MASS MOBILISATION AND LEGACY REPORT TO JOINT COMMITTEES OF PARLIAMENT 18 MAY 2010 Introduction The Government 2010 Unit is responsible for coordinating the guarantees signed by Government Departments responsible for guarantees report to the Technical Coordinating Committee(TCC) The Interministerial Ministerial Committee(IMC) receives monthly reports from the TCC to monitor progress and address critical challenges IMC reports to Cabinet on a monthly basis. All responsible Departments will report on their areas of responsibility This presentation of SRSA will focus on Mass Mobilisation and Legacy Background As the lead department on the delivery of a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup, SRSA has embarked on mobilising South Africans to support the countrys hosting of this

prestigious event. Our key focus was on rural areas, where disadvantaged communities that might not have direct access to the World Cup by way of attending the scheduled matches or a Public Viewing Areas were targeted. Road shows were held in all 9 provinces. Background A combined amount of approximately R12 million was spent by SRSA and the provinces 35 000 people in the visited rural areas were mobilised There has since been an increase in awareness on the World Cup, including status report as consolidated by the 2010 FIFA World Cup Government Coordinating Unit. Support for Bafana Bafana has also increased At least 3500 children have gone through coaching clinics. Sports equipment was also donated to all these areas, increasing access to football at a recreational level. 2008 2010 Road shows Consolidated report Province

Municipalities visited People mobilised Coaching clinics participants Provincial expenditure Eastern Cape Ukhahlamba Chris Hani 2000 600

R 800 000 Free State Matjhabeng 6500 Maluti Apofung 700 R 600 000 Gauteng Merafong Sedibeng/ Sharpeville 400 R 750 000 3500

2008 2010 Road shows Consolidated report Province Municipalities visited People mobilised Coaching clinics participants Provincial expenditure KwaZulu Natal Nkandla Mhlathuze

hosted a PVA 3500 600 R 1,200, 000 Limpopo Molemole Mogalekwana 5000 500 R 720 270 Mpumalanga Ehlanzeni

8000 Gert Sibanda Inkangala 700 R 207 000 2008 2010 Road shows Consolidated report Province Municipalities visited People mobilised Coaching clinics participants Provincial

Expenditure Northern Cape Kimberley 800 300 R 785 000 North West Dr Modiri Molema Matlosana 2500 350

R 500 000 Western Cape Brede Vallei 500 880 R 628 280 Provincial activities Province Dates Projects Expenditure

Gauteng April 2009 Community festivals, July 2010 Fly the flag, Club development, Show me your number, My School Adventure Northern Cape January 2009 to date Fly the flag, My School R 3, 453, 806 Adventure, National Mass Mobilisation and Road show launch North West

September 2009 to date Mass mobilisation tournaments, coaching clinics and Fly flag R 37, 857, 886 R 3, 291,000 Provincial activities Province Dates Projects Expenditure

Western Cape September 2008 date Inflatable pitches, My School Adventure, 1000 days countdown, Buyela eBaleni R 3, 650, 000 KwaZulu Natal February 2009 - date 5 side football R 9, 712, 000 matches Distribution of football kits,

football coaching by football legends Arts and culture programme, My School Adventure, Fly the flag.100 days,50 days Africa Mobilisation The 04th African Union Conference of Ministers in Abuja, Nigeria in October 2009, called for all African countries to support South Africas hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Due to budget limitations, member countries were requested to mobilise Africans to support the World Cup. Following the implementation of the Peace Caravan last year during the FIFA Confederations Cup in partnership with GTZ, the project Strong youth, Strong Africa, will coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This project forms part of the envisaged African Legacy and Mass Mobilisation. It aims to use football as an instrument to promote life skills, peace and nation building. Programme was launched in Rwanda, Kigali on 01 May 2010 and was completed on 15 May 2010, and was implemented in Rwanda, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia.

