SCITT Day 6 2018 GEOMETRY: IDENTIFYING KEY FEATURES OF SHAPE AND SPACE Resources Shapes 2d 3d Card scissors glue Squared paper Mathematical equipment Articulate cards Mastery booklets OS maps Tarsia jigsaw Today we will

Be aware of the key ideas underpinning the two strands of geometry in EYFS, KS1 and KS2; Explore challenging practical tasks for applying knowledge in shape and space; Look at coordinate representation and use of angle; Be able to teach further aspects of 2D shape, including transformations (translation, rotation, reflection and scaling) Associated issues for

teaching Explore aspects of position and movement using ICT. Consider the role of a plenary within any lesson structure What do success criteria look like in mathematics? Maths Assignment Bar Model representations: (KS1 problems) Additive Reasoning BUILD: 1.There are 4 yellow flowers and 3 blue flowers how many altogether?

2.There are 5 lollies. Jess eats 2. How many are left? 3.6 + [] = 17 altogether COMPARE: 1.There are 5 red cars and 3 yellow cars, how many more red cars? 2.The string is 4cm, the ribbon is 8cm. How much shorter? QUESTION: (Create your own) John has 7 balls. Mark has 5 more Beth has 6 balls. Emily has 3 less

Number Rods (Cuisenaire) Multiplicative Reasoning What problem could this bar model be showing? What could this bar model be showing? Playing with algebra? Working backwards

Purposeful Plenaries What are plenaries for? How have you seen them used? What features make for a successful plenary? Mastery in Geometry What's involved? What would you expect to see re. Big ideas in Geometry, across the primary years & in different year groups? What would you expect primary learners to be able to do and understand?

Whats it all about? Practical resources to make shapes Pinboards and elastic bands Shape tiles Sticks or geostrips Art straws or construction kits

Sets of plastic/wooden shapes and sets of 2-D shapes on card Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) Computer programs Fixpoints ITP Isometric grids ITP Glossary Definitions Triangle, square, rectangle, oblong, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, circle, semicircle, cube, cuboid, pyramid, cone, cylinder, prism, sphere,

hemisphere, face, edge, vertex/vertices, surface, solid, side, straight, curved, diagram, right-angled, symmetrical, 2-D shape, two-dimensional, 3-D shape, three-dimensional, describe, property What's the same, what's different? How would you define these quadrilaterals: Parallelogram Rhombus Rectangle Square

Oblong Kite and inverted kite (delta) Trapezium How do we compare to ? Sorting What different properties of shape are expected? Use Tree, Venn and Carroll Diagrams to sort shapes [How are these different sorting diagrams linked?] National Curriculum Two aspects:

Geometry Properties of shape Position and direction TASK 1 Track progression from [EYFS] Y1 to Y6 Is progression clear? Are there any gaps? Task 2 Focus on the expectations for your year group? Clear learning points? ELG 12: Children use everyday language to talk about position, distance, to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. They recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them. Mastery

Read the Big Ideas for your year group What understandings are identified? Do they meet your expectations? Mastery Consider the examples in your year group. Choose an example to use in a plenary or HOT/ COLD task, how might you scaffold the learning within the lesson to enable success?

Geometry D Haylock Two aspects: Moving or changing shapes Classifying shapes Fundamental concepts: Transformation Equivalence We ask learners: How are they the same? How are they different? Copy this shape onto a whiteboard How is your shape compared to mine?

The same but different A B C D How are these shapes the same? How are they different? A transformation that changes a shape into a congruent shape is called a congruence. That is; a translation, a reflection, a rotation.

Explore Discuss and sketch models and images for: Translation What other Reflection shape Rotation examples...? Tessellation (and packaging) Patterning Matching Sorting and classifying Enlargement [Y6 R&P] similar shapes where the scale factor is known or can be found.

Coordinates-Plotting Coordinates squares on a grid. 5 Draw A tick B4 A cross E3 A triangle C2 3 4

2 1 A B C D E 14 Real Life Ordnance Survey

Maps 13 Locate interesting features give 6 fig coordinates for others to find them. e.g. 042 123 12 11

Means X: 04 and 2 tenths Y: 12 and 3 tenths 10 04 05 06 07 08 Using a Protractor Can you create Success Criteria to

use a protractor to measure an angle? (Expectations: to nearest 10 or 5 or 1) What are the main teaching points? How might you model this? Woodlands Junior Whats My Angle? MSWLogo fd 100 bk 100 rt 90 lt 90 cs seth 0 Repeat ? [fd 30 rt 90] pu / pd (pen up/down)

pe / ppt (en erase/paint) Create a set of commands to draw a: Square Rectangle Other regular shapes Block letter of the alphabet A spirograph Online searches: Tangrams/ Tesselations/ MC Escher/ Origami/

Transformations/ Platonic Solids 2D challenges Tarsia Jigsaw Investigate ITP's Isogrid, Polygon, Area, Coordinates What different shapes can you make by folding A4 paper? Isogrid Dot to Dot use a triangular array of 15 dots to draw different triangles. How many are there? 3D challenges The 12 Pentominoes

Which make the net of an open cube? Nets Challenge choose any 3d shape. Create its net to tightly wrap it Create a glossary that names and defines the properties of 2d/ 3d shapes You will feedback! Use the mathematical equipment to accurately draw: equilateral

triangle, square, isosceles triangle, hexagon, pentagon. Nrich - Properties of shape Activities - airnets; transformations on a pegbd; a shapely network; property chart; making tangrams Google Soma Cube; Spiral in a square Online links: lexs-adventures-in-numberland/2015/ aug/10/attack-on-the-pentagon-results -in-discovery-of-new-mathematical-tile MATHS TASK

Prepare 15 maths questions with explanation, working at your own level. This will give an indication of your progress with the subject knowledge audit. Throughout, identify websites and reference materials used In your reflection note key learning points and any areas for future study.

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