Aim: How do plant & animal cell organelles

Aim: How do plant & animal cell organelles

Aim: How do plant & animal cell organelles maintain homeostasis? DO NOW: Read the Cell Theory Rap handout & on loose-leaf, explain why we looked at this

rap, choose 2 organelles & write down their functions. Organelles mini-workers inside of cells that have

specific jobs Lie in the cytoplasm of both animal & plant cells (eukaryotes) Nucleus

Brain of the cell Contains DNA or genetic instructions (Nucleic Acid) Has a membrane with pores

Nuclear Membrane Membrane of the nucleus Also called nuclear envelope Nucleolus

Inside nucleus Makes ribosomes Ribosomes Make proteins

Found freely in cytoplasm or attached to endoplasmic reticulum Mitochondria Site of cellular respiration (chemical reaction)

ATP Energy producing organelle Powerhouse of the cell Vacuoles Storage sacs for food or water or excess waste,

that will eventually be eliminated Endoplasmic Reticulum Cellular highway Allows for more efficient transport inside of

cells 2 Types: Smooth & Rough Rough: contains ribosomes, which make proteins Smooth: no ribosomes

Golgi Bodies / Apparati Packaging organelle for proteins (sorts, modifies & packs proteins)

Lysosomes Located in both animal and plant cells Contain digestive enzymes for breakdown of wastes (Ex. damaged cells or old cell parts)


Only in animal cells Look like cylinders In pairs, near the nucleus Involved in cell division


Only in Plant Cells Site of Photosynthesis (chemical reaction) Food (Glucose) Producer

Contains chlorophyll pigment (allows for absorption of sunlight) Cell Membrane Barrier between inside & outside of cells

Regulates what enters & exits cells Cell Wall Made of cellulose (tough carbohydrate) Lies outside the cell membrane in plant cells

and bacteria, fungal organisms and some protists Offers Support & Protection Cytoplasm

Similar function to that of the human bodys circulatory system Site of most chemical reactions in a cell Holds organelles in place Mostly made of water

gel-like fluid that surrounds the nucleus Brain-Pop Video eandgenetics/cellstructures

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Castle Learning Questions on Organelles

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