WJEC GCSE Geography A Autumn CPD 2013 Todays

WJEC GCSE Geography A Autumn CPD 2013 Todays

WJEC GCSE Geography A Autumn CPD 2013 Todays agenda 9:00 9:30 Arrival and coffee 9:30 10:00

Welcome by WJEC officer 10:00 12:15 Lessons from the moderation of controlled assessment in 2013 and a marking exercise based on the Fieldwork Enquiry. An opportunity to consider the development of new fieldwork tasks for 2015. This session includes advice from the Field Studies Council. 12:15 13:00

Lunch 13:00 15:15 DME marking exercise. Advice & discussion around the development of new DME tasks for 2015. 15:15 15:30 Any questions?

(includes coffee break) Item Level Data Item Level Data shows the breakdown of marks of a script by Theme for geography A. For centres, it is a data source that can be used to: evaluate their own performance

against specification norms assist candidates in improving individual performance. Walled Garden On the secure website (your exams officer will have a login) in the Walled Garden area, there are two buttons that give access to item level data: Item Level Summary (Candidates) Centre Performance in Context

Item Level Summary (Candidates) Use the drop down menu to select the series Item Level Summary (Candidates) For each unit a candidate has sat, the mark achieved on each item is given.

At any stage the data can be exported as a spread sheet or pdf document Item Level Summary (Candidates) By clicking on a candidate name, an individual report is given The report shows: Mark achieved by candidate Average mark achieved by centre

Average mark achieved for all candidates entered with WJEC Centre Performance in Context To see how your centre performed, relative to other centres with WJEC, the Centre Performance in Context should be selected: Centre Performance in Context

This gives (for each item) the mean, facility factor and attempt %, for all candidates as well as males and females separately. The white columns show the centre result, the grey columns all WJEC candidates' results. Using the mean mark Mean If all candidates perform well on a particular item, the mean score will be close to the

maximum mark. Conversely, if candidates as a whole perform poorly on the item there will be a large difference between the mean score and the maximum mark. A simple comparison of the mean marks will identify those items that contribute significantly to the overall performance of the candidates. Using the facility factor

For questions with different maximum marks, the facility factor should be used to compare performance. Facility factor expresses the mean mark as a percentage of the maximum mark It is a measure of the accessibility of the item. If the mean mark obtained by candidates is close to the maximum mark, the facility factor will be close to 100 per cent and the item would be considered to be very

accessible. Using Attempt % Attempt % In Geography A UNIT 2, where candidates have a choice of question, the statistics evidence candidate preferences / the teaching policy within centres. In UNIT 1, a lower figure for question 6 (the final question) would indicate candidates were short of time. Happily, at a national

scale, this does not seem to be a significant issue. Centre Performance in Context The guidance notes which can be downloaded give an explanation of the data analysis provided. Feedback on the summer series of exams

Available now Available from later in autumn WJEC is not providing face-to-face feedback on this summers GCSE Geography exams. However, centres are encouraged to: Use the Principal Examiners report

which is available on the WJEC website. Use the new, interactive materials being developed for the WJEC website Sample feedback (Geog A 2012) Feedback opens in a web browser Initial screen provides item level data for one paper. Tools (on right) allow interactive use on

whiteboard Drop down boxes explain the item level data for use in departmental training Facility factor may be represented as a graph. The shorter bars represent the more demanding questions 2 Toggle the

mark on/off 3 Toggle the examiners comment on/off 4 Open the mark

scheme 1 Click on the candidate to open a response Toggle examiner comments on to assist AfL

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