Africa mobilisation The Minister of SRSA has been invited by President Zuma as an accompanying Minister to the BNC (Bi National Commission) in Algeria, on 25 and 26 May 2010. Part of the aim is to create a platform for South Africa to celebrate Algerias qualification to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. An exhibition, media conference and coaching clinics will be held. The same programme will be duplicated in France on 31 May 01 June 2010, during the South Africa/France Summit. SRSA will partner with the Department of Arts and Culture, 2010 LOC, the International Marketing Council and South African Tourism. Other SRSA Mass Mobilisation projects Mass mobilisation billboards worth R3.5 million were erected in March 2010 The Easter sports tournaments in Quzini Village, Ntsuba municipality, Adelaide, and Loyiso Sport Club where promotional material was distributed to over 1 500 people per area. University of Venda sport equipment and promotional material distributed to the UniVen Disability Sport Section SRSA Budget Vote : 22 April 2010 (Parliament, Cape Town) Blue Bulls vs. Crusaders: 07 May 2010 (Loftus, Tshwane)

Comrades Marathon : 30 May 2010 (Mgungundlovu and Ethekwini, KwaZulu Natal) Other mass mobilisation initiatives by various stakeholders The mobilisation of South Africans to support this event has and will always be the responsibility of all the stakeholders, with the 2010 LOC and SAFA as leaders. A acknowledgement of the various initiatives by various stakeholders need to be highlighted. The Diski dance Bus terminal adverts that says we show our support with flag colours painted Vodacom Make the circle bigger adverts with Bafana players and fans Castle Welcome to our home brew with SA flags braai Pick n Pay We are inspired by the fans they also have flags in all their shops SABC It is here, feel it Fly the flag campaign Football Friday Many restaurants and shops have flags of all participating countries Other mass mobilisation initiatives .continued

The immediate run-up to the event provides us yet another opportunity to get South Africans to: Take ownership of the event; Deliver a positively memorable experience to visitors; Demonstrate our nations pride; Entrench our South Africanness; and Leverage from Ke Nako for it is truly the time for South Africa to shine! International Marketing Council initiatives Milestone Key Activations 40 Days Fly the Flag activation Date: 1 May 2010 Radiothon challenge An sms line to challenge all South Africans to pledge their number of flags buildings, offices and cars

Helicopters to fly over major activations across the country Activate messages of support for Bafana Bafana 30 Days Fly the Flag Activation Date:11 May 2010 Building Wrap campaign Wrapping of buildings across the country (with massive South African Flags) to rally behind the Fly the Flag campaign 20 Days Diski Dance Activations Date: 21 May 2010 Diski dance competition to select South Africans who can perform at each fan fest 10 Days Activations Date:31 May 2010

Message from the Minister/Deputy President/President The role of the World Cup as a catalyst for nation building and social cohesion. oFly the Flag oFootball Fridays 4th June 2010 Date: 4 June 2010 Message to Team South Africa and Bafana Bafana Inspirational message on the final football Friday before the 11th June for Bafana Bafana and South Africans oReady to host the first African World Cup oReady to Welcome the World and showcase African humanity and warmth Legacy SRSA has signed an implementation agreement on the Youth Development though sport programme. 1. It is in line with our Mass Mobilisation programme and supports three of our strategic objectives which are 2. To contribute to a healthy nation by increasing the number of participants

3. To raise a profile of sport and recreation through issues of National Importance and 4. Contribute to making the 2010 FIFA World Cup the best ever. Legacy EU has provided funding to the amount of six million Euros to the Youth Development though Football (YDF) project, both in South Africa and the Sub Sahara Africa. This will ensure that we address sports role in impacting on issues of national importance such as Youth Development, HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality It is a legacy that will continue to live, long after the World Cup has gone. To date, the biggest Legacy that the World Cup will leave is infrastructure development and this has changed the lives of our people for ever. Legacy Direct impact The hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup will benefit South Africans and Africans with: Increased Sport participation ( Football development) Increased Football support, promotion and development Improved sector capacity (Strengthening institutional Development and capacity) skills development

Established and Strengthened Clubs/Governance A better understanding of National symbols A united Africa The advancement of African developmental priorities through the (MDG) Conclusion Mass mobilisation is a national initiative which all South Africans have all embraced. Efforts have been made by all stakeholders from Government, Private Sector as well as other organisations. There has been a rebirth of National Pride, and this is visible through the number of South African Flags in every street in the country, in any form. We are confident that South Africans are ready to welcome the world and trust that the efforts made by government with the limited resources have reached the South African people as much as possible. KE NAKO Celebrate Africas Humanity

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