Aims Meet & Greet Primary Liaison with Haverstock

Aims  Meet & Greet  Primary Liaison with Haverstock

Aims Meet & Greet Primary Liaison with Haverstock Transitional Support Summary of Provision Question & Answers Context 62 students at Haverstock have Statements of SEN 545 Year 7-13 students are identified with additional needs representing 45% of pupils at Haverstock. 57% of students are bilingual at Haverstock 69% of students from ethnic minority backgrounds 21% of students have refugee status with

6% as early stage learners of English Inclusion at Haverstock Haverstock offers a wide range of Inclusion services, with expert staff in several teams. Inclusion at Haverstock Inclusion at Haverstock: external services on-site CAMHS: Art Therapist: 1 day

1 day 1 day HI Specialist: OT: 1 x term 1 x term Social Services: 1-2 days

BSS: Physio SLCN & Behaviour: 1-2 days 1 x term Inclusion interacts with multiple outside agencies Haverstock maintains close links with many external agencies on behalf of students.

Transition Support Completion of forms input is valuable. Transition Programme: June/July. This is for Statemented students/others who would be suitable for our Nurture group programme/vulnerable pupil: Dates: Tuesday 23/6 (9.30 -12.30) Tuesday 30/6 (9.30 -12.30) Tuesday 7/7 (9.30 -12.30) with a catch-up on Tuesday 14/7 Friday 26th June 2009: Whole Year Group Transition Morning Summer school. Transition Support Collation of information Inclusion booklet for staff Observations by Inclusion staff + in-class support for

Year 7 Full-time Nurture Group (September December) + ILS Intervention programmes begin for most students after the October half term. Mentoring & Headway usually begin at the start of the autumn term for identified students. Regular Inclusion Manager and Head of Year Meetings for referrals and provision Interventions In house: Curriculum Soundwaves, 3rd wave Maths, Chisanbop, Units of Sound, RAPID reading, dyslexia / literacy support, Extended Writing, Motoring Forward (fine motor skills), Nurture Group, Beginners EAL group, National Strategies, B232 Lunch & B227 homework clubs, Transition support and

Team/Partnership Teaching . In house: EBSD Headway, Learning Mentors (1:1 and small group), Counsellor, Anger Awareness, Art therapy, Crime Prevention, Girls groups, Boys groups, Self Esteem Groups, Peer & buddy support, KS5 mentors, Alternative programmes. In house: Communication and Interaction Speech and Language groups including programs in: Active Listening, Vocabulary, Memory, Story Telling, Social Stories, Organisation and Thinking Skills and Narratives. In house: Family Support (Jackie Williams) Attendance & punctuality; social needs: housing, benefit entitlement; financial support with school clothing

Nurture Group 2004-5: Trial run of programme. 2005-onwards: Full programme established. Provision includes: Small Groups sizes (maximum 18 students identified), pupils identified as most vulnerable in transfer. Full timetabled support whereby pupils are taught by subject specialists and support by at least one other teacher. Full time pastoral support including an attached mentor during registration. Less movement around school as the pupils have their own classroom and teachers move to them. An effective and lengthy reintegration programme beginning in November and lasting the rest of the year. Nurture Group

Working Over Predicted Grades Is it Successful? 80 73.3 70 64.3 73.3 68.2 66.7 61.3

60.7 58 60 51.3 Percentage 50 47.1 42.6 45 WS Green

40 7C Green Statements Green 30 20 10 0 Intake 2008 Intake 2007 Intake 2006

Intake Year Intake 2005 EMAS Ethnic Minority Achievement Service English Language Acquisition Skills Transfer Bereavement or Loss Trauma or Injury Learning New Social Contexts

No Previous Experience of Education Teaching staff Children in LAC Refugee mentor Immigration Issues Home link workers English language Acquisition Initial Literacy Bilingual Students

with Other Learning Needs Family/Housing Problems Home-school communication difficulties Home Links Bengali Community Albanian-speaking Community Afghani/Iranian Community Somali Community Congolese Community Refugee Mentor All students and families from refugee

backgrounds Whos who? + Q&A: Kate Clark Lead Learning Mentor: Needs / Strategies / Interventions Anthony Jones Head of EMAS: Needs / Strategies / Interventions Allison Hendrick LSU Manager: Needs/Strategies/Interventions Taryn Neale

SENCO: Needs, Strategies, Interventions Jackie Williams Family Support Worker: Family information / issues (CP?) Nikki Haydon Assistant Headteacher

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