Conference

Mathematics RAP (Review & Practice) Guided Math Whole-Group Introduction Small-Group Differentiation Math Centers Partner/Independent Work Class Reading Log - Students will visit the Media Center

once a week to check out 2 books. Please help monitor that your child is bringing home Just Right books. - Each month I will post a reading log on the blog. Students who complete their reading log and return it at the end of the month will receive a certificate for a FREE pizza from Pizza Hut for the months of October through March! - Keep a look out for announcements from our Media Specialist, Mrs. McCurry about a new reading program for students.

Data Beginning & End of Quarter Tests Reading Level Sight Words Math Facts Math Problem-Solving Standards-Based

Report Card The purpose of the report card is to show what each student is able to do, understand, communicate, and know based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). Students will be assessed using a number system of 3+, 3, 2, or 1. The standards (found on the front of the report card) stay

consistent throughout the entire year. However, please note that each nine weeks the benchmarks (found on the report card) change and the expectations become more challenging. Evaluating Student Progress Each student will be assessed to determine his/her progress toward mastery of the standards in the subjects of Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Social Studies, Technology, Mathematics, Science, and Health. Progress Reports/ Report Cards Progress reports will be given every 4

weeks to those children in danger of receiving a 1-Limited or minimum progress in the standards for their grade level or an N for learning skills and behaviors Report Cards will be distributed every 9 weeks. Homework Homework menus are posted on our class blog weekly. Please download and print! Students should choose one homework activity for each day. Have students color in the square for the activity they completed. Please keep all student practice work at home.

Return the weekly homework menu back to school on Fridays. Reading homework is 15-20 minutes nightly. This is a schoolwide expectation. Monthly reading logs are also posted on our class blog and on the back of our monthly calendar. Cobb Digital Library is a great resource! Please check your childs Take Home Folder and return daily. Remember, there is no need to sign it daily! Resources on our Blog Important Information for you to know Newsletter/Homework Reading resources

Math resources Need Another Copy? First Grade Handbook Transportation Change Form Finding Reading Levels in Destiny (Found on pink Media Center Info Handout sent home 1st week) Online Resources

Cobb Digital Library http://cobb.mackinvia.com Username: student ID number Password: read Raz-Kids http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login Teacher Username: kkraemer3 MyMath Online http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do Username: ccsd(student ID number)/ Password: cobbmath1 Specials Our specials schedule is on the monthly

calendar located inside your childs Take Home Binder. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for P.E. Days. Reminders Transportation Lunch and ASP Payments Please Check our Blog Weekly! http://MissOwens1st.weebly.com Questions/Comments? Thanks for Coming Lets Have a Great

Year! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me @ [email protected]

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