Watergate Nixon Paranoia Insecure He felt he was

Watergate Nixon Paranoia  Insecure  He felt  he was

Watergate Nixon Paranoia Insecure He felt he was unfairly treated by the press loss to JFK in the Presidential Election of 1960 was due to ballot box stuffing in Chicago/Texas This made him very paranoid that the democrats were cheating. Wanted to know everything about political opponents Justified his actions by saying he was playing by their rules. Leaks in the Administration

The Pentagon Papers - Daniel Ellsberg in June, 1971 Clear to him that there were leaks in his administration Hired the Plumbers Ex-CIA and Ex-FBI hired to stop leaks E. Howard Hunt Ex-CIA G. Gordon Liddy Ex-FBI Plumbers found out that Ellsberg was seeing a psychiatrist. They broke into the doctors office to dig up dirt, found nothing significant

The Break In Dont trust the Democrats US Atty General, John Mitchell authorized the break-in Wire taps on the chairman of the Democratic National Conventions phone. Liddy and Hunt recruit James McCord (ex-CIA officer) and a couple of Cuban to break into the office of the Democratic National Committee. Located in the Watergate Apartment complex The crew is discovered by security and arrested Controversy

Republicans tried to cover up the break-in which is why it was blown up to the magnitude it was Conceal involvement of Nixon officials until after the 1972 Presidential election. Hush money was paid to the Plumbers and wire tappers Jun 23rd Presidents Chief of Staff, Bob Halderman, instructed the CIA to instruct the FBI to halt the investigation. Using the CIA to do this was obstruction of justice. When the CIA carries on McCord revealed ties to higher officials to get a reduced sentence. As investigation heats up and Council to the President, John Dean felt he might be a patsy. He agreed to testify about the Watergate break in for a reduced sentence.

It became every man for himself. Erwin Committee These were televised hearings to investigate the Watergate issues. Tapes come out in testimony July 13th, 1973 Nixons asst Alexander Butterfield disclosed the existence of the tapes to the Erwin committee Every Oval Office conversation since 1971 was taped other rooms were taped as well. These tapes could implicate the President Tapes are subpoenaed Nixon used executive privilege to keep the tapes

Court ruled that Nixon had to turn them over This made it look like Nixon had something to hide and the American people were outraged. Nixon fired the special prosecutor, Archie Cox and appointed Leon Jawoski as special prosecutor. Jawoski was as relentless as Cox Committee recommended impeachment for obstruction of justice Nixons own lawyers encouraged him to resign Resignation

Aug 8th, 1974 Nixon announced his resignation effective the next day. 1st time in American History that a President resigned Aftermath Some guys went to prison Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford Republicans lose to Carter in 1976 because of Watergate American people distrust leaders

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