COURSE PLANNING 8 to 9 TIME LINE This Week (Jan 21-24) Class visits to review courses (required and electives) needed for gr. 9 Students research course selection guide ( on the School website) for specific details re. courses of interest Students discuss preferred selections with parent/guardian & make a note of proposed courses in readiness for system opening Wed FEB 12-6:30 Parent night - this presentation will be given at this time

Wed FEB 13-March 3 you and your parent may go ONLINE and register on Parent Connect (link on school website) (April 2nd- 9th system re-opens for adjustments) Typical Gr. 9 Course Selection

Language Arts 9 (required) Mathematics 9 (required) Science 9 (required) Social Studies 9 (required) Physical & Health Education (PE) 9 (required) Elective 9 (if continuing with French, would be French 9) Elective 9 - your choice Elective 9 - your choice

Alt. 1 Alt. 2 Alt. 3 Required Courses for Grade 9 LANGUAGE ARTS CHOICES: choose 1 English 9 Cornerstones 9 (English & SS combined/2 blocks)- teacher recommended ) Humanities 9 ( English and SS combines /2 blocks) SOCIAL STUDIES CHOICES: choose 1

SS 9 Cornerstones (English & SS combined/2 blocks)- teacher recommended ) Humanities 9 ( English and SS combines /2 blocks) Required Courses for Grade 9 Cont. MATHEMATICS 9 CHOICES: choose 1 Math 9 Math 9 : Challenge (self select, but math dept. approved in spring) Math 9 : Core (if you were in CORE. Math 8, or if the teacher recommends it)

SCIENCE 9 must choose The Math Question* Failure of Math 8: 45% or higher : Remedial summer school; lower than 40% typically you will repeat Math 8 (will be reviewed with counsellor) Weak in Math/Low Mark in Math 8 - 50-55% : Consider taking summer school to review (space permitting/see your counsellor in June) OR sign up for CORE math (if you have always struggled i.e. C or C- gr. 4-7) Low Mark as a result of poor work habits - 50-55% : Where a student has historically demonstrated adequate math skill and ability but this year did not do regular

assignments/homework and did not prepare for tests and where other grades are strong (C+, B etc.) - consider summer school to review (space permitting) , take Math 9, work hard and get a tutor to help fill in the gaps created in grade 8 through poor work habits NOTE: Students must have a Math 11 to graduate. CORE math leads to Workplace Math 10 which flows into Workplace Math 11 which will meet this requirement, but will NOT meet the requirement to enter many University Academic Level Programs and College level academic transfer programs . NOT SURE? Speak with your Math teacher and your Counselor ! *the above mentioned %s are suggested only/not requirements; discussion must be held with the counsellor and math teacher as individual needs differ. Required Courses Cont.

ACTIVE LIVING (PE) : OPTIONS choose 1 Physical & Health Education 9(co-ed) Physical & Health Ed. 9 : Women's Volleyball - (teacher recommendation) Physical & Health Ed. 9 : Basketball Co-Ed (a.m. x block) this would be a 9th course in your selection allowing you to take an additional elective (teacher recommendation) Academy 9 PE credit (Baseball, Dance, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball)* *all academy programs require application and are choice programs with tuition costs attached as well as travel to another site for part of the school day (odd days) unless Golf or Softball which are held at Seaquam; see School

District Website for more information on program details, application process and fees; bus transportation is available for many programs. ELECTIVE COURSES opportunities to develop new directions Languages yes, an elective French 9 French 9: Challenge (if you are recommended by your Fr. 8 teacher) French 10* (if you took Fr. 9 or 9 challenge in your gr. 8 year)

French 10 Challenge if you are recommended by your teacher Japanese 9 Japanese 10 (if you took JA. 9 in your grade 8 year) *students are only advanced by one grade level at Seaquam; please discuss with your French Teacher THEN Counsellor as needed if you have any questions regarding appropriate placement The 2nd Language Question - to take or not to take A Language is an ELECTIVE meaning something you choose to take but dont have to take (for the purposes of graduation) you need to discuss this with your

parents Why take it then? - because you enjoy language learning ; having a second languages always a good skill to have ! Or because some universities like UBC and SFU - still require you to have a second language at the grade 11 level to be admitted, so if you hope to apply to SFU or UBC, then YES you should consider continuing with French studies. - because it may be a course that is potentially required in post secondary UVic, Kwantlen and many others no longer require the second language, but ALWAYS check with the particular school of interest ; some post secondary programs MAY require a second language as part the Bachelor of Arts Degree while the language can be picked up at the post secondary, it may be best to complete that language requirement while still in high school ) If you dont know and you want to keep all your options open, then YES, you should consider continuing with

your French studies. NOTE: Your second language does not have to be French; it could be Japanese 11 or Spanish 11 (you can start Spanish as early as grade 10 if you have done French 9 ), or even a language you already have or are studying privately such as German 11 or Mandarin 11 . . . See me re. this if you have questions. APPLIED SKILLS COURSES

