One Students Research Proposal March 20, 20xx TO:

One Students Research Proposal March 20, 20xx TO:

One Students Research Proposal March 20, 20xx TO: Dr. J. M. Lannon, Director of UMDs Writing Program Background FROM: Christina Trinchero Reason for interest/need for research SUBJECT: Proposal for Investigating the Erosion Problem on Cape Cod Introduction In 1889, Mr. Henry Marindin of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey conducted a study to determine by how much Cape Cod was retreating into the vast ocean. [Early investigators had estimated that the Cape had originally extended from 2.5 to 4 miles to the east (Leatherman, i)]. Mr. Marindin had set up markers from the Nauset spit to the Provincetown hook, and in 1950, 74 of his original markers were replaced with concrete benchmarks. A research team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute determined that over this 70-year period, the shoreline had eroded at an average rate of 2.5 feet per year (Leatherman, i). Your tentative thesis Statement of Problem statement (might merge More than one hundred years after Mr. Marindins study, the tide still ebbs point) and flows with next along the same stretch of Cape Cod beaches. But how much of the original beach remains? How long will waves crash against sandy shores? Will there come a day when Cape Cod is underwater? Proposed Study More detailed overview of topic Humans struggle with the natural world constantly. We have been, and probably always will be, in conflict with the natural world. Using technology, humans have found many ways to tame nature, yet some aspects of nature remain untamable. The ocean has yet to be managed by humans. Erosion, the wearing away and removal of any kind of earth materials by water and wind, as scientists have discovered, is unstoppable. It is crucial to detect where erosion has occurred and, if possible, slow the process, saving the land that remains. Such is the case on Cape Cod. Erosion continues to shape and reshape the Cape. The way to address the erosion problem is to preserve the beaches and land the tides have not yet taken out to sea. Scope Your research questions To investigate Cape Cods erosion problem, I plan to pursue the following areas of inquiry: How does erosion occur?

How does the Cape rebuild itself? How did Thoreau describe the Cape when he first saw the area? Who was Henry Beston? How does he relate to the erosion issue? Is erosion a threat to the Capes wildlife and plant life? What have previous studies revealed about the erosion problem? What can be done to help slow erosion on the Cape? Types of sources What is the function of Cape Cod National Seashore? What is the National Seashore doing to slow erosion? Specific sources youve Does building still occur high atop dunes despite warnings of high tides and erosion? How do owners of beachfront property feel about erosion? Worried enough, say, to come across move their home 1001000 feet back from the shifting sands? What can concerned residents of the Cape do to help prevent erosion? Methods Wont necessarily be this deteailed My primary data sources will include interviews with Mr. John Smith, Director of Environmental Planning at the National Seashore in South Welfleet, MA, and Dr. George Brown, an erosion expert at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. I will compare (via photographs) several beaches damaged by erosion and look at an experimental beach designed by the National Seashore to help prevent erosion. I have considered doing a random telephone survey to determine if, and to what extent, Cape Cod residents feel threatened by erosion. My secondary sources will include two reports: the first is a report on the historical cliff erosion of outer Cape Cod; the second study tells of the interaction of vegetation and geological processes on Barrier Beaches, and off-road vehicle impact on dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore. I will also consult articles dealing with the erosion issue. Any special knowledge or My only qualification is that I am an avid beach-goer reasons who has an interest why erosion for inyour interest occurs and in what can be done to prevent it from destroying the Cape. (optional) My Qualifications Conclusion Clearly, natural cycles cant be stopped; to end a cycle would eventually threaten even the most advanced forms of life. The Cape Cod National Seashore is working to study erosion and determine how to control the natural process. The question remains: is Cape Cod disappearing? With your approval, along with any suggestions, I willEncourages continue my research.reader accept the proposal (me) to

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