OSR On some interesting Curves... Aditya Kiran Grad

OSR On some interesting Curves... Aditya Kiran Grad

OSR On some interesting Curves... Aditya Kiran Grad 1st yr

Applied Math Curvature The fact of being curved or the degree to which something is curved.. Tendency to deviate from moving in a straight

line.. How to find curvature? y =f(x) form Parametric form y =f(t) , x=f(t)

Polar form (r,theta) 4 interesting curves We discuss about 4 curves today:

1)Catenary 2)Tractrix

3)Archimedean Spiral 4) Tautochrone #1 Catenary

lso called Alysoid or chain equation.. The word catenary is derived from the Latin word catena for chain. Solved by Huygens (wave theory of light- guy) equation

Y = Coshx(x/a) Parametric: X(t)=t, Y(t)=aCosh(t/a) Curvature: k(t)=

Special properties.. A catenary is also the locus of the focus of a parabola rolling on a straight line. The catenary is the evolute of the tractrix.

#2 Tractrix From the Latin trahere meaning drag/pull.. Also called drag curve or donkey curve.

The tractrix was first studied by Huygens in 1692 So whats the problem about? What is the path of an object when it is dragged along by a string of constant length being pulled

along a straight horizontal line The Equation : Y=a*Sech(t) X=a*(t-Tanh(t))

Curvature: k(t)=Cosech(t)/a Special properties.. Tractrix is also obtained when a hyperbolic spiral is rolled on a straight line..Then locus of

the center of the hyperbola forms a tractrix. Evolute of a tractrix is a catenary Example in daily life: ..If Car front wheels travel along straight line,

the back wheels follow a tractrix. #3 Archimedean spiral It is the locus of a point moving away from a

fixed point with a constant speed along a line which rotates with constant angular velocity. Rotate around a point with constant

angular velocity Move away from the point with constant speed

= Archimedean spiral Equation in polar coordinates:

a turns the spiral B controls the distance between successive turnings. equation

r= b Parametric: x= b**Cos() y= b**Sin() Curvature:

Any ray from origin meets successive turnings at a constant separation. Used to convert circular motion to linear motion.. Used in Archimedes screw

General formula of spiral X=1, Archimedean spiral X=2 ,Fermat spiral X=-1 ,Hyperbolic spiral

Logarithmic spiral Logarithmic spiral #4

Tautochrone A tautochrone or isochrone curve Tauto=same, and chrono =time Solved by Christian Huygens in 1659. the curve for which the time taken by an object sliding without friction in uniform gravity to its

lowest point is independent of its starting point Its nothing but a cycloid. ( Curvature: k=Cosec(/2)/4a

T= Thank you.!!!

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