Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Mission Statement The Scholastic

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Mission Statement The Scholastic

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Mission Statement The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation exists to raise funding and other resources for Youth Development Programs in the shooting sports industry. Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation SSSF Vision Statement

To continue to be recognized and respected as the leader in supporting youth development shooting sports programs. Scholastic Clay Target Program Mission Statement SCTP is a youth development program where adult coaches and volunteers model sportsmanship, responsibility, and team work while using shooting sports programs to teach these and other positive life skills to SCTP

athletes. Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Benefactors Midway USA (Larry and Brenda Potterfield) Midway USA Foundation Scholastic Shooting Sports Trust National Shooting Sports Foundation College Initiative Program

National Shooting Sports Foundation Started the SCTP program in 2000 Started as a trap program in partnership with the ATA Skeet and Sporting Clays joined in 2002 in partnership with NSSA and NSCA Continued Financial support of over $150,000 per year SSSF / SCTP Partners

National Skeet Shooting Association - NSSA National Sporting Clays Association NSCA USA Shooting USAS National Rifle Association NRA Association of College Unions International SSSF / SCTP Partners NSSA- NSCA

Official Youth Development Program of NSSA-NSCA NGB Rules for Skeet and Sporting Clays Scholarship Money $10,000 for SCTP Shooters $10,000 for any NSSA-NSCA Registered Jr Shooter SSSF / SCTP Partners NSSA-

NSCA SCTP Concurrent at State Championships, U.S. Open NSCA Nationals and NSSA Worlds College Divisions at NSCA Nationals, NSSA Worlds, and NSCA U.S. Open NSSA Range Improvement Grants SSSF / SCTP Partners Scholastic Pistol Program

SPP provides the opportunity for young adults to participate in the exciting and challenging family sport of speed shooting in a supportive environment taught by trained and supportive adult coaches focusing on the safe handling and use of handguns . The basic competitive unit is a four-person squad; each squad shoots four (4) stages. In SPP competition, your time is your score. Total score for all stages will determine each competitors match score. SPP is organized based on age, Junior Division (ages 12-16), Senior (17-20) and Collegiate (no age limit)

SSSF / SCTP Partners Scholastic Pistol Program SPP Director Scott Moore [email protected] (602) 930-7778 Tammy Mowry [email protected] (724) 822-7390 SSSF / SCTP Partners

USA Shooting Official Clay Target Youth Development Program of USAS NGB Rules for Olympic Style Games Annual Level 1 Coach School Two Annual Junior Olympic Training Camps SCTP Olympic Style National Championship Lodging and meals at the OTC

USA Shooting March 15 18 SCTP Challenge, International Skeet & Trap Fort Benning, GA May 25 28

Invitational Shooting Camp (Olympic Training Center) July 27 August 1 SCTP Intl Clay Target Championships Olympic Training Center

August 6 - 12 SCTP JODC Camp Coaches & Shooting Camp SSSF / SCTP Partners National Rifle Association USAS, NRA, CMP Level 1 Coaches Class Official SCTP Coaches Credential Sponsors the NRA All-School All-American

Team National Rifle Association All-School All-American Team National American Team Championships National Olympic Team Championships 3.0 Grade point average Letter of recommendation from Head Coach, State

Advisor, School Administrator, or Pastor Meet MQS (minimum qualifying score) for each discipline. Receive NRA All-American Patch, Pin, Certificate SSSF / SCTP Industry Partner Platinum Sponsors Promatic Zanders Sporting Goods Noblesport Ammunition Junior Shooters Magazine

CZ-USA Gold Sponsors Zoli Firearms Blaser Silver Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Americase

ATK/Federal Briley Browning Crosman Fiocchi Ammunition Great Outdoors HiViz Shooting Hodgdon Power

Little Egypt Mec Reloader Otis Technology Ruger Shamrock Leather SKB Shotguns Tru-Glo Remington Winchester White Flyer Program Advantages

Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per incident $3,000,000 aggregate First Defense Coverage Firearms Insurance Program Med Pay and AD&D Program Advantages SSSF / SCTP Organizational Chart Executive Director Administrative Director

Directors of Development National Coach Trainers Competition Events Local and State Events Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays Championships

Competition Events National Events ACUI National College Championships March 27 - April 1, 2012 National Shooting Center San Antonio, TX

Competition Events ACUI National College Championships SCTP, with the help of Larry and Brenda Potterfield, will contribute $5,000, into the endowment trust account at Midway USA Foundation, for every SCTP College attending the 2012 ACUI College Shotgun Championships

Competition Events National Events National American Style Team Championships July 17-21, 2012 World Shooting & Recreation Complex Sparta, Illinois

National Olympic Style Team Championships July 27-August 1, 2012 Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, Colorado Competition Events National American Style Team Championships

Scholastic Pistol Program Ruger Rimfire Head-to-Head Competitions Shooting Games for Kids and Adults SCTP SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS

Application/Personal Information Page Student Resume & School Activities Page One Page Essay Twenty (20) $750 Scholarships awarded in 2012 Funds are paid directly to the College

Scholarships will be announced at both National Championships. Competition Events National American Style Team Championships Concurrents College High School Division

New Club Shotgun Program Must be a new SCTP Team Must register 10 new Shooters Must raise $2,000 and send it to the National Office SSSF will add funds to the $2,000 and purchase a New Club Package

$1500 put in your Endowment Trust Account New Club Shotgun Program Package includes 3 Club Guns (Remington/CZ), 12 sets of eye protection, 12 shell pouches, 12 sets of ear protection, 12 cleaning kits and 12 flats of ammunition. SSSF will then deposit $1,500 into the club Endowment Account at Midway USA Foundation.

Net Cost of the New Club Package $500 Match Grant Program Contact Director of Development Competition Divisions

Rookie Division 5th graders and below Intermediate Division Grades 6-8 Senior Division Grades 9-12

Collegiate Division - Based on ACUI Eligibility Competition Divisions The SCTP team is broken into competition squads. The squad size for American Trap is five (5).

The squad size for American Skeet, Sporting Clays, and the Olympic disciplines of BunkerWobble Trap and International Skeet is three (3). Competition Divisions Teams must have at least one full squad to become an officially recognized SCTP team.

There is no limit to the number of members on a team or to the number of squads a team may field. Registration SCTP/Collegiate Teams The 2012 registration fee for State Advisors,

Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Adult Volunteers is $25.00. This fee covers the cost of liability insurance, background check, and the on-line Double-Goal Coach Course. A volunteer must be registered to be covered by SCTP insurance.

Registration Athlete The 2012 membership fee for each registered athlete is $15.00. The fee covers administration cost, liability insurance, and State Championship awards.

Contact Information National Office Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Karen Peterson 51863 Schoenherr Road / Ste #202 Shelby Township, MI 48315 586-739-SCTP (7287) [email protected] Contact Information Executive Director Dan Hathaway 51863 Schoenherr Road Ste. 202 Shelby Twp., MI 48315 (586) 739-7287 [email protected]

Contact Information West Coast Director of Development Mike Borg [email protected] 831-229-4872 South Central Director of Development

Sean McLelland [email protected] 956-330-2986 Contact Information East Coast Director of Development North

Central Director of Development Tom Wondrash [email protected] 262-939-6664 Contact Information National Training Team Director

Chuck Peterson [email protected] (586) 739-SCTP

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