Entrepreneurship and Marketing 9 Graphics 9 Culinary Arts 9 (Caf) Food Studies 9 Textiles 9 Food Studies/Textiles 9 Computer Technology 9: Digital Literacy Computer Science 9: Coding Tech. Ed. 9: Drafting & Design Tech. Ed. 9: Intro Engineering

Tech. Ed. 9: Metalwork Tech. Ed. 9: Woodwork Tech. Ed. 9: Wood Art Carving Drafting for Robotics 9 Challenge Robotics 9 : Challenge (X block) must be taken with drafting for Robotics) ARTS EDUCATION COURSES

Drama 9 Drama 9: Stagecraft (X Block) Theatre Company 9(X Block) Film and Video 9 Animation 9

Music 9: Concert Band Music 9: Jazz Band ( X Block Morning) Music 9: Choir Photo Art 9 (art and photo combined) Academies: Dance, Film Acting, Film Production, Visual Effects, Opera/Performance see Academies SD 37 website for more info. Special Note: Out of Timetable Courses Students will typically have 5 required + 3 electives = 8 classes selected

Choices 9 and 10 and 11 will be the alternates However, where a student selects Jazz Band, Theatre Company, or Robotics which are out of timetable courses, this course will be the 9th course, and the alternates will be # 10 11 -12 Students carrying one or more out of timetable courses are NOT entitled to a block off in the regular 8 block timetable. STUDENT SUPPORT CLASSES Students signing up for these classes are typically already

taking a block of support in their grade 8 year. If you dont already have one, but you feel you may need a support block please see your counsellor but do NOT sign up for one. ELL (English Language Learners) Learning Support 9: (Formerly Strategies for Learning LA/ LD) teacher if you fall under LAC or LD Choice Programs (Academies)

Dance Academy (Delta Sec.) Film Acting Academy (South Delta Sec. ) Film Production Academy (Delta Manor Educ. Centre) Visual Effects (Delta Manor) Opera and Performance Academy (Delta Sec.)

Baseball Academy (Sands Sec.) Golf Academy (Seaquam Sec.)

Golf Academy (Beach Grove Golf Course) Delta Wild Hockey Team (S. Delta Sec.) Lacrosse Academy (Delta Sec.) Soccer Academy (Sands Sec.) Soccer Academy (S. Delta Sec) Softball Academy Girls (Seaquam Sec.) Basketball Richmond Oval Farm Roots School (Boundary Beach) The Importance of Alternates

In the event that your first choice(s) is/are full, we will need your alternate choices to complete your timetable. YOU choose . . . or WE choose (yikes!!! - IS there such a course??) Dont Skip Alternates - PICK AT LEAST 3 Think about the alternative classes you will take (what you can live with if you dont get exactly what you want ; ensure you enter MORE than one alternate) Dont just pick whatever; you may well be enrolled in that

class and as it is a selection you will be required to stay in that class Confused? Navigating the course selection guide TABLE OF CONTENTS at the beginning of the book; this will direct you to the right area of the book to get more information and answer specific questions about courses

A FULL LIST OF GRADE 9 COURSE OPTIONS can be found on page 4 of the course catalogue FAQs What if I select things online and then later I change my mind? There will be a chance later in the spring to make the change when the system is opened up again for a few days; be sure to check the TV screens for specific dates Proposed date for re-opening is April 2 9 - there may be a final verification later in April (view only on connect)

Why is it that when I pick my electives I may not get them? There may have been more requests then there are spaces (so the course may be full; when timetables are built it is computer generated so it is random as to who gets a course and who may be bumped out) There may have been too FEW requests and the class is cancelled The elective you picked is only offered in ONE block and this may conflicts with another elective you have selected (known as a course conflict) the computer does the selection, not us so again, it is random

What if I dont pick alternates? In late June or August, as you are absent, we will not be able to complete your timetable; if you have taken the time to select alternates, we will be able to provide you with a complete timetable for the start of the school year Waiting for your return in Sept. to ask you, there is a chance that something that DID have space will no longer have space and you get what is left. Cant I just change things around in September?

Not always many classes are already full in Sept. We cannot guarantee there will space left in the class you should have signed up for Remember - we do not make changes in electives so you can be with a particular teacher or friend If you SELECT the elective the assumption is you want it so, if you get it , you will be expected to keep it. We wont change it just because you changed your mind or it wasnt quite what you thought it might be What if I make a mistake and pick the wrong level of math/language ?

Your teacher will look at who has signed up for the different classes in late spring; at that point the teacher will notice if you have signed up in the wrong one and let the counsellor know; or if you notice it let the counsellor know (can be changed at the office level) When he system opens again in April for review, it is your responsibility to review your selections to catch any errors you may have made Review of Important Dates NOW: Read up on courses you are interested in (course

selection guide) and/or speak to the teacher who runs that course- if you dont do your research you may be disappointed later down the road Parent Night (same presentation as this kids dont need to attend Wednesday -Feb. 12) System Opens Wednesday - Feb 13 System Closes - March 3rd Proposed re-opening for change of mind April 2-9th Questions?



Cyberbullying Stop. Think. Xanax - it may not be. Look After one Another.